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Erica Gimpel

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"The talented performers who made it through Fame School battle it out on the Helix stage live in front of the nation for the dream prize - a lead role in Fame the Musical

The wait is finally over. The talented performers who made it through the tough auditions and Fame School battle it out over eight weeks on the Helix stage, live in front of the nation, for a coveted lead role in the nationwide tour of Fame the Musical.
In a first for Irish television, Fame The Musical is offering one boy and one girl the chance to kickstart their career and land a job touring the country. The nation's young hopefuls put their acting, singing and dancing talents to the ultimate test in the hope of clinching the dream prize of a lifetime.

They will sing for the public vote to help them secure their place in the final and in the end only two performers will be crowned the winners.

Joining judges Robert C Kelly and Simon Delaney for the live shows will be Erica Gimpel, who starred as "Coco Hernandez" in the original "Fame" TV series and notably, graduated from New York's High School of Performing Arts, the very school Fame is based on. Erica returns to Ireland, after visiting in January, to launch the series and encouraging hopefuls to apply. She knows the real test of mettle is performing live.

Erica says: 'We're looking for performers who not only sing, but also act and dance, live on stage. We're looking for the full package. So these young hopefuls will be giving 100% of themselves in order to make their dream career a reality. It's going to be very challenging; we are going to be asking them to stretch beyond what they've ever done before by putting them through some rigorous paces. And this process is going to make for some truly unmissable television!'
REF: RTE Press


. Simon Delaney
. Robert C Kelly
. Jacinta Whyte was involved in the auditions and Erica took her place for the LIVE shows.
. Erica is a judge on FAME: The Musical on RTE on Sunday's at 6.30pm and 8.30pm on RTE ONE.

Wannabe musical performers will be given a chance to showcase their talents. As Derek Money said on The Afternoon Show so many Irish musical performers spend thousands of Euros on chasing their dream of becoming a musical star and RTE's Fame: The Musical is giving them a chance to chase their dreams.

Erica Gimpel

Erica Gimpel was born in New York and graduated in 1982 from New York's High School of Performing Arts which was the real life model of the school in FAME. Erica was 17 when she auditioned for FAME and by that stage she has already had ten years of stage experience behind her.

She landed the part of 'Coco Hernandez'. Erica Gimpel and Debbie Allen were nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Original Song "I Still Believe In Me", from an episode of the series entitled "Passing Grade" While balancing a full acting career Erica is also a singer/songwriter blending the styles of Jazz/Pop/Alternative. Her album Spread Your Wings and Fly has just been released in America. Erica is also an active member of the world peace organisation, The SGI-USA". REF RTE PRESS