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The Big Swim

Friday, 30 April 2010

We've started an exciting new project to help you get ready for the summer. It's called "The Big Swim". We have chosen two of our viewers along with one of our contributors (Louise Lennox) and with the help of former Olympic Swimmers and qualified swimming instructors we are going to help them achieve their goal of learning how to swim. Today we meet mentor, Nick O'Hare and our third learner, Pastry Princess Louise Lennox who explains why she decided to finally take the plunge!

TAS Pastry Chef, Louise Lennox - Third Learner

Louise was delighted when we asked her to get involved. This is something that she always wanted to do, but thought that maybe people might make fun of her for not learning at a younger age and that she might be a bit too old to learn. She is very determined. She does not like putting her face in the water "if there was a million pounds at the bottom of the pool she would not swim down to it". She is sick of sitting on the side lines on holidays and wants to be able to have fun in the water.

She is enjoying her training and is puttig the effort in. She meets with Carole and then Nick once a week to have lessons and she is working on her breathing at the moment. She is delighted with the progress she is making. Her arms and shoulders are a bit sore, her instructor Carole says this is because she is not doing the technique right but she is working on it.

Olympic Mentor - Nick O'Hare

He represented Ireland at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 at 50 metres freestyle. He represented Ireland over 70 times in an International career spanning eight years. During that time he competed at 10 major championships including World and European championships and established a total of 27 Irish national records. Nick was a member of the Irish relay team that competed in the final of the World Shortcourse Championships in 1993. He is also a world cup medal winner having placed third at the Sheffield World Cup in 1995. Since retiring in 2000 he has been a regular member of the RTE Sport team regularly providing expert analysis on TV and Radio. He was co-commentator for RTE television at the Beijing Olympic Games.