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The DSPCA have a Lurcher Crisis...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Let me explain, In short, 20 lovable lurcher dogs are being overlooked as family pets.

These wonderful, majestic animals have come to the DSPCA in a state of neglect, (malnourished, injured, skin problems) and they've managed to successfully treat all; however, all they need now are new mammies and daddies to take care of them.

Lurchers make great family pets. Ok, they're big but that doesn't mean they need any more exercise than your Jack Russell terrier. No! A lurcher is happy with a forty minute walk each day. Once he has that he'll happily lie in bed. Lurchers are also great for those house-proud ladies who don't like dog-hairs.

This is because they only have one coat; so they don't shed. Now that has got to be a major plus. And, they're such lovable creatures, very affectionate and very loyal. Every home should have a Lurcher! Contact the DSPCA at or on 01 493 5502/4 or email them at