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Monday, 29 March 2010

Suzanne Byrne, Soaps Writer or Columnist or Lifestyle Editor, RTE Guide

As part of her college course, Radio, Television and Print Media at Ballyfermot College in Dublin, she undertook work experience at Woman's Way magazine. This led to her first job once she graduated college. At Woman's Way Magazine she worked on the picture desk, organising and executing cover shoots, writing the soap section and lifestyle features for the magazine. She spent a lot of time on sourcing fashion and interior items for photo shoots which she also styled. She was also involved in the organisation of The Mum of the Year Awards. Following on from her time at Woman's Way Magazine, she moved to Irish Tatler where she continued to write lifestyle features as well as fashion stories. The job involved sourcing and styling for fashion shoots.

In 2005 she joined the editorial team at the RTÉ Guide, her role here is very varied, but she mainly look after anything to with soaps for the magazine, be it her weekly column, daily updates for the web and main feature articles or interviews for the magazine. She's also the lifestyle editor and looks after all the food, interiors, health and any other lifestyle features. And she regularly writes TV/entertainment feature pieces.

Since joining the RTÉ Guide she has had the opportunity to visit the set of and interview the stars from many of the big American programmes including Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty etc as well as Coronation Street, Eastenders and our very own Fair City. She's also interviewed a number of people from the world of film, music and TV including George Clooney, Katherine Heigl, Dido and Jamie Foxx.

Another side to her job includes contributing to various radio and TV programmes. She appeared on The Afternoon Show several times, filling in for the soap reporter. She has also been a guest in The Ruth Scott Show, Derek Mooney Show, Dave Fanning Show and The Ryan Tubridy Show.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm, RTE One

This Week: A delighted Yvonne reveals that Connie is coming home.

Zumo pushes Dermot for a mixed martial arts tournament. Dermot informs him it's not his call and he has to pass it by Barry.

Paul asks Niamh to go on a family camping trip and she resists.

Keith agrees to receive another parcel for Felix, using it as an opportunity to find out what's in it.

Bela questions Connie's surprise return. Yvonne and Connie are reunited but their meeting is strained

Connie is aghast when she realises that Yvonne has not told her family the wedding is off. She accuses Yvonne of being dishonest. Connie admits that she came back to see if she still has a future with Yvonne. She asks Yvonne to make a fresh start with her in Australia.

Suzanne advises Sarah to ask Felix what he's doing in his room.

Zumo is outraged when he finds out about Dermot's dishonesty with booking the community centre. Zumo insists he's part of the community and entitled to book the centre.

Barry chastises Dermot about mishandling Zumo. Zumo feels discriminated against.

Bela and Suzanne present Connie and Yvonne with a wedding planner diary. Yvonne and Connie play along with the ruse saying they are getting married on September the ninth.

Niamh reassures Sean that Paul has changed.

Keith plays detective by opening Felix's mail. Later Felix confronts them asking if they opened his parcel. Sarah admits they opened it and Felix admits to his knitting habit and making customised scarves.

Barry and Dermot find a way around the mess with Zumo.

Paul is faced with inviting Sean on the mobile home trip.

The community centre is vandalised by two youths.

Connie threatens to leave Yvonne if she keeps lying.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm, RTÉ One

This Week: As Billie sits on the swings, swigging a beer, he is startled by his friend Mitch who pretends to be a mugger. The joke turns sour, though, when Mitch tells Billie that all the crew are going to be there for the robbery tonight. Billie had thought that the idea of robbing the Vic was just talk but he could not have been more wrong. Determined not to get caught up in the affair, Billie agrees to go to dinner at the Argee Bhajee with Bianca and Whitney but under more pressure from the crew, who have found out that Billie has lied to them about getting rid of the gun, the boy feels that he cannot possibly back out now.

Lucy Beale, feeling the weight of guilt on her shoulders, comes very close to telling Jane the whole truth about the abortion. Stopped by Ian, the girl breaks down when Leon confronts her and accuses her of playing mind games with him. She tells Leon that she was telling the truth about the pregnancy, and admits to having had an abortion.

The Slater family are absolutely thrilled to welcome Stacey back into the house. Stacey herself does not seem so pleased to be back though. Mo wants some answers from the prodigal daughter but Jean insists that they let Stacey talk to them in her own time. It all gets a bit too much for Jean, however, when the perfect dinner she is cooking spoils and she throws the food off the table in a tantrum. Stacey is reluctant to help but after some choice words from Mo, and a little chat with a disapproving photograph of Bradley, Stacey comes into the kitchen to support her mother. It seems as if the Stacey they love is finally back.

Phil and Peggy are thrilled when the social worker arrives and has quite a lot in common with Phil, having grown up in a pub himself.

Carol, who thinks that Billie has been spending the day sorting out job interviews, agrees to go out for a drink with Billy at the Vic, much to the amusement of brothers Max and Jack. After a quick trip to the ladies, Carol is horrified when she steps out and finds her son Billie holding a gun to a nervous Phil. Billy Mitchell tackles the boy and the supposed gun is revealed a water pistol.

Whitney and Bianca are concerned, having been stood up by Billie at the Argee Bhajee. Seeing Jack and Chelsea enjoying another romantic dinner together, Whitney asks Jack to check out the Vic and Chelsea is left with the cheque, disappointed.

Terry, the social worker, is unimpressed by the violent show in the pub and tells Phil and Peggy that the Vic is not a suitable home for Louise. To the Mitchells' surprise, Shirley steps in and announces that Phil and Ben are moving in with her at the weekend. When the social worker asks who she is, Shirley responds saying that she is Phil's fiancée. Phil, although shocked, does not argue with her.

Jack, Max and Carol take Billie home for a stern lecture. Though Billie suggests that other boys in his family have done worse, he cannot deny that he has made a serious mistake. Jack promises to do everything that he can to protect Billie if the boy forgets about his estate friends. Billie winces as he sees a green scarf poking out from a drawer. In the middle of the night, he goes down to the kitchen to see that the back door is open and the green scarf is gone, along with gun it was concealing.

Coronation Street Monday 7:30pm, TV3

This Week: After receiving his divorce papers in the post Jason tries to plan a romantic meal. An unimpressed Tina obviously wants a quiet night in. After cooking a romantic meal, lighting candles and pouring the wine, Jason uses this perfect opportunity to pop the big question. Will Tina have to come clean about her and Nick in order to make Jason realise their relationship is over?

Dev is struggling to come to terms with having children running around the flat, so decides to take them out to the zoo. But when they get back panic sets in when Aadi gets locked out of the flat on the balcony two floors up.

Becky starts to worry Steve is loosing his libido and confides in Claire and Eileen, but can Eileen resist having a giggle at the expense of her boss?

Nick and Audrey try to advise David to stop interfering with witnesses; otherwise he will be joining his mother in prison.

This episode is written by Joe Turner and produced by Kim Crowther, the director John Anderson.


Jason confronts Nick in the Rovers for kissing Tina, blaming him for taking advantage. Nick's smug attitude doesn't help and fists are thrown. The kiss doesn't only annoy Jason, but David is angry too. Nick hasn't learnt his lesson and starts to wind David up too. Is this the end of the brother's new friendship?

Becky and Steve head upstairs to find Steve's mojo again, but when Ciaran walks in to find them enjoying spontaneous passion in the kitchen, Steve isn't in the mood. Is this the last straw for Becky?

Sunita frets as Dev frantically tries to get to Aadi who is still locked out on the balcony. Graeme spots the Aadi, and grabs his ladder to save the day.

Ryan and Sian fall out when he tries to make her jealous by telling her Tamsin has asked him out.

Ros na Rún Tues and Thurs 8:30pm, TG4

This Week: Daniel makes a shocking discovery about O'Dowd's murder,
Tina fears she'll face time behind bars and
Bríd learns that a leopard never changes its spots!


Bríd learns the hard way that a leopard never changes its spots. As Bríd packs her bags and prepares to leave the village to start over with Johnny in Dublin, she can't help but notice that Johnny is in a terrible hurry to leave! Johnny claims he is just keen to start their new life together but when Berni makes a cutting remark about Johnny, Bríd soon smells a rat.

Bríd asks Berni straight out if there's something she should know and is devastated when Berni confirms her worst fears and admits she slept with Johnny. Bríd has fallen for Johnny's empty promises once again and feels like a fool. Will she leave the village with her tail between her legs or will she run her no-good husband out of town?

Elsewhere, Berni has a tense meeting with Evan's headmistress Helen about the upcoming Easter play at the school. After putting hours of work into writing the script, Berni is hoping to score some points against her old love rival. Despite Helen's attempts to be civil, Berni can't help but badmouth Helen to anyone who will listen, complaining about Helen's snobby ways and superior attitude. Will Berni admit that her spat with Helen is really about their old rivalry and not about her being more involved in Evan's school?

Other stories affecting the villagers of Ros na Rún on Tuesday include:

. Caitríona's investigations against Tina and Daniel hit a dead end
. Oisin stands up to his mother Eithne
. John Joe hopes he's still in with a chance with Berni


Caitríona decides to test her theory that Daniel was somehow involved in O'Dowd's death by confronting him in Gaudi's tapas bar. Caitríona points out that it's very convenient that he was with Tina, O'Dowd's ex wife, the night of the murder and that he has nobody else to back up his alibi. Daniel is furious with Caitríona's scathing attack, but before long the penny has dropped and he works out that she's hit the nail on the head. Tina slept with Daniel to give herself an alibi because she's the one who murdered O'Dowd!

Like the cat that got the cream, Daniel takes great pleasure in revealing his clever discovery to Tina. Tina tries her best to dismiss his accusations, but Daniel makes it clear that he'll go straight to the Gardaí unless she keeps him sweet. Tina is disgusted by Daniel's attempts to blackmail her into sleeping with him, but what other choice does she have? Will Tina take her chances with the Gardaí or will she admit defeat to Daniel?
Other stories

. Séamus and Oisin make peace
. Tadhg keeps the gossip mills churning about Johnny's reputation with the ladies!
. Mo feels guilty about her role in Mack's problems