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Daithi O Se

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

"Dáithí ar Thóir .

Dáithí Ó Sé heads to the States for his new series in search of some of the biggest country music stars of all time. Daithi finds out more about who these musicians really are by travelling to their birthplace, to where they recorded, where they lived and in some cases where they died. Throughout the series Dáithí will be chatting to family, friends and colleagues of each artist. There will be 8 stars featured in the series four living stars and four who has passed away, four men and four women.

Dáithí ar thóir Hank Williams:-

In the first of a new eight part series, presenter and country music fan Dáithí Ó Sé travels to Georgiana Alabama USA in search of the real Hank Williams.

Hank Williams is regarded as the greatest singer-songwriter to ever grace the country music scene. His song writing genius was inspired by the domineering women in his life and tainted by his reliance on alcohol. His tragic story culminated in his early death from alcoholism by the age of 29.

Dáithí meets family and friends, chats to members of his original band and visits his birthplace, the place where he died and the places of his greatest triumphs to uncover the real story behind the legend of Hank Williams. The series is on TG4 on Thursdays from the 25th of March at 9.30pm

Episode 2:- Tomorrow on TG4 9.30pm

Dáithí ar thóir Patsy Cline:-

Presenter and country music fan Dáithí Ó Se goes in search of the real Patsy Cline. Famous for songs such as 'Crazy' and ' I Fall To Pieces' Patsy Clines' life was marred by poverty and tragedy. Her sudden death at the age of 30 ended a career in its prime.

Daithi travels to Nashville where Patsy forged an enduring career - and Winchester, Virginia where she was born. He chats to Patsy's widower Charlie and other friends, family and colleagues about this original talent. This episode culminates in an emotional moment for Dáithí as he visits the plane crash site where Patsy met her end.

Episode 3:- Dáithí ar thóir Johnny Cash

Episode 4:- Dáithí ar thóir Dolly Parton.

Episode 5:- Dáithí ar thóir Merle Haggard

Episode 6:- Dáithí ar thóir Tammy Wynette.

Episode 7:- Dáithí ar thóir Garth Brooks

Episode 8:- Dáithí ar thóir the Dixie Chicks

Tell me about your new series?

It is an 8 part documentary on American country music legends - 4 men and 4 women 4 dead and 4 alive. Next week we have Patsy Cline. I had been a fan of all of them all and I am a fan of country music.

People think of country music as ordinary wholesome folk but they were the original rock n rollers. When you examine their lives - it was drink, drugs and rock n' roll before even rock n'roll was invented. People always think of Johnny Cash like that but then he did a U Turn and then Hank Williams who was hooked on drink at 15 and died before he was 30. Then Dolly Parton who had nothing growing up - she went to school with no socks or shoes.

It was weird going to the site of Patsy's death. The only way they knew it was her was because she was the only woman on the plane. She had a tough life as well - her husband Charlie Dick and herself were always having physical fights with each other with pots and pans, she was also in a car crash that almost killed her in her 20's - she had a scar on her face.

We interviewed her daughter as well who was very young when her mom died.

What was the highlight of the series for you?

There were days we were doing all the interviews in one day as then they would be edited into separate episodes. I loved the Tammy Wynette story. She was a beautician by trade and always renewed her licence so she would have something to fall back on. She also picked cotton as a child and kept a jar of cotton in her house so she could always remember the tough times she had.

How long did it take to film?

Daithi Ar Thoir was filmed in 8 weeks with 3 days off. We took 13 internal flights.

I will tell you something interesting that happened....

When we were driving in Alabama and there was a lightning storm and a tree burst up in flames in front of us. Absolutely crazy.

There was also a drive by shooting in Alabama when we were there. Then all these cops were flying by and we thought it was a joke we thought it was a fourth of July thing but we all had to get down on the ground. We don't know what happened in the end. The cops were asking us so many questions and we told them we were recording LIVE for TG4 - of course we were only joking.

Do you have a big plan or do you take each day as it comes?

I only think about a year in advance. I don't think far ahead - I don't think you can in TV. I never wanted to be a TV presenter. I fell into it. That was ten years ago.

Any type of show you would love to work on?

I don't know - I pick stuff I like. I sit down with a producer and we go through things I like. Route 66 was my idea and Highway 61 was something that I thought would be great fun. Then with the country music legends - these are roll n' roll legends and the songs are brilliant but the story behind them are even better.

Are you still working on The Rose of Tralee?

I was the Chairperson of the Judging Panel last year - (What does that mean?) which means I am the boss of the judges. If there's 5 on the jury and we had to pick one if it came to it. I had done a lot of work for the Rose of Tralee and they asked me last year to be Chairperson which was a great honour really.

Were you disappointed your act didn't win The All Ireland Talent Show?

I was disappointed but to be honest it's about the winner so I don't want to take anything away from Chloe. I was disappointed for my acts but they did themselves very very proud and they gave it their best shot.

Are you still in touch with the Mulkerrin brothers?

I did a few gigs with them before Christmas but now they have to put their heads down in school.

Is there any show you would love to work on?

I am very happy with the shows I am doing at the moment. It doesn't get much better. At the moment we are getting ready to go abroad to do another series for TG4 we are travelling from Canada to Cuba and that's a ten part series. I came up with it myself.

How many people go away on the trips?

We go away with just about 4 or 5 of us. We are eating and drinking and sleeping together - well not sleeping. We are able to pick our own team which is great.

Congratulations on winning best dressed man..... how did you pick your outfit?

Are you slagging me - (Did you have your eyes shut?) Are you kidding me...... I was driving down in Nashville and I saw the red shirt and I got the boots there as well. I wanted to be in the LIFE magazines worst dressed list. I ended up getting best dressed man - The girls would take it seriously but I don't.