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Wine Club with Martin Moran: Week One

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Do you have a THIRST for knowledge? Do you love wine but want to learn your Pinot Grigio from your Riesling? Why not join our very own Afternoon Show wine club and learn each week from our Master of Wine, Martin Moran?! Our presenters will be learning with you and it's all for free! If you want to make the most of today's masterclass, then get your hands on the recommended wines below and you'll be ready to take part!

Over the next 4 weeks we will have Martin Moran, Master of wine in to give the presenters and the viewers a masterclass on wine. This week is the introductory week so they will be learning the basics.

Research shows that many people bluff their way through wine tasting. Why not learn a bit more about it so the next time you're out for dinner you will really know what your about to pay for!

Martin Moran-Master of Wine

Martin has over 24 years experience in the wine trade writing about wines for the Evening Herald. He has travelled the world sampling wines.
He passed the notoriously difficult Master of Wine exam in 1994 and became the first MW to work in Ireland the following year. There are still only three in the Republic of Ireland.

He's poured wine in restaurants and hotels in London, sold wine in Dublin, London, Paris, New York and Sydney; Picked grapes in Alsace, Chateauneuf-du-pape, Buxy, Chablis, Bordeaux and Southern England; grown grapes in England and helped ferment wine in England, Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Bergerac, Adelaide and the Hunter valley.

Introduction to wine
The Six 'S's:


1. Sight - Look at glass against a white background to highlight colour. Tip to look at rim. 'Legs' on glass may indicate high alcohol. Whites range from clear, water like to golden, gaining colour with age. Reds start off purple and go brown with age. Finer red wines tend to have greater depth of colour, all the way to the rim.

2. Swirl - Swirling wine in a tulip shaped glass funnels aromas to your nose.

3. Sniff - One or two short sharp sniffs are more effective than several as the nose tires and does not respond to repeated stimulation. Your nose can distinguish thousands of different smells.

4. Sip - Take a sip, not a mouthful or a teaspoon, about an ounce. Simultaneously suck in air. This helps you to smell the wine again.
5. Slosh - Move the wine all around the mouth, so that it touches all parts of the tongue, gums and teeth. The mouth notes sensations more than flavour. These are primarily dry or sweet at the front of the tongue, acidity at the sides and bitterness at the back. Your gums will burn or sting with high alcohol and your teeth and gums will feel tannin.

6. Spit or Swallow - Spitting allows you to repeat the process coherently with several samples!

Name: Montana Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2009
Country & Region: Marlborough, New Zealand.
Tasting Note: Classic kiwi Sauvignon with pungent aromas of gooseberry, green pepper and citrus that leap from the glass while the palate is crisp and tangy.
Food Match: Shellfish, fish, Thai stir-fries, asparagus or goat's cheese.
Price: €8 -11 (currently on offer at €8 in Tesco)
Buy It: Widely available in supermarkets and off-licences.

Name: Matetic Corralillo Chardonnay
Vintage: 2008
Country & Region: Casablanca, Chile
Tasting Note: This organic wine shows an attractive mix of fruit including apple, pear and peach and tropical fruit with a creamy vanilla flavour and toast or spicy nut flavours derived from ageing in oak barrels.
Food Match: A classic partner for pork, chicken or salmon, particularly when served in a cream or cheese sauce but the wood notes mean it will go well with smoked salmon too.
Price: €11.79, currently on off reduced from €16.49
Buy It: Marks & Spencer

Name: Les Tuguets Madiran
Vintage: 2007
Country & Region: Madiran, Gascony, France
Tasting Note: Lots of bramble fruit, some herbs and distinctive tannins for which the Tannat grape, from which it is made, is renowned.
Food Match: A hearty red that will go well with pies, moussaka, roasts or stews.
Price: €6.99 (reduced from €13.99 in Tesco wine fair)
Buy It: Tesco.