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Monday, 17 May 2010

Consumer Dispute 1

Eileen Fitzgerald V Magnet

The problem:

We have had our Magnet account for the last four years which covers land line, tv and broadband. I have had many issues with them in the last four years but the last issue has driven me to send you an email. On the 31st March around 7pm our tv stopped working - an error message came up (it's a fibre optic system). We did all the usual things ( unplugging at wall, taking out fibre cable etc.) but nothing worked. We rang magnet but there was no out of hours response option. We rang then on Thursday (1st April) and they asked us to do all the things we had already done, again none of these things worked so they told us that they would log the call but it would be at least the 6th of April before the second response technical team would get back to us.

I said surely they should have a response time to technical problems. They said it was 24hrs so I pointed out at 7pm on the 1st of April it would be 24hrs but they still said it would be the 6th of April.
Although our service came back after about a week, my issue is that we get charged for this service whether we have it or not. The same thing happened last year with our phone when we could not receive calls for 2-3 weeks. I said to Magnet that I didn't believe that we should have to pay for a service that was not available but they said we still have to pay. It seems ridiculous, so would appreciate any help.
It's so frustrating as they supply the fibre optic into the house (agreement between developer and magnet) so it feels like we are stuck with this terrible service provider that will charge us whether we have service or not.

The advice:

You should not have to pay for a service if you're not receiving it, so in this case Eileen should be reimbursed for the portion of her bill that covers that time.

UPDATE: Eileen says "I had a call from the Chief Exec of Magnet on 12th May! He assured me he would be crediting my account for one month, up-grading my broadband capacity, sending out a free set top box and getting an engineer to check that all our services are now working ok as a result of the call from Tina/Comm Reg so thanks a million!"

The solution:

Magnet responded:
"Magnet Entertainment endeavours to deal with customer service problems as efficiently as possible.
In the case of our customer Eileen Morgan, her complaint was received on the Thursday of the bank holiday Easter weekend. As such, it was explained that due to the long weekend we would only be able to make a service call the following Tuesday. After failing to get through to her phone that Tuesday, we proceeded to fix the problem remotely and left a message once the service was back working on the Wednesday.

This was an individual outage occurrence specific to Ms. Morgan. However, it has always been our policy to reimburse customers for service faults, once the fault lies with Magnet. At the end of each month, we review customer complaints regarding our network's faults; if the complaint is valid and Magnet is responsible, a credit is applied to the customer's next bill. Ms Martin will receive the appropriate credit on her May bill and we are reviewing this case internally to establish why this wasn't previously relayed to her.
As we believe customer service is vital to the success of our business, we have introduced new customer service hours. Since April 20th we are available for customer queries from 9am to 9pm and more recently we have introduced customer service support from 10am- 4pm on weekends and bank holidays."

Consumer Dispute 2

Hyungsup Kim vs. 3

The problem:

I purchased a mobile phone from 3 on 25th March. At the time the offer was that I would get 10 euro free credit for 7 months if I top up 10 euro before the free credit is due. Also I was able to get 300 texts and 300 weekend minutes if I chose to top up 20 euro. Now, 3 Ireland have decided to change this offer without my consent saying that they are providing me with a better deal.

This better deal that I have received is that I will get 5 euro free credit for 10 months if I top up by 20 euro each month before the free credit is due. Also I get unlimited texts and weekend minutes.
What I am most angry about with 3 Ireland is that they didn't give me an option to keep the offer that they offered me, which made me switch to 3 Ireland in the first place.
Before, all I needed to do to receive all 70 euro free credit was to top up 70 euro. But now I have to top up 200 euro to get 50 euro free credit. Normally I top up 20 euro to get 300 texts and weekend calls and I was planning to use the free credit to cover the calls during the weekday. Now I have to top up 20 euro and even more to cover the cost during the weekday. This new deal is actually making customers spend more money. The unlimited text and weekend call is somewhat like a poison pill to customers like me. If I had been previously notified, I would never have switched to 3. In my opinion, 3 is deceiving customers like me to spend more money.

When I contacted the customer service department they kept repeating that I am getting a better deal since I am getting unlimited weekend calls and texts. I have even received a message saying that I have received a free 10 euro credit but they kept repeating that it was a mistake from their computers.
I hope that the consumers association of Ireland can do something about this farce and hope that you can do something about this preposterous thing ripping off consumers like us in the current economic climate.

With kind regards
Hyungsup Kim

The solution:

Hyungsup received €70 free credit from 3!
3 say: Thank you to The Afternoon Show for allowing 3 to explain what we have done to ensure Hyungsup Kim is a happy 3 customer again.

Hyungsup Kim used to avail of 3's promotional offer of 300 texts and 300 free weekend minutes plus 10 euros free credit for every 10 euro top-up. This offer has recently been replaced by 3's new market leading 3Pay offer giving customers FREE unlimited texts (any time, any network) and FREE weekend minutes to any network every time the customer tops-up with 20 euros.

Customers also receive 5 euros free credit every month for ten months.
3's new 3Pay offer represents the very best value available on the market for a typical pre-pay user on 3 - our customers tell us they want lots of free texts and free weekend calls, which customers get with 3. Hyungsup Kim told us that he had not made the most of his free credit for calls on his old tariff so as a gesture of goodwill 3 has given him extra free credit and he has chosen to stay with 3 on our new great offer.

As with any pre-pay promotion, offers are subject to change and in this case, 3 has launched an even better 3Pay offer which represents the best value on the market for the majority of pre-pay users. It is also important to note that 3 communicated the changes in its free credit in both the national press and on - 30 days in advance. We are delighted Hyungsup Kim is still a valued customer of 3 and enjoying the best pre-pay offer available.