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Gardening - Eugene's Top 5 Summer Flowers!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Eugene Higgins - Flower Fanatic!

Eugene will count down his top five summer flowers! What flower releases a beautiful fragrance, what flower will bloom all summer long and what flower will add that architectural edge to your garden?! Eugene reveals all!!

In at Number 5:-

Name: Tree Fern
Botanical Name: Dicksonia antartica
Outstanding Achievement
Architectural plant, makes a high impact in the garden.
Makes an interesting statement in the corner of a garden.
Sun Needs
Best in a shady spot

RRP: €25 - €70 depending on size

Growing Tree Fern

. Dicksonia antarctica thrives in filtered sunlight, loose well drained soils with lots of organic matter and lots of water.
. It is relatively easy to grow, the most important thing is to keep it moist and the base covered with mulch to keep it moist and supplied with nutrients.
. This variety can be easily transplanted and it can be grown both in and out of doors.
. It can be used as a food source with the pith of the plant being eaten either cooked or raw and is a very good source of starch.

At Number 4:-

Name: Japanese Maple
Botanical Name: Acer palmatum 'Inaba Shidare'
Outstanding Achievement
Fantastic Foliage Plant
Have very interesting leaves and last all year round. Nice small tree for the garden
Sun Needs
Prefers a shadier spot

RRP: Approx €47.99

Growing Japanese Maple


. The Japanese maple grows best in a moist, well draining, fertile soil.
. When they are grown in areas with hot dry sun, they should be grown in partial shade (afternoon shade) to protect them from scorching.
. Water thoroughly after feeding.
. Plant Japanese maples in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.

At Number 3:-

Name: Scented Jasmine
Botanical Name: Jasminoides
Outstanding Achievement
Brilliant climber for walls and has a lovely fragrance.
Very fragrant white flowers in May and June.
Sun Needs
Needs a sunny spot

RRP Approx €14.99 ( €66 for large version)

Growing Jasmine


Fact: The Jasmine flower releases its fragrance at night after the sun has set and especially when the moon is waxing towards fullness. Jasmine flower buds are more fragrant than the flowers.

. Jasmines grow well in moist, well drained, sandy loam to clayey graden soil with moderate level of fertility.
. Jasmine prefer full sun to partial shade and a warm site.
. Jasmine bushes should be planted during June to November.
. Jasmine Plant should be kept at least eight feet apart in order to save the later growth of the plant from jamming together.
. Adding of leaf molds to the soil makes it better for the growth of the plant.
. Mild fertilizer should be applied during spring.
. Plenty of water should be given during summer.
. Jasmine plants should be provided with full sunlight upto at least four hours a day.

And Number 2:-

Name: Scented Primrose
Botanical Name: Primula auricula Mix
Outstanding Achievement:
very fragrant, exotic bicolours, flowers in Spring
Sun Needs
May need some shade

RRP approx €4.99

Growing Primrose


. These plants are at their best in shady, moist woodland gardens
. Given a moist, slightly acidic soil, primroses will thrive.
. They will grow in full sun if they're kept watered.
. Mulching will conserve moisture, though this can be difficult with the ground-hugging foliage.

Eugene's number 1:-

Name: Gerbera
Botanical Name: Gerbera 'Everlast Carmine'
Outstanding Achievement
Beautiful Scent and flowers for months
This is a relatively new variety; unusual being evergreen most are deciduous.
Sun Needs
Loves the sun

RRP approx €7.99

Growing Gerbera

. Exposure: Near the coast, give plants full sun; inland, partial shade.
. Soil: It should be loose, rich, and fast-draining. In pots, use a packaged potting mix.
. Watering: Irrigate deeply, then let soil go nearly dry before watering again. Avoid wetting the leaves and watering at night, which can cause powdery mildew or crown rot.
. Feeding: Fertilize monthly during spring and summer with a dilute liquid plant food according to label instructions.

Top Tips for your summer flower bed

1. Read the tags and grow your plants accordingly eg: do not place low-sun plants in full-sun gardens
2. Select your soil - invest in a soil based compost and dig this into the soil bed; healthy soil = healthy plants
3. Water new plants - it is important to water new plants in the garden, this settles the soil and waters dry soil around them.
4. Weed! - remember to take away any fresh weeds before they have a chance to grow

For more tips visit:

Every week we will be updating you on our TAS vegetable garden!

At the end of March we grew some Spring vegetables in some unusual places!!
We used everything from tyres, sinks and even teapots to house our new vegetable patch!

Every week we'll see how our vegetables are coming along and show you that it is possible to grow your own veg no matter how much space you have or what unusual objects you pick up along the way!!

Update Week 5: The TAS garden is doing very well and last week we added in some extras herbs. We now have dill and mint that we put in old plastic oil containers. We cut the top off, sliced some drainage holes in the bottom and gave them a good scrub before we planted our herbs. We also added some chives and peppery rocket!

Additional Information:-

Flowers were kindly provided by Tully Nursery - Richardstown, Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin

For more details: or 01 843 3174

Plants on set from Tully Nurseries
Phyllostachys Aureosul Spectabi €65
Cedrus Deodarqa Kellys Gold €41.30
Photinia fraseri Red Robin €57.00
Dicksonia Antarctica €70.00
Olea Europea Forma Toscana €129.50
Salix Caprea Pendula €66.61

Flowers were also kindly supplied by Balckbanks Gerdening Centre - 754 Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5

Contact Blackbanks Garden Centre on 01 832 7047 for further details.

Eugene Higgins @ Blackbanks Garden Centre

Eugene Higgins will be at Blackbanks Garden Centre 754 Howth Road Raheny Dublin 5 on Saturday 8th of May, from 11.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Eugene will be presenting his almost completed permanent exhibit garden.
Which is a 350 sq metre suburban style garden entitled "The Garden Gallery" which features an" Outdoor Living Space Wooden Chalet" .It encompasses many different gardening styles. Initial work on the garden started two years ago and is now maturing nicely.

Contact Blackbanks Garden Centre on 01 832 7047 for further details or e-mail

Contact Eugene through his website