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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Suzanne Byrne : Soaps Writer, Columnist andLifestyle Editor, RTE Guide

As part of her college course- Radio, Television and Print Media at Ballyfermot College Dublin, she undertook work experience at Woman's Way magazine. This led to her first job once she graduated college. At Woman's Way Magazine she worked on the picture desk, organising and executing cover shoots, writing the soap section and lifestyle features for the magazine. She spent a lot of time on sourcing fashion and interior items for photo shoots which she also styled.

She was also involved in the organisation of The Mum of the Year Awards. Following on from her time at Woman's Way Magazine, she moved to Irish Tatler where she continued to write lifestyle features as well as fashion stories. Her job there also involved sourcing and styling for fashion shoots.

In 2005 she joined the editorial team at the RTÉ Guide, her role here is very varied, but she mainly look after anything to with soaps for the magazine, be it her weekly column, daily updates for the web and main feature articles or interviews for the magazine. She's also the lifestyle editor and looks after all the food, interiors, health and any other lifestyle features. And she regularly writes TV/entertainment feature pieces.

Since joining the RTÉ Guide she has had the opportunity to visit the set of and interview the stars from many of the big American programmes including Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty etc as well as Coronation Street, Eastenders and our very own Fair City. She's also interviewed a number of people from the world of film, music and TV including George Clooney, Katherine Heigl, Dido and Jamie Foxx.

Another side to her job includes contributing to various radio and TV programmes. She appeared on The Afternoon Show several times, filling in for the soap reporter. She has also been a guest on the Ruth Scott, Derek Mooney, Dave Fanning and Ryan Tubridy Shows.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm, RTÉ One

This Week:

Eileen refuses to acknowledge that Paddy is responsible for Vivienne's scar.

Yvonne refuses to shop for a wedding dress with a pregnant belly.

Connie urges Yvonne to introduce her to Rita.

Bob gets a business lead from Damien. Later he tries to borrow some money from Damien.

Yvonne expresses her fear to Bela that Ronan is hiding the truth about his condition.

Vivienne provides further proof of her past efforts as a partner to Zumo.

Judith warmly greets Vivienne when she realises she is back in Carrigstown.

Suzanne and Connie agree to organise an Yvonne and Rita reunion.

Dolores thinks there is an intruder in the house. She calls 999 and with Damien and Bob confronts the intruder - who turns out to be Wayne. Wayne berates Damien for mishandling him.

Wayne tells his Mother he is divorced from both his wives and she is the only women in his life.

Connie persuades Yvonne to ask Bela to see Rita. He is unconvinced that Yvonne is sincere about reconciliation.

After Zumo accuses Eileen of lying about Vivienne, in a fit of rage Eileen damages Zumos hand.

Bob manages to get €300 from Sean for an investment, promising him a return of €400 the next day.

Zumo is uncomfortable at Vivienne's attempt to Mother him but agrees to have a coffee with her. Their mother/son relationship begins to blossom.

Connie convinces Bela to ask Rita if she will allow Yvonne to visit.

Wayne criticises Damien's quote to decorate Dolores bathroom.

Viv asks Zumo if she can see Denzo and Decco and Zumo refuses.

Wayne has brought trouble with him from America.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm, RTÉ One

This Week:

Carol and Max are at logger heads over Billie's decision to apply to the Army, with Carol firmly standing her ground that it is far too dangerous. Despite support from Bianca, Carol and Billie clash and they find themselves in a heated dispute. Undoubtedly clutching at straws, Carol produces an ancient photo album filled with portraits of the Branning family who died at war, but Billie still refuses to budge. Carol's frustration builds when she discovers Peggy showing her support with a party at the Vic. Billie is greeted with a round of applause and a banner saying 'The Vic supports our boys' and Carol reaches breaking point. With the friction clearly building, Billie refuses to leave and finally confesses that the only reason he wants to leave to the Army is to get away from her.

Zsa Zsa discovers a mystery parcel on the doorstep with her name on it. It contains an expensive looking chocolate Easter bunny there's no note but Zsa Zsa is convinced she knows who it's from. She rushes into the cafe and flirty approaches Leon who is sat reading the paper. Kissing him on the head, she enquires about her present. Leon looks baffled and it slowly dawns on her that she has guessed the completely wrong person and swiftly runs off to save even more embarrassment. After grilling Ben and discovering the reason for this confusion, Leon turns up on Zsa Zsa's front door with a huge bunch of tulips. Unimpressed, the door is shut very quickly in his face and even shouting through the letter box doesn't alter Zsa Zsa's mood.

Tamwar buys a new flashy camera, which excites Zainab and she insists family photos are taken with the new addition to the family. Whilst attempting to rally her family together, Masood arrives with the mail and amongst the junk is a hand written envelope addressed to Amira. Zainab is intrigued about the letter but Amira does her best not to let on to Zainab that it is actually a letter from her father and a cheque for £5,000. Amira shows it to Tamwar and decides to play a little joke on Zainab. Later an infuriated Zainab rummages through her belongings and frantically looks for the letter but she only finds a note which says 'Anyone reading this should really learn to mind their own business.' A sheepish Zainab struggles to hide her mortification for being caught out.

The Masood's gather in the Square, dressed to the nines ready for their family photo to be taken. Just as Tamwar's self timer switch is about to start, Amira chooses this moment to drop the bombshell about the contents of the letter and that she and Syed may rent their own place. Zainab's looks in horror as the camera starts taking pictures.

Coronation Street Monday 7:30pm, TV3

This Week:

Leanne's suspicions backfire horribly. Peter spends the day avoiding Leanne and, in cahoots with Ciaran & Michelle, plans to propose at Ken & Deirdre's party. But when Janice tells Leanne she's seen him with Michelle, Leanne jumps to conclusions. As the do starts Ken makes a heartfelt speech about Deirdre but when Peter sneaks in with Michelle, Leanne lays into them angrily. Eventually Peter silences her and reveals he was actually going to propose and Michelle helped chose the ring. Leanne's gutted to have got it so wrong and ruined what could have been so romantic.

Lewis fuels Audrey's feelings for him. Audrey's feeling down after visiting Gail in prison so calls Lewis for a date. It's therapeutic but when Lewis claims he's told Rita he can't see her again (she actually cancelled him), then refuses payment saying this one is on him it only serves to fan the flames of Audrey's emotions.

Sophie's choice: to tell or not to tell? Ryan urges Sophie not to tell Sian about his pass, insisting it was a stupid mistake. Sophie's torn, especially when Ryan tells Sian he loves her and she sees the couple looking so happy again.
Elsewhere, as Janice makes a meal of the fish & chip supper, laying it out like a candle-lit meal, Trev arrives at Carla's. He's about to call Janice and let her know but when Carla pulls him into a kiss all thoughts of Janice are forgotten.

Ros na Rún Tuesday & Thursday 8.30pm, TG4

This week:

Daniel and Caomhán come to blows, Máire's dirty tricks backfire and Tina reaches her limit playing arm candy for sleazy Daniel!

Old tensions come to a head between Caomhán and his former boss Daniel. Caomhán thinks Daniel treats Mo like his slave and he's not happy to see his girlfriend work so hard for a thankless boss. Despite Mo's best attempts to keep her love life and her professional life separate, she's forced to choose between her boss and her boyfriend once again. Will Mo realise that her career is ruining her personal life?

Meanwhile, Máire thinks she's come up with a solution to all her problems. She hires a new manager for a trial run in the shop, deliberately choosing a terrible candidate in the hope that it will put an end to Peadar's plans for early retirement! However, once Peadar tells Bríd that they are finding it hard to get good staff in the shop she agrees to lend her support as a business analyst. Máire is forced to smile through gritted teeth while Peadar waxes lyrical about Bríd's fantastic business experience! Will Máire be forced to come clean to Peadar and tell him that she doesn't share his dreams of a fresh start in their autumn years?

Meanwhile, tensions thaw between Helen and David, Daniel has Tina right where he wants her and Vince finds his calling as a photographer!

Playing the role of Daniel's arm candy is taking its toll on Tina. Tina is disgusted that she's landed herself in this predicament but she knows she has no choice but to do as Daniel says or he'll go straight to the Gardaí and tell them the truth about the night O'Dowd was murdered, blowing her alibi. However, when Tina is forced to lie to her good friend Róise about her relationship with sleazy Daniel she decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands! Tina recovers the murder weapon from its hiding place but what exactly has she got planned?

Elsewhere, Peadar rallies the troops to build a team for his charity 5-a-side football match and organises the first team meeting to take place in the pub. While the local men reluctantly agree to help Peadar raise awareness for cancer research, really they are more interested in watching the boxing match, which Tadhg has illegally installed using a dodgy wireless box! What will the local women think when they realise what their men are up to?

Also, Belle makes her radio debut, Caomhán and Mo decide to go on a well deserved holiday and Vince proves a hit with the customers at Caitríona's beauty salon.