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The Beauty of Seaweed

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Suzanne Walsh - Our Beauty Expert

2008 and 2009 has seen Suzanne's well respected and trusted role in the Beauty industry flourish with regular TV and personal appearances keeping her very much in demand.

Suzanne Walsh previously worked in the UK operating her own hair & beauty salon. She worked as a beauty therapist for Channel 4,s reality TV series, The Salon appearing in both the first and second series, which attracted up to 3.6 million viewers. Suzanne is credited with being the viewer's choice when the public was given the opportunity to vote a member of staff from the first series back into the second series.
During 2005, in conjunction with her sister, Suzanne established a thriving beauty business in Ireland which is regularly featured in the media for its unique and excellent client care and professionalism. They added another salon called 'Pure Beauty' in Prosperous in 2007.

Suzanne has coupled her knowledge in the beauty industry with excellent writing skills to become a well respected Beauty Journalist writing for The Irish Independent, Evening Herald and various magazines.

No stranger to TV, Suzanne recently took part in RTE 1s Celebrity Jigs N Reels and is the resident beauty specialist on 'The Afternoon Show' and has appeared on TV3 am, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook as well as on At the Races for the Cheltenham Festival and Sky Sports. Suzanne featured several times on The Marianne Finnucane Show on RTE Radio 1.

.Famous clients of hers have included Boy George, Coronation Street's Julie Goodyear, d'side, Kerry Mc Fadden, Bridget Nielson, Frankie Dettori, Tony McCoy, Amanda Brunker and many more.

A fun-loving character, Suzanne oozes down-to-earth charm mixed with a sense of knowing her own mind. Suzanne enjoys travel, outdoor activities, golf and also admits a passion for horses, horseracing and all things equestrian having been introduced to the scene through her family at a very young age.

Suzanne's Qualifications
B.T.E.C National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Health & Fitness
IIHHT in Aromatherapy.
IIHHT in Reflexology.

NUI MAYNOOTH Certificate in Teacher Training & Continuing
Suzanne recently completed her NUI Maynooth Teacher Training Diploma to ensure her deliverance of classes are of the highest standard. Suzanne's enthusiasm for working with teenagers and vivacious personality coupled with her professional qualifications & Celebrity Beautician status make her the ideal candidate to present Beauty Day Camps.

Suzanne is currently studying at IPA Institute of Public Management for a BA Hons Degree in Public Management, she loves to keep fit, loves walking and kick boxing.

Early this week a new study revealed that seaweed could help in the fight agains obesity:-"A team from Newcastle University has found that seaweed added to bread, biscuits and yogurt can reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body but up to 75 per cent. The secret is the natural fibre alginate, found in sea kelp and already used in small quantities in food as a thickener. Early taste tests have suggested the idea of adding in greater quantities could be successful".

It is not a new phenomenon that seaweed is used, not only for consumption as part of a healthy diet, but also as a spa treatment and beauty resource.

"Scientists report that Seaweeds are rich in vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and niacin. They are an important supply of 60 trace elements and an excellent source of over 12 minerals, especially sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and manganese. In fact, Seaweeds contain much larger concentrations of what is present in seawater, and in a form, which can easily be assimilated. The potassium-sodium content of sea vegetables is usually quite close to that occurring naturally in the human body. Many marine algae are a source of vitamin B12, which is rarely found in land vegetables."


Essential Properties of Seaweed:-

. Organic
. Complete mineral source
. Produces luxurious oils
. Detoxifying effects
. Conditioning agent
. Soothes & relaxes

According to the Voya website:-

"Seaweed and Seaweed baths are a traditional marine cure therapy, in fact the only therapy indigenous to Ireland. The ancient Greeks believed seawater preserved and restored good health and in 19th century France, seawater (Thalassatherapy) was regarded as a complete mineral source that could cure ailments caused by mineral imbalance.

Seaweed Baths revolve around the use of Sea water, like Thalassatherapy, however most importantly in addition, seaweed that is indigenous to Ireland. The combination of Sea water and seaweed has the most amazing beneficial properties. The seaweed which has been cultivated for 100's of years, can only be harvested by hand and needs to be selected by sight. Experienced harvesters in remote parts of the west of Ireland, with many years of experience carefully harvest this precious wild crop."

Ri Na Mara's website says:-

"The sea is a source of beauty for your skin, in the early 20th century scientists discovered a clear similarity between our blood plasma and sea water, in their respective compositions and concentrations, it is known that our body requires certain Trace elements, Vitamins and Minerals which are vital for our health and well being.
All of the aforementioned can be found in marine Algae".

1. Face mask:-

"Our moisturising face mask contains seaweed, pro-collagen extract and other antioxidant - rich organic extracts to calm irritated skin and moisturise dry skin. Our hydrating seaweed-based ingredients and soothing chamomile extracts will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated all day long."

Maskerade Face mask, €35,

2. Seaweed Bath

The first company to product a commercial seaweed bath was Carraig Fhada in Sligo roughly ten years ago. Many have since come on the market and quite a nice gift idea is Voya's "Lazy Days"

"Lazy Days uses simply the finest organic seaweed, cut by our own hands using the same traditional methods as our ancestors, combined with organic sea salt. Seaweed baths have been used for generations in the care and repair of the skin and have shown to help against signs of ageing and cellulite. With Lazy Days you can create a luxurious spa experience in your own home by soaking Lazy Days in a bath of hot water. The seaweed will naturally re-hydrate and spring back to life, releasing its soothing and moisturising properties just for you

Close your eyes and imagine you are swimming in the ocean. You emerge invigorated yet soothed. At VOYA we honour generations of wisdom and bring forth certified organic preparations to recondition the skin. Energize your mind and revolutionize your skin care. Nature's antidote harvested on the Irish coast from the unspoiled Atlantic Ocean. VOYA, the source of natural beauty.

This is a totally organic product. Free from all impurities.

Key Ingredients:-

Hand Harvested Seaweed: Fucus Serratus

Please note that the actual weight of the product may vary by up to 20% due to moisture content of the dried seaweed"

Seaweed bath, from €7.50, Carraigh Fhada
Lazy Days, €16,

3. Moisturiser:-

There are many great moisturisers containing seaweed on the market, but Suzanne's favourite is Seavite's Organic Seaweed Face Crème, Moisturising & Replenishing Complex.

This can be used as a day and night crème and according to the company, it combines "anti-ageing and UV protection with intensive and prolonged moisturizing activity."

Organic Face Crème, €25,

4. Firming Body lotion:-

"Rí Na Mara Firming Body Lotion This nourishing, firming lotion restores elasticity leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. The algae extracts effectively help drain and eliminate toxins.

The natural ingredients from marine and plant origin, Seaweeds, Aloe Vera and Shea butter are perfect as an after sun soother.

Key Ingredients: Laminaria Digitata, Chondrus Crispus, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Allantoin.
pH Balanced, Biodegradable, Not Tested on Animals, Free of Animal Derivatives, Free of Mineral Oil / Derivatives."

REF:- /

Firming body lotion, €14.95,

5. Hair products

"Containing nutrient rich derivatives of seaweed together with precious extracts from other carefully selected plant species, its unique formulation is designed to cleanse, protect, nourish and care for your hair and make it more manageable. Essential nutrients help to revitalise the scalp and highlight the natural beauty of the hair, imparting a rich, healthy appearance with visibly enhanced shine and silky feel."

Seaweed Shampoo, €9.50,
Seaweed Conditioner, €10,