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Phil Young - In a Place Apart

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In A Place Apart - €11.99 is selling well and Minister Mary Hanafin launched the book in Foxrock Community Centre on September 1st 2009. She has been getting very positive feedback from all who have read it - with emails and cards from as far apart as Newfoundland, France, Canada, England, South Africa, and of course Ireland. It has been reviewed on the Sunday Business Post, The Sunday Independent and Books Ireland, and has been mentioned on the Joe Duffy Show and on the Marian Finucane Saturday show.

Plot: The novel is the story of three generations of women, and is about love and loss and the resilience of the human spirit, and above all, the importance of place in the lives of these three characters.

This is my first novel, though I am the biographer of Patricia Lynch, the children's writer, and I have written many short stories and magazine pieces. She was fascinated by island life and the life of 3 generations and how time moves on and people change.

Where - Peig Sayers and other island books. Always had a fascination with island communities. Particularly in the past very isolated, very enclosed, had to be very independent. Don't know anyone from the islands but have visited all the different islands - an imaginative thing. Festivals and crops from reading books about islands The Island Man Tomas O Criothain - and any book based on an island. General research, as well the island of her imagination.

She felt an affinity with all 3 characters - in particular the middle one as she would be the closest to her own age, the other 2 were based on her mother's and daughter's generations.

Does everyone have a novel in them?

Having a first novel published at the 'mature' age of 69 could, she believes, encourage many older people to tap into their latent creativity, and she would hope that her book might help others to make 2010 the year when a dream could become a reality!

She is a member of a Writing group for years and loves it. Initially there were 20 people (men and women), now 8 female core members meet once a fortnight in one another's homes. She was also doing short stories and articles and only showed the other members/her family the book when it was published.

Why was she so private?

A bit unsure about exposing it to the public as it was a very personal book, she gave so much of herself to it, it was from the heart, like putting her heart on the line. And she had a fear that people would dismiss it.

Would recommend people to set up/join a writing group. It's a wonderful way of expressing yourself and gives you a catharsis from your thoughts.


In a Place Apart
Patricia Lynch Biography

Irish Times article from 1994 that moved Phil to write the book

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In A Place Apart - €11.99 - available nationwide.

Publisher: Wordsonthestreet, Galway