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Aftershock: Life After Dell

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Aftershock participant - Mike Costello is here to talk about losing his job at Dell in Limerick.

Aftershock: Life After Dell
Wednesday 12 May 2010 9.35pm

An observational documentary which charts the past 12 months for four different families following the announcement of their redundancy at the Dell plant in Limerick.
This programme forms part of AFTERSHOCK - a week of programmes on RTÉ which focus on Ireland after the crash: how people are coping, what lessons we need to learn and how we might get from here to recovery.

RTÉ presents a week-long series of television programmes which capture where we've come from over the last 18 months, take stock of where we are now and try to identify ways out of the crisis. Across the week, a number of RTÉ television programmes will reflect the after-effects of the boom and bust: from the reality of unemployment and life in so-called "ghost towns" to positive stories of businesses and families who are thriving in spite of the recession. Other programmes will look at the bigger picture, ask where to from here and present challenging ideas as to how we as a nation can move on from the shock of economic collapse.
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Life After Dell

On Thursday 8th January 2009 the dreaded statement finally came. Dell workers in Limerick arrived in their droves to the news that 1,900 of the 3,000 workforce would be laid off at the Raheen plant over the following twelve months. Manufacturing was moving to Poland as part of a massive cost cutting strategy. The first 450 layoffs would happen in May and the rest throughout 2009.

Life After Dell spends twelve months with four very different families whose lives would be affected by the shocking news that day. We spend time in Limerick city and county and travel to Poland as we get to know these people as they brace themselves for an uncertain future, witnessing the highs and lows as they come to terms with their new circumstances.
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CSO figures released on May 7th reveal that 432,500 are now on the LIVE Register.

Mike Costello worked in Dell for over 11 years. He collected his P45 on 1st May. He lives with Geraldine and their family on a remote farm in Ballyhahill on the Limerick/Kerry border. Mike really liked his time in Dell and misses the comaraderie. In the months that followed leaving the plant he says 'I feel like a fish out of water, no where to go and you have no purpose'. As the months pass by we are with Mikes as he tries to get a FAS course and witness his concerns for the future.

Ewelina Walas worked in Dell for three years. She finished up in October. In a strange coincidence her job is going back to her home town in Poland as Dell are moving their manufacturing wing to Lodz, but Ewelina insists that she wants to stay put rather than return to her old country. As a single mother, she lives in Dooradoyle with her one year old son Julian and her mother. We follow Ewelina as she decides on her future in Limerick and returns to Lodz to visit her father who refuses to follow the rest of his family to Ireland.