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The Beauty Editor's Picks - Hands & Nails

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Manicurist:- Elaine Butler Doolin

According to her website:-

"Elaine Butler-Doolin is the founder of Bespoke Beauty, a past winner of the IBPA Beauty Therapist of the Year (Face), Elaine has been in the Beauty industry for the past 18 years. During this time she has been the beauty therapist for Hollywood A-lister's and worked with some of the biggest names in beauty. She is also the Beauty writer for the prestigious Social & Personal magazine In her capacity at Social & Personal Elaine is at the forefront of beauty and is privy to the latest treatment methods, technologies and products in the Beauty world.

"People are tired of 'production-line' beauty salons & spa's where there is a high turnover of staff and the customer never knows which Therapist they will have from one visit to the next. When I started out in Beauty we were taught to build up a relationship with your clients - beauty is a very personal thing and as such the client should feel at ease with, and know, the therapist whom looks after them. It is this value, amongst others which have disappeared from beauty salons, which I aim to redress in Bespoke Beauty" says Elaine. "

5 of Ireland's top Beauty Editors:

. Liz Dwyer - Beauty Editor of IMAGE magazine
. Jessie Collins- Editor of Irish Tatler
. Mairead Nic Giolla Phadraig - Beauty Editor of The Star's 'Chic' Magazine
. Aisling McDermott - Beauty Editor of
. Caroline Scott - Beauty Editor of The Gloss magazine

You're dressed and ready to go, the hair (if not exactly perfect) looks ok, even your make -up is pretty presentable. You're just on your way out the door when you realise that your nails are a total disaster! We all know that our hands are the second thing people notice after our faces, so we realise that we're not creating a good impression with dodgy chipped, yellow nails.

Panic not!! Elaine is here with the ultimate 5 minute manicure. Even the taxi that's waiting outside can wait that long!

Before you go slapping on fresh polish though, be sure you have a game plan as you're not going to want to smudge your wet polish on the way out the door. Put your coat on and have your keys to hand before you start your manicure, that way there'll be minimal disruption to the drying process. Even though you're in a hurry, you need to take your time with this as nail polish on your clean skirt/blouse is not a good look. You would have been better off with chipped nails.

So before you start- take off any old polish with cotton wool so that you're starting with fresh, clean nails. Then follow these simple steps to handsome hands!

Tips are as follows:-

1. File nail edge to remove rough edges and splits.
2. Now is not the time to be fussy about the exact shape of each nail: just round off any jagged edges and file away splits.

3. Apply cuticle oil and massage into nail beds.

4. Push back cuticles using an orangewood stick. This will help to lengthen the nail base for painting. Go easy here, you don't wan to hurt yourself because you're in a hurry!

5. Buff nails to remove any residue from the Cuticle Oil and it will produce a smoother surface and shine to the nails, as a lot of people are suffering with flaking nails after the winter.

6. 'Miracle Cure' - Base Coat and strengthener (€10.71) conditions the nails and gives 50% stronger nails for upto three days.

7. Use 'insta-dry' (€5.95) or quick dry nail polish for maximum speed. Ensure this is no-chip polish so it can take you through the whole evening. If time is running out and you want a polish that only needs one coat, Rimmel Lycra Pro (€5.95) is recommended.

And hey, presto! You're on your way out with fabulous nails in five minutes!

More questions we put to our manicurist:-

How often should people be filing their nails?

Ideally every 3 to 4 days and if there are any splits they should file them immediately.

How long should people spend on a manicure themselves at home?
Ideally little as often. Twice a week. One mid week and one at weekends.

What do they need to give themselves an effective manicure (what products, equipment etc.)?

An emery board - a soft one, an orange wood stick, hand cream, cuticle oil, or cuticle cream or a cuticle pen. Then a base coat which prevents staining the nails and your polish and a top coat so it won't chip.

What type of nail files are best?

Soft emery board

Should you only ever file in one direction?

Yes, from side to centre

Is buffing important?

What buffing does is shine and gives nails a smooth surface. Don't overuse as it will thin the nails. Twice a week max.

Should particular skin types go for particular colours?

If you have sallow skin - yellow based reds - corals, or Irish skin which is fair then go for red with blue tones - which are darker reds.

Should people who have short nails stay away from reds?

No not necessarily. We are going back to a more natural shape from square to oval. Dark colours suit but pastels are in for spring summer. Big nails are out.

When you're in a hurry is it best to go for lighter colours because at least if they smudge a bit, it won't be so noticeable? Yes

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information

Liz Dwyer's Picks:

Category 1:- Hand creams & nail products

Illamasqua Pastel Nail Polishes -€15
Essie Sugar Daddy Polish - My Saviour €15
Leighton Denny Nail Bases - Amazing for Growth €16