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The Beauty Editor's Picks - Must have Make Up & the Image Beauty Awards

Thursday, 15 April 2010

After our editors picks, we'll get a sneak peak at some of the winners from this year's IMAGE magazine beauty awards.

We all read the fashion magazines but today we hear the views of the women that influence our idea of beauty. What products we apply to our skin could have an effect on how we look or how we age, not to mention the effect they could have on our pockets!

This week we've spoken to our Beauty Editors about all things make-up, from eyes to lips and concealers.

IMAGE magazine's May edition featuring the Beauty Awards is published today.

Liz Dwyer- Beauty Editor at IMAGE magazine

Journalist and entrepreneur Liz Dwyer joined team IMAGE in 2008 as in-house Beauty Editor. Prior to spending her days knee deep in moisturisers Liz worked for the VIP group as Fashion and Beauty Editor for four years, was a regular contributor to The Irish Times, The Examiner, The Independent and The Herald and began her foray into magazines back in 2004 as Editor of Irish Weddings.

At weekends Liz also heads up Beauty Bootcamp, a workshop where she and a group of celebrity hair and make-up artists let the public in on the tricks of the trade. She has spent the last four months consumed by the logistics of organising the 2010 Beauty Awards, the results of which will be unveiled here today.

. Liz Dwyer - Beauty Editor of IMAGE magazine

. Jessie Collins- Editor of Irish Tatler

. Mairead Nic Giolla Phadraig - Beauty Editor of The Star's 'Chic' Magazine

. Aisling McDermott - Beauty Editor of

. Caroline Scott - Beauty Editor of The Gloss magazine

Their picks are as follows:-

Mairead Nic Giolla Phadraig-

. Eyes: Lancome Definicils Mascara €22.50

Nobody makes mascara like Lancome and this is the best! Lengthens, separates and coats really well. A favourite of mine since its launch in the early '90s and I have tried them all. Not only adds definition to the eyes, but makes it look like I have bigger eyes than I do. If I could choose just one desert island make-up product, this would be it! Need I say more?

. Concealer: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat €34.86

The cult classic concealer, Touche eclat can either be used to highlight (the Cupid's Bow for example) or conceal dark circles around the eyes. Top tip! Apply to the inner corners of the eye in a 'c' shape to where the shadows emanate.

Because it's a highlighter, never use it to conceal spots-that's what camouflage is for and NOT concealer. I have seen this product work amazingly well on dark circles! I love it because it does not sink in to the fine lines around the eyes and brightens any darkness. A night's sleep in a tube!

. Lip Gloss: NYC Large Plumping Gloss in Peach Parfait €3.97

A lip plumping gloss that contains ingredients to aggravate the lips causing a mild reaction that creates a plumping effect. I love a bargain and bargains don't come any better than this. Works as well as other products that cost seven or eight times as much! There are products, such as foundation that are worth investing in, but lip gloss can be cheap and cheerful.

. Lip Liner: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner Pencil in Tiramisu €4.53

A favourite of make-up artists the world over, this is a neutral liner to give definition. Can be either worn alone or with a gloss or lipstick.

Many classic nude liners, such as Spice from MAC are a little too warm for cool Irish skin tones. This one is perfect!

Caroline Scott:-


Lancome Artliner (liquid Eye Liner) €27.50

People are frightened of liquid eye liner but this one is really easy to use and doesn't 'tug' at the eye.


Guerlain Rouge G Le Brilliant Lipstick €39
Beautiful, flattering colour range. Looks natural - a great everyday lipstick. The packaging is seriously smart too. Very special.


Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener €30
For dark circles. Portable, clean, easy to use.

Jessie Collins:-

Eyes:- Laura Mercier liquid eye liner, €27

Lips:- Tom Ford lipstick, €45, launching 23rd April

Concealer:- The MakeUp Store Cover All Mix

Liz Dwyer:-


Trish McEvoy:-

L'Oreal Tublar Mascaras
Too Faced Natural Smokey Eye Pallets
Bobbi Brown Under Eye Brightner


Sexy Mother Pucker from Soap and Glory


Bobbi Brown Under Eye Brightner Mac Concealer

Aisling McDermott:-


Clarins Brow Kit, €39
Estee Lauder Liquid Eyeshadow, €20


Bobbi Brown Eye Bright, €30

We have Liz Dwyer, Beauty Editor of IMAGE magazine, in studio to take us through some of the winners from this years beauty awards. In the biggest awards to date, over 700 products were put to the test by up to 18 judges.

They were all rated out of a hundred percent so the winners have been awarded on autonomous numerical merit - not on the editor's personal picks or an the biggest spending advertisers.

A Little Awards History: -

Founded in 2004, the IMAGE Beauty Awards, our annual publication showcasing the best new beauty products launched in the Irish market, have proved extremely popular with readers, advertisers and cosmetics companies, with many of the winning products selling out within days of the magazine hitting stands.

Judged by an expert panel of doctors, skin-care experts, make-up artists, beauty therapists, hair stylists and industry authorities, this year we had over 500 entries - our best ever and just 57 winners! All beauty products entered this year were split into four categories: - skincare; make-up; bodycare and hair care. An independent expert judging panel was allocated to each grouping and the judges then had over a month to roadtest each product entered.

The were then asked to fill out a detailed form per entry and numerically evaluate each product based on criteria including value for money, product performance, texture, packaging, scent, durability and colour pay off. From these forms we deducted an average score out of one hundred percent. So you can rest assured the IMAGE Beauty Awards are 100% autonomous and every product won entirely on it's own merits without any external factors influencing the outcome.

How the Products were Judged:

All beauty products entered this year were divided into four categories:

. Skincare
. Make-up
. Body care
. Hair care

An independent expert judging panel was allocated to each category and the judges had over a month to road test each product entered. They filled out a detailed form per entry and scored each product based on criteria that included value for money, product performance, texture, packaging, scent, durability and colour pay-off. From these forms, we calculated an average score out of 100 per cent.

So you can rest assured that the IMAGE Beauty Awards are 100 per cent independently scored, that no brand bought a slot and that each product won based entirely on its own merits.

Category 1:- Skincare

Judges for the skincare panel included:-

Afternoon show regular Dr Rosemary Coleman, Dr Katherine Mulrooney, Dr Jane Mulrooney, Bronwyn Conroy and Anne McDevitt.

Winner 1:- Best Inexpensive Moisturiser

Eucerin Wrinkle Filling Day Cream, €19.99, pharmacies nationwide.

Score: - 85%

"Fantastic anti-ageing ingredients for the price point, it's ideal for dry and sensitive skin and full of hyaluronic acid - nature's own water magnet - so it plumps out lines and hydrates on impact." Dr Rosemary Coleman

Category 2:- Eye-cream

Winner 2:- Best Eye Cream

In this category, there was a tie for 1st place:-

Best All- Rounder:-

La Roche-Posay Restructuring Care, €26

Score: - 82.5%

"This was my star product - the proxilane compound delivers prolonged hydration and helps reduce lines, and it's hygienically packaged, which so many people overlook." Dr Katherine Mulrooney

Best for Lines:-

Perricone MD Eye Lift, €95

Score:- 82.5%

Here's a product where you're paying for the potent, scientifically-proven ingredients, not packaging or perfume. You can see this working immediately - I'd definitely buy this again." Dr Rosemary Coleman

Category 3: - Make-up

Judges on the make up panel were Afternoon show gal Natalie Kinsella, Aisling Eyre, Daniel Sandler and Colette Cassidy.

Winner 3:- Best Bronzing Powder

Kohl Bronzing Powder, €36

Score:- 95%

"I used this backstage to cover up models' tan lines and was amazed at the results - it delivers a nice golden veil with one sweep of the brush, distributes evenly and looks great on Irish skin tones." Aisling Eyre

Category 4:- Haircare

Judges on the hair panel were Cathal Keaveney, Mark O'Keefe, Zara Cox, James Brown and Mark McCauley.

Winner 4:- Best Shampoo

Head & Shoulders Shampoo, €3.59, pharmacies & supermarkets nationwide

Score:- 86%

"I hate to admit it but this shampoo really delivers. It improves scalp health, lathers up nicely, is very hydrating and makes hair really soft & shiny" James Brown.

Category 5:- Self Tan

Judges on the bodycare panel were Michelle Casey, Vaunnie McDermott, Karen Brown and Mennie Hingston

Winner 5:- Best Instant Tan:-

St Tropez wash off tanning lotion, €17.50, pharmacies nationwide

Score:- 77%

"Most instant tans fail the clothes and sheets litmus test but this did not come off at all and it goes on easily and dries quickly for maximum effect. It's the perfect quick fix". Jennie Hingston

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information

Eucerin Wrinkle Filling Day Cream, €19.99, pharmacies nationwide.

La Roche-Posay Restructuring Care, €26, pharmacies nationwide

Perricone MD Eye Lift, €95, select department stores

Kohl Bronzing Powder, €36,

St. Tropez Wash off tanning lotion, €17.50, pharmacies nationwide