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Back To Work - Smart and Green Economies

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

James Mailley,

James is the Managing Director of Monster Ireland. Based in Dublin, he is responsible for driving business growth in Ireland and ensuring that remains the industry's leading provider of online recruitment services and solutions.

James is also responsible for sales strategy and implementation. James joined in 2003. Prior to this, he worked as a management consultant at TMP Worldwide and a recruitment consultant at Michael Page. James has a degree from Manchester Metropolitan University.

117,000 smart economy jobs promised in plan

Smart Economy

The sort of jobs involved in a Smart Economy are:

. research and development
. investment in renewable energy
. setting up an economy around people and their skills
. creating long-term jobs instead of short term

Why is the smart economy growing:

The smart economy is about learning lessons from the current international financial crisis. It is trying to make sure we high quality, well-paid employment which lasts through any future upturns and downturns in the global economy. The aim is to make Ireland an innovation hub in Europe.


. Research and Development
. Software
. Engineering
. Marketing and Sales

Companies that are hiring:

. Google
. HP
. Sajan Corp

Green Economy

A Green Economy means that the Private Companies and Government try and create Jobs and wealth in a more environmentally conscious way. Methods include:

. Reshaping and refocusing policies
. Investing in a range of sectors:

clean technologies
renewable energies
water services
green transportation
waste management
green buildings
sustainable agriculture and forests.

Why is the Green Economy Growing:

The pressure on governments and companies to become more environmentally friendly is getting greater every day. Investment is extremely high in products or services which help the environment and it is a great opportunity for Ireland to establish itself as a leading source of innovation in green technology,


Typically found in:-

. Renewable Energies
. Efficient energy use and management, including eco-construction;
. Waste management, recovery and recycling
. Water and wastewater treatment
. Environmental consultancy and services

Companies that are hiring:

Limited at the moment but great potential in the West of Ireland.

. United Technologies Corporation
. Baxter Healthcare
. SSE Renewables
. Airtricity