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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

James Mailley

James is the Managing Director of Monster Ireland. Based in Dublin, he is responsible for driving business growth in Ireland and ensuring that remains the industry's leading provider of online recruitment services and solutions.

James is also responsible for sales strategy and implementation. James joined in 2003. Prior to this, he worked as a management consultant at TMP Worldwide and a recruitment consultant at Michael Page. James has a degree from Manchester Metropolitan University.

What has Changed in the 4 months since our last Career Clinics?

. There has been real momentum to highlight the positive and not dwell on the negative.
. Declining increase in the monthly live register
. Funds still not flowing into business from Banks - especially tough on SMEs (small and medium enterprises)

Why are companies still investing in Jobs in Ireland?

. Available workforce - Young, educated, talented
. Pro-Business Culture
. Tax regime

What have been the key Job Announcements over recent weeks?

. IBM (200)
. eBay (150)
. PayPal (100)
. Hertz (100)
. PPD (250)
. Gala Networks (103)

Companies Expanding Operations:

. Allianz Worldwide Care (30),
. HP (60)

Companies New to Ireland:

. Warner Chilcott (200)
. LinkedIn (tbc)
. Sajan (35)
. Freund Corporation (25)

What trends are emerging on the Job Creation front?

1. Call Centres and Outsourcing companies are providing growth.

Types of roles are broad and include:-

- Customer Support:- Skills required: excellent communications skills and basic IT skills such as Database use and Microsoft applications.

- Technical Support:- Skills required: more advanced IT and computer package skills and excellent communication.

- Back and Middle Office Finance Positions:- Skills required: varying degrees of accounting/bookkeeping experience and language skills if focussed on International business.

2. IT, Software Development and Technical Engineering Roles:- Skills required people with 12 months experience right up to senior Engineers with 10 years+

Emergence of "Smart Economy" positions (eg Cloud Computing) as well as new and innovative Internet based companies (eg Paypal, Facebook, Google and in future, LinkedIn)

3. Multilingual Roles:-

Vacancies in this area are still common - especially across the Call Centres and Outsourcing companies mentioned in point one

4. Inside/Telesales Sales:-

Overlapping points one and three are inside or telephone based sales roles. Skills required: some selling experience, good communication/influencing skills.

Companies relocating their HQs in Ireland:

Magnet" effect with pools of high calibre workers - example - Google setting up attracts Facebook to set up which attracts LinkedIn to set up etc. knock on positive effect attracting

Regional nature of announcements - not just Dublin centric.

Companies can still view transferable skills favourably - e.g. Project Management in Manufacturing can be relevant to Project Management in IT

How do people find more information on these opportunities?
- Several ways to contact
- Websites, the company's own website