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Robin Cam with Derek Mooney

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Derek Mooney is on the show today to chat about the huge success of Robin Cam, which he set up in his back garden. The nest also had a few small lodgers at the start of this week!

Derek Mooney is one of Ireland's most popular broadcasters. He currently has his own radio show on RTE Radio One at 3-4.30pm, which was originally Mooney Goes Wild but is now Mooney - it still includes wildlife but also chat and music. He is also presenting RTE's search for 2 actors on FAME: The Musical on RTE ONE.

Derek first installed a nest box in his garden back in 2006, which proved hugely successful.

In 2009 Derek launched President McAleese's own Blue Tit Reality TV. The President had a Blue Tit nest box installed by the Mooney Show ornithologists in the walled gardens behind Áras an Uachtaráin and the public were able to watch the progress on Mooney's website. There were 6 eggs originally in the nest. Then there were 4 chicks who sadly passed away during a bad spell of weather.

This year Derek installed a larger box in his garden and on the 6th of April this year he discovered a fully constructed nest in the box. Derek kept a diary of the nest's events as it would provide a time line for when the birds lay their eggs and when they will hatch.

To read more on Derek's Robin diary, log onto:

Robin Facts:

. The Robin is generally quite a shy bird.
. They sing all year round - as this is because they hold territories throughout the year.
. Robins begin to pair off in February - it is often suggested they pick their partner around St. Valentine's Day.
. Breeding begins in March.
. An Average of 4-6 eggs is laid. Incubation lasts about 14 days.
. The young are brown in colour, not developing the red colouration for about six months.
. During breeding season the robin pair has about three broods.
. A robin's life expectancy is short. Less than one third of fledglings and less than one half of adults survive to the following year. Once they reach about a year their life expectancy increases.
. The longest living robin is thought to have reached eleven years old.