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Monday, 26 April 2010

Suzanne Byrne - Soaps Writer or Columnist or Lifestyle Editor, RTE Guide

As part of her college course, Radio, Television and Print Media at Ballyfermot College in Dublin, she undertook work experience at Woman's Way magazine. This led to her first job once she graduated college. At Woman's Way Magazine she worked on the picture desk, organising and executing cover shoots, writing the soap section and lifestyle features for the magazine. She spent a lot of time on sourcing fashion and interior items for photo shoots which she also styled. She was also involved in the organisation of The Mum of the Year Awards. Following on from her time at Woman's Way Magazine, she moved to Irish Tatler where she continued to write lifestyle features as well as fashion stories. Her job there also involved sourcing and styling for fashion shoots.

In 2005 she joined the editorial team at the RTÉ Guide, her role here is very varied, but she mainly look after anything to with soaps for the magazine, be it her weekly column, daily updates for the web and main feature articles or interviews for the magazine. She's also the lifestyle editor and looks after all the food, interiors, health and any other lifestyle features. And she regularly writes TV/entertainment feature pieces.
Since joining the RTÉ Guide she has had the opportunity to visit the set of and interview the stars from many of the big American programmes including Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty etc as well as Coronation Street, Eastenders and our very own Fair City. She's also interviewed a number of people from the world of film, music and TV including George Clooney, Katherine Heigl, Dido and Jamie Foxx.

Another side to her job includes contributing to various radio and TV programmes. She appeared on The Afternoon Show several times, filling in for the soap reporter. She has also been a guest on the Ruth Scott, Derek Mooney, Dave Fanning and Ryan Tubridy Shows.

Fair City, Tuesday 8pm RTÉ One

THIS WEEK: Niamh suggests that Paul is over reacting to Rachel's 'grown-up' behaviour.

Yvonne lies to Connie that Paul is coming with her to the adoption meeting. Paul learns about the adoption agency meeting is on and is forced to choose that over Rachel's parent teacher meeting.

Cass tries to eat a sausage roll in Vino's and Bela gives him one of Vino's sandwiches instead.

Zumo fails to persuade Vivienne not to pay his brothers to get tested. Deegan accuses Zumo of getting involved in the cigarette trade. Zumo also presses Decco not to take the money from Vivienne and attempts to win Denzo around but Decco thwarts his efforts.

Yvonne fails to persuade Ronan to inform Connie of the extent of his illness.

Cass declares that he got food poisoning to Damien.

Paul convinces Niamh to work on the Vino's website, once Yvonne is not involved.

Charlie informs Bela that Cass is sick because of what he ate in Vino's.

Paul is distressed at Yvonne's lack of interest in the baby and admits he would keep the child if he could.

Deegan arrests Decco and Denzo for possession of a six inch nail.

Yvonne admits to a furious Connie that Ronan's illness has progressed. She begs Bela to help her explain why she didn't tell Connie.

Niamh reveals to Paul that Rachel's parent teacher meeting went really badly and she has been misbehaving. Paul fails to tell Niamh why he missed the parent teacher meeting.

Charlotte's affection leaves Zumo feeling ashamed of his deception.

Connie threatens to leave for Australia but Bela diffuses the situation.

Paul is caught by Niamh with his hands on her stomach.

Eastenders, Monday 7:30pm RTÉ One

THIS WEEK: In their new flat, Amira and Syed are staring at the 'Syed loves Christian' graffiti on the wall. Amira, confused, wants to know who did it and why and immediately rings Christian. He arrives and admits it's true, revealing that they've been sleeping together, which distresses her even further. Amira is in denial and becomes hysterical. Meanwhile, there is a gathering at the Masood's waiting to look around the flat. Masood and Zainab are concerned when Syed doesn't answer their calls so a suspicious Masood goes to the flat.

At the Masoods', Denise and Libby tell Chelsea they know she's pregnant. Chelsea confirms it's Jack's baby but he doesn't know. Libby leaves an uncomfortable Adam behind at the party, telling him there is a family crisis. Denise and Libby interrogate Chelsea who's hurt by Denise's reaction to the news and they argue. Lucas finds them, after overhearing a drunken Adam announce Chelsea's pregnancy to the whole party. Lucas insists that Chelsea is not having an abortion - he argues with Denise. Libby reassures Chelsea that she'll support her either way. When they're left alone, Lucas preaches to Chelsea. Later, she reveals to Denise that she is keeping the baby.

A devastated Amira tells Syed they cannot break their wedding vows. Christian tells her to calm down and think of the baby. Syed tells him that there is no baby; it was a mistake. Syed assures Amira that he loves her but he's gay. When Syed admits that his parents already know he is gay, Amira runs out in disbelief. She bumps into Masood who tells her that he and Zainab have tried to talk Syed round. Syed agrees that for today they should pretend everything is fine and inform the party that the flat is flooded so nobody can visit. Christian turns up at the party to find them acting as if nothing happened and Amira goes mad when she sees him. Zainab and Masood tell Christian to leave, who shouts that he is not leaving without Syed. Amira reveals to everyone that there is no baby and Syed loves Christian. Zainab tries to cover but Syed admits he has been unfaithful and had an affair with Christian. Everyone is shocked. Bushra warns Masood that this scandal will spread in the community and be bad for the family. In the Square, Syed publicly rejects Christian. Amira packs her things to leave Walford and admits to Syed she has always been suspicious of him and Christian. Amira goes to say goodbye to Chelsea and she tells her to keep her secret. She gets in the car and holds her stomach - knowing that she is carrying a baby.

Abi and Jordan go to play with Ben but Ben upsets Louise by excluding her. When Ben asks if the three of them are friends again, Abi and Jordan tell him that they only came to play because Zsa Zsa asked them to. Ben's gutted when they leave so Zsa Zsa rings Leon to come and play playstation with Ben as she wants to see him happy. Later, Ben and Louise continue to argue as she admits to reading his diary.

Coronation Street, Monday 7:30pm TV3

THIS WEEK: Lewis begs Audrey to hear him out. Audrey's angry with Lewis, accusing him of leading her on to keep her custom. Lewis is hurt, claiming he's developed feelings for her too, but forcing her head to rule her heart Audrey tells him to leave. With Lewis gone a confused Audrey confides in Rita. Lewis meanwhile has another date in town but struggling to keep his mind on the job he finds himself at Audrey's house. Lewis is forceful as he insists Audrey was wrong about him. She tries to resist but as he tells her everything she wanted to hear they fall into a kiss.
David finds a surprise in the Windasses shed- Gary hiding out. He's highly amused. Gary begs him to keep quiet and while David agrees, Gary worries he hasn't got the best confidante.

Natasha and Audrey row in the pub. Natasha's not happy when Nick gives his full attention to Audrey and discussing Gail's case. Keen to keep the peace Nick offers to meet Natasha in town tomorrow.

Elsewhere Molly's pleased when Tyrone agrees to look at houses in Chester. Sian and Sophie make plans to be together.

Ros na Rún, Tuesday & Thursday 8.30pm TG4

This week: New dad Mack struggles to cope after Adelaide's sudden death. Ríona takes action to get custody of her daughter Sophie and the women resort to dirty tactics in the charity football match!


The De Burcas welcome Ríona home from the hospital. However, Ríona finds it hard to adapt to the fights and squabbles at home after her spell in the psychiatric ward. Ríona is thrown a lifeline when Frances offers her a room while she readjusts to life back in the village. How will Vince react when Ríona breaks the news that she's moving out?
Meanwhile, new dad Mack is also struggling to cope. Mack has to break the news to Adelaide's mother Maggie that while the doctors were able to save the baby, Adelaide didn't make it and she died on the operating table. Things are just as hard at home as Mack comes to terms with raising his newborn son alone. Will things pick up for poor Mack?

Other stories affecting the villagers of Ros na Rún on Tuesday include:

Bríd rescues the charity football game by organising a ladies team to take on the men!

Daniel puts pressure on Caomhán to give a false statement to the Gardaí about the warehouse fire.

Peadar is forced to face up to his financial difficulties.


The battle of the sexes rages on as the men and women of Ros na Rún go head to head for a charity football match! The villagers get competitive and lose sight of the fact that it's supposed to be good, clean fun to raise funds for cancer research. Former lovers clash, rivals settle old scores and warring couples take out their frustrations on the football field. The girls resort to dirty tactics but will the boys fall for their feminine wiles?

Elsewhere, Ríona has a supervised visit with her young daughter Sophie. While the social worker agrees that Ríona is doing well, she makes it clear that Ríona will not be able to get custody of Sophie until all criminal charges against her are cleared. With O'Dowd's murder trial looming, Ríona knows she has to take action to get her daughter back. Ríona gets her hands on O'Dowd's off shore bank account details, but what exactly is she planning to do with her criminal husband's dirty money?

Other stories affecting the villagers of Ros na Rún on Thursday include:

John, Joe and Jason find it hard living with Mack and his new arrival!

Caomhán changes his statement about the fire in the warehouse.

Vince lands a job in the hackney office.