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The Big Swim - 3 Learners

Friday, 7 May 2010

We've started an exciting new project to help you get ready for the summer. It's called "The Big Swim". We have chosen two or our viewers along with one of our contributors, Louise Lennox and with the help of former Olympic Swimmers and qualified swimming instructors we are going to help them achieve their goal of learning how to swim. On the last day of the season (21st of May) we will see them take their first plunge live from the National Aquatic Centre. We will also attempt to set two new Guinness World Records!


She never learnt how to swim; she did try over the years but never got the hang of it. She has 6 children and she made sure that they could all swim as she though it was very important for them all to know. She has 14 Grand kids and most of them can swim. She is not really afraid of the water so does not really know why she can't master this.

Her husband can swim but she describes it as a funny looking doggy paddle but loves to swim. When she had a young family they did not get the opportunity to go on many holidays but her grown children now have sent her and her husband away on holidays, they have been to Greece & Canaries and she would love to be able to swim on her holidays instead of sitting on the side of the pool. She really wants to do this and when she heard that TAS were looking for people to get involved she though that this could be her opportunity to finally master this with the proper help.

She is really taking to the swimming. She had a set back as she was not well for a few weeks so she missed on out a few lessons, but it very determined to do this. She enjoys the feeling of being in the water and it is great for her osteoporosis and she is really enjoying the challenge. The support from her family and friend is great. Chantal and Pamela have been great to her also and feels that without their constant help and support she would not be able to do this.


Denis has a terrible fear of the water and does not really now why. He loves that show and when he saw that we were looking for people to get involved in "The Big Swim" he thought that this could be the opportunity he was looking for as he wants to overcome this. He is sick of going on holidays and sitting on the side lines.

Things are a bit different for Denis as we teamed him up with Performance coach Enda McNulty. Enda and Denis have carried out a few coaching sessions to help build up Denis's confidence and get him to reach his goal of getting into the water and ultimately learning how to swim. On Tuesday 4th of May we had Denis along with his Swimming Coach Jackie Power and Olympic Mentor Aisling Cooney on the show talking about the first day that Denis got into the water. This was a huge accomplishment for him.


This is something that she always wanted to do, but thought that maybe people might make fun of her for not learning at a younger age and that she might be a bit too old to learn. She is very determined. She does not like putting her face in the water "if there was a million pounds at the bottom of the pool she would not swim down to it". She is sick of sitting on the side lines on holidays and wants to be able to have fun in the water.

She is enjoying her training and is putting the effort in. She meets with Carole and then Nick once a week to have lessons and she is working on her breathing at the moment. She is delighted with the progress she is making. Her arms and shoulders are a bit sore, her instructor Carole says this is because she is not doing the technique right but she is working on it. The one thing she is going to work on is swimming out of her depth.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Mention this at the end of item don't say what the record is but that we need the viewers help and that it will involve getting into the water.

Would you like to help The Afternoon Show set a new Guinness World Record? With the help of the following locations around the country and Swim Ireland you can do just that. You need to be free on Friday the 21st of May between 2pm and 6pm and over the age of 16 in order to participate. For further information call into your nearest location.

The National Aquatic Centre - Dublin -

JJB Sports Centre - Dundalk please call ph: 042 939 1300

Jackson's Hotel - Ballybofey, Donegal -

Sligo Regional Sports Centre - Sligo -

Kingfisher - Renmore, Galway -

Athlone Regional Centre - Athlone -

Coral Leisure - Killarney -

Sanovitae Leisure Centre - Cork City -

Sean Kelly Sports Centre - Carrick on Suir -

Waterfront Pool - Enniscorthy -

For information on Swim Ireland go to