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Vet's Clinic with Liam Moriarty- How to get the Pet Salon look for your pets!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Coat care essentials for your pet.

Regular grooming - animals groom themselves of course but you can help too. Equip yourself with a range of grooming combs and brushes suitable for your type of pet. Long haired dogs, cats and rabbits will need a lot more attention than short haired pets. Long hair can easily become matted - this is uncomfortable for animals when the weather is warmer. Groom your pet for a few minutes every day if you have time - it is a good way to bond with your pet.

Certain breeds like Poodles shed very little hair - it is particularly important to have these pets groomed.
(Demo different types of brushes, combs and especially de-matting combs for long hair dogs)

Washing - Grooming is more important than washing. Usually washing applies to dogs more than cats - it can be impossible to wash most cats. I would recommend washing your dog once a month if he needs it and he has normal skin. If your dog is prone to skin problems (very common) you may need to use special shampoos. In some instances we will use medicated shampoos which may need to be applied every week.

Perfume and deodorant - I don't usually recommend as a dog likes to have his own smell. However some people will use anyway - avoid if your pet has skin problems, and test a small area if you are going to use these products.

Fleas - the single most common cause of skin problems in our pets. They breed much quicker in the summer because of warmer weather. Pets don't need direct contact with another to catch fleas - just share the same area. Common mistake people use is ineffective treatments - most flea collars and shampoos don't work, they are a waste of money. For severe infestations you may need to use a household flea spray to stop them from breeding.
Ear cleaning - a very good idea particularly in dogs with floppy ears. Regular cleaning can save on vet visits. Ear problems are very common complaint in pets. I will demo how to examine your pets ears to check for problem

Supplements - some food supplements help to bring out a shine in your pet's coat. Premium quality foods will have essential fatty acids included. You can supplement your pets with essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil or omega aid.

Pets on premium food will have better coats in general.
Some pets suffer from allergic skin conditions - I will show the signs to look out for and basic steps you can take - but these will often need veterinary help.

Top 5 Tips:

. Groom Regularly
. Don't wash too often!
. Treat for fleas once a month
. Clean ears!
. Feed premium food

Additional Information:

For further information contact your local vet or ISPCA or pet shelters

Pets kindly supplied by Vet Liam!

The vet cannot talk costs of veterinary procedures. So of vaccinations / micro-chipping etc. He said: "With regards discussing veterinary prices, I have spoken to Veterinary Ireland. They have advised me against discussing any fees.

There are two reasons:

1 the Irish Veterinary Council (which is the regulatory body for vets) forbids me from advertising my fees in any way - I can only discuss fees with a client of the practice.

2 the competition authority does not allow Veterinary Ireland officials to discuss fees as it could be deemed as an attempt to price fix or set fees - I am heavily involved with Veterinary Ireland which is the representative body for vets.