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Topic of the Day - Pyrite

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pyrite is a mineral that expands in the presence of moisture and oxygen and causes damage that take the form of cracks which appear in walls and ceilings.

Up to 20,000 homes in Ireland have been reported to have been affected by pyrite. The affected houses are located in parts of Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Offaly.

Shane Farrell is a home-owner that has been affected by Pyrite.
Shane, his wife and son Daniel moved into their new home that he purchased for €458,000 in Kenstown Co. Meath in early 2008.

In May of 2008, he started to have problems in the house. Cracks started to appear almost overnight. A year later, their dream home looked like it was falling apart. The family stayed there for a period of 11 months until they could not remain in the house any longer. They then moved into rented accommodation.

Pyrite was used in the infill material under the concrete floor.

Ted Laverty of discusses the effects Pyrite can have on your home.

Signs that your home might be affected by Pyrite:

- Concrete floor lifting

- Crack appearing on floors with 'spider web' appearance

- Large cracks appearing from floor to ceiling

HomeBond is currently processing a number of claims for problems associated with excess Pyrite under floors. HomeBond was created 1978 by the construction industry to provide a warranty to homeowners to ensure builders would fix defects that arose in their home over a certain period.

The idea is that it would then step in to cover some of the costs if the builder was unable to pay.

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