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Gardening - Grow Your Own Herb Garden!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Why pay for dried herbs when you can pick them fresh straight from the garden?! Eugene is going to show us how to grow your own herbs even if you don't have masses of space. Window boxes and hanging baskets are just as effective for growing your herb garden, all you need is some THC - Tender Herbal Care!!

Eugene Higgins - Herbal Houser!


. Mint - Spearmint, Moroccon, Spanish
. Oregano - Green & Golden - Hot & Spicy - mediterranean plant, likes full sun, harvest before flowering
. Thyme - likes full sun
. Sage - likes full sun
. Rosemary - likes full sun
. Coriander - likes some shade
. Parsley - likes some shade
. Rocket / Arugula - as in its name it does not hang about, you can harvest leaves within 3 weeks of planting out.
. Chives - likes full sun, member of Alium family (onions etc) - Garlic chives great if you can get them
. Dill
. Lemon Balm - likes partial shade, related to mint

. Basil: is very difficult to grow outdoors and cold weather just sends the plant into decline, so unless we have great summer I think growing indoors is the way to go. Basil grows in humid conditions so misting it really helps and it and could do without midday sun and never over-water.

Herbs in Window Boxes and Pots:

Herbs that work well: In this case all herbs can work well if looked after correctly.

Good Pot combinations:

. Nasturtiums, Thyme, Parsley and Violas(Flowers used in salads)
. Strawberries with Lavender and chives.
. Rosemary, Bay & Parsley.
. Rosemary on its own in a pot with shale as a topping looks good.
. Mint should be planted on its own as it's like a weed & will take over.

Herbs in Hanging Baskets:

Herbs that work well: Lavender, Thyme, Sage, Coriander, Parsley, Chives.

Lavender is a great anchor plant in a basket and could be partnered well with the above herbs but not Parsley.

Eugenes Top Tips for Growing your Herbs:

. Pick Herbs regularly, select a good size basket to ensure they don't dry out.
. John Innes compost is the best choice for herbs in baskets and containers, as it holds moisture well.
. Use seaweed liquid to feed.
. Feed from April to September.
. Always divide herbs into suitable for Shade and Sunny areas.

All Herbs were kindly provided by Long Life Plants Ltd.

Longlife Plants
Wyestown, Oldtown
North County Dublin

Tel. 01 - 8355692/3/4

All pots and set design kindly supplied by

Balckbanks Gerdening Centre

754 Howth Road, Raheny, Dublin 5

Contact Blackbanks Garden Centre on 01 832 7047 for further details.

Update on our GYO (Grow your Own) Vegetable garden!

Every week we will be updating you on our TAS vegetable garden!

At the end of March we grew some Spring vegetables in some unusual places!!
We used everything from tyres, sinks and even teapots to house our new vegetable patch!

Every week we'll see how our vegetables are coming along and show you that it is possible to grow your own veg, no matter how much space you have or what unusual objects you pick up along the way!!

Update Week 3: Our vegetable garden loved the couple of warm days that we had. We made sure that they got plenty of water and didn't get too dry in those conditions.

Contact Eugene through his website

Eugene Higgins