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Mark Heyes

Monday, 12 April 2010

Mark Heyes

"Mark is best known as the on screen stylist for LK Today over the past five years. He has also guest featured in countless other TV shows on all the major channels.

This year he featured in the Guardian's Top 100 most influential people in the Fashion Industry.

As well as his on screen fashion makeovers on LK Today and GMTV he regularly advises celebrities on what's hot and what's not and has become known to retailers for "The Mark Heyes Effect" when it come to product sales.

Mark created and established LK Today's incredibly successful High street fashion awards, the only fashion awards voted for by the public.

He undertakes corporate work and can be seen regularly hosting Fashion shows/events in shopping Malls up and down the country". REF:

How did you get started in this business?

I was at art school and I had a Saturday job in Kookai and I really enjoyed the side of personnel shopping. After a while I realised all the women on a Saturday were coming in and they wanted me to dress them. I realised how much I liked the job and then I started getting newspaper work and then I started to work for Channel 4 when I was 21 in London.

You have a very busy schedule with the show and your columns are you still doing style consultations?

It's very rare that I manage to work with private clients. They tend to be people from my work or celeb clients.

Who are your celeb clients?

I have worked with Lady Gaga - she knows exactly what she wants - I seem more like her personnel shopper. She can wear whatever she wants. Cat Deeley, Mel B and Sophie Ellis Baxtor. They are all people have I have worked with over the years and I am quite pally with them. I always keep an eye out for clothes for Loraine Kelly. Most of my time is taken up with TV and I love it and I love LIVE TV.

What columns are you writing?

At the moment I am working with loads of different magazines. I have a column in Closer magazine and there's talk of another one that will be regular but we'll wait and see.
I also work a lot with Debenhams.

Whose style do you admire?

Thandie Newton and Penelope Cruz.

Is there anyone that you feel gets it wrong?

I don't think people get it wrong anymore. Sometimes they are styled within an inch of their life. Sometimes I think Britney gets it wrong and she has all that money too which I can't understand how she gets it wrong.

What key items should we have in our wardrobe?

Little Black Dress, a good pair of jeans, a black jacket, a white shirt etc. These are the basics and you can then take on any trends. It also allows you to experiment with clothes.

Is that where you got the inspiration for this book 'Get the look?

I think all these designers have such significant styles and they tend not to change that drastically. Thankfully the high street does some great lookey likey versions and you can wear them season after season.

What is the Chanel look?

You need to overload the pearls, black rose, corsage and that's a Chanel vibe. A padded bag works a treat. A tweed jacket is also synonymous with Chanel.

You take different genres and match them to different body shapes?

Dolce & Gabanna tends to include lace, a little black dress and lots of animal prints. It can be as simple as a black dress, leopard print shoes and red lipstick.

What's your tips for wearing Boho?

Designer Mathew Williamson was a major player in this look. The Maxi dress is a perfect look for Boho. They are all starting to come back into the shops. You can wear this look to a wedding with heals, or with flats to the beach. It's so versatile. It's more tribal this season. You could have a maxi dress and wrap a scarf around the waist.
Maxi dress is also great for hiding a multiple of sins.

Can everyone get away with Boho?

Yes they can. Every look in my book you can get away with any age or shape.

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