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Monday, 29 March 2010

Mary Fitzgerald of RTE's Mary Make and Do TV series

Here are a couple of easy and inexpensive things to make to keep children happy and busy over the Easter season.

They include an Easter Basket, Easter Bunny Ears/Headband, decorated Easter Eggs and Easter Chickens.

Easter Basket

You will need:

. Coloured Card
. Paper fasteners or a stapler
. Pencil, ruler and scissors
. Crepe paper
. Ribbon

How to make it:

1. Measure and draw a square three times larger than your base. For a 3" inch base, draw a 9" inch square. Divide the square into nine equal squares.
2. Measure and cut out a handle. It will need to be about one-quarter to one-third longer than the length of your square. For a 9" square, cut a 12" to 15" handle, about a half inch to three quarter inches wide. If you are making a larger basket, adjust the width of the handle to suit.
3. Cut out your square.
4. Cut two slits into the centre of the square at the top and bottom. This will be obvious in the demonstration.
5. Fold the other squares into the centre of the basket.
6. Pierce each of the folded squares in the centre where you want the paper fastener to go with a scissors or knitting needle to hold the basket together. Children will need adult assistance for this part in the procedure.
7. Assemble the folded squares together with a paper fastener or staple together, to form a basket shape.
8. Pierce the handle, about a half inch in from either end. Place the paper fastener into each side of the handle.
9. Alternatively staple the handle at either side, inside the basket.
10. Cut crepe paper into thin strips like coloured straw and fill the basket.
11. Decorate the handle of the basket with ribbon.
12. Add your chocolate Easter eggs or decorated Easter eggs and chickens!
13. Your basket is complete! It is actually more complicated to describe than it is to do!

Easter Bunny Ears/Headband:

You will need:

. White card
. Pink or blue paper
. Scissors
. Pencil
. Glue, scissors
. Tape or stapler
. Easter stickers, optional
. Markers, crayons, or colored pencils; optional

How to make it:

1. Cut a strip of card about 2" wide by about 24" long.
2. Cut out 2 ears out of white card each about 8 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide.
3. Cut out 2 smaller ears out of pink or blue paper depending on whether the headband is for a boy or girl.
4. Glue the pink or blue ears inside the white ears.
5. Glue the ears inside the band, positioning to fit behind the child's head.
6. Children can decorate the head band with stickers, markers, crayons, or colored pencils if they wish.
7. Tape or staple the band to fit the child. Cut off any excess.

Decorated Easter Eggs

You will need:

. Eggs
. A bowl and needle
. Poster paint
. Paint brush
. Varnish-optional
. Markers
. Ribbon
. Toilet roll
. Coloured card

How to make it:

Blow an Egg:

1. Blow an egg by piercing it at either end with a needle
2. Shake the contents of the egg into a bowl
3. Rinse the eggs with water and leave to dry

Decoration of Eggs:

There are several ways of decorating them, here are some suggestions:

Painted Eggs Decorated with Ribbon:

1. Paint eggs in different colours with poster paint.
2. Varnish egg with clear varnish-this is optional.
3. Cut out thin ribbon and wrap around egg.
4. Make a bow for the top of the egg and glue on.

Dye Eggs:

Alternatively put some artificial cake food colouring into water and place the eggs in the water and dye them for approximately half an hour. Remove from dye and leave to dry.

Easter Bunny Egg:

Paint an Easter bunny face on the front of the egg.

1. Cut out two bunny ears from card and glue onto the top of the egg.
2. Cut out a small section of a toilet roll holder to stand the egg in.
3. Cut out a small bow from card and stick onto the front of the toilet roll holder.
4. Stand the egg in same.

Easter Bonnet Egg

1. Draw on a girl's face with a marker on an egg.
2. Glue long pieces of wool for hair and short pieces for a fringe on the top part of the egg.
3. Make a hat from thin card.
4. Glue onto the head of the girl and decorate the rim of the hat with thin ribbon.

Aeroplane Egg

1. Paint an egg silver or gold or a colour of your choice.
2. Cut out aeroplane wings and from silver or gold paper and glue onto either side of the egg.
3. Glue a thin ribbon around the centre of the egg.
4. Cut out small circles for windows and a propeller from cardboard.
5. Glue these onto the ribbon.

Ladybird Egg

1. Paint half the egg lengthwise black.
2. Paint the other half red.
3. Decorate the red side with black spots.
4. Add eyes and a nose.

Other ideas include making a chicken using feathers for wings and a bumble bee by painting an egg in black and yellow thick stripes.

Tree with Decorated Eggs

When you have several blown eggs painted or decorated with ribbon, you can hang them on a branch of a tree or twig in a flower pot.

1. Fill the flower pot with old newspaper, place the twig inside and cover with coloured stones.
2. Hang the decorated eggs on the twig with ribbon or florists wire or thread.
3. They will look very effective on the table on Easter Sunday.

Easter Chickens-1

You will need:

. Cotton wool balls
. Orange and black felt or orange and black paper

How to make it:

1. Stick two cotton wool balls together.
2. Cut out two eyes from black paper or felt and glue on to head.
3. Cut out an orange beak from black paper and glue onto head.

Easter Chickens -2

You will need:

. Yellow wool
. Card from a cereal box
. Orange and black felt or orange and black card

How to make it:

1. Make two wool pompoms, one big one for the body and one small one for the head.
2. To make a pompom, cut two circles the same size from cardboard. Cut a hole in the middle of them.
3. Keep the circles together and cover them with wool until the hole is covered.
4. Cut the wool at the edge of the circle and tie the pompom together with a long piece of wool.
5. Sew or tie the wool pompoms for the body and head together.
6. From felt cut two large white circles and two small black circles for eyes. Glue a black circle onto a white one and glue onto the head of the chicken.
7. Cut out a beak from orange felt and glue onto the chickens head.

Happy Easter, have fun making all these's things!

We strongly recommend adult supervision. Items we have listed such as needles and scissors can be extremely dangerous.