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Gardening - Grow your Own Veg in Unusual Places!!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Eugene Higgins - Vegetable Visionary!

1. Preparing the Garden:-

Eugene will be showing us how to prepare the soil after the long winter months.

He will turn the soil and add some renewing top soil.

2. What should you plant now!

Eugene will be telling us what vegetables and herbs are ideal for planting at this time.

He will have a container with some of the traditional vegetables that are ready to plant in late March when the soil is getting that bit warmer: Peas, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, spinach / lettuce.

Blackbanks:- 754 Howth Road, Blackbanks, Raheny, Dublin 5. Phone: 01 832 7047

. Peas
. Cauliflower
. Broccoli

Long Life Plants: North County Dublin - 01 8355 692

Herbs between €2.99 and €3.99

. Herbs:
. Mint
. Thyme
. Sage
. Parsley
. Chives

Hackett Garden Shop, 4 Capel Street - 01 873 4911

Vegetable Plants:-

Plants between €2.95 and €3.95 depending on size.

Red / onions

Broad Bean Seeds

New Potatoes

Herbs: Rosemary & Lavender

2. Unusual Planting Objects & Spaces:

. Porcelain sink / wash tub
. Old Garbage Can
. Whiskey Barrel
. Feeding Tubs for animals
. Piece of Gutter
. Old Pots
. Coconuts
. Goldfish Bowl
. Watering Can
. Lunchboxes

1. Teapot:-


2. Cinder Blocks:-

Herb Garden: Mint, Thyme, Sage, Parsley, Chives, Lavender and Rosemary (Good for your Easter Dinner!!)

3. Sink

Shallots and Onions

4. Tyres

New Potatoes

5. Toilet Roll Tubes

Have some fun with your kids and grow some vegetable seeds in a toilet roll. After a few weeks transfer them to the soil as the cardboard is biodegradable!

Broad Bean Seeds - these are perfect for kids, grow them on a little piece of cotton wool or in the tube with some soil. They can watch the root system grow!


Grow your herbs in a teapot for a colourful addition to your garden or kitchen!
Source: Fifteen Restaurant, London. (Jamie Oliver's restaurant!!)

Cinder Block:-

Grow your herb garden in some cinder blocks!

Use a bag of potted soil mix or tyres to grow your potatoes

More ideas from The National Trust:

. Fill toilet roll tubes with compost and seeds and you can start off many kinds of vegetables - including beans, carrots and parsnips - inside. Transplant them into the soil after a few weeks without disturbing the roots, where the biodegradable cardboard will just rot away!

. Buckets are ideal for all kinds of root vegetables - they are just the right depth and ensure your lovely parsnips won't take over the whole garden!

. Fill old shoeboxes with compost for growing lettuces - remember not to over-water!

. From colourful clogs to an old leather boot, punch holes in old shoe soles for funky, creative plant containers. Wellington boots are great for leeks!

. Keep an eye out for unusual teapots. When you find one, take the top off, fill with soil and plant mint - which you can boil for delicious tea later on

. Plant tumbling tomatoes or strawberries in a watering can and wind the creepers round the handle as they grow.

. Goldfish bowls and tanks look wonderful planted with herbs - think greenery in glass. They also make fantastic wormeries!

. Old car tyres are great for growing potatoes - stack them up and paint in bright colours one Sunday afternoon.