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Haunted House

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Richie, when did it this all start?

I'll tell you what happened, we moved into the hose last August and it all started with very small things. Firstly cupboards would be open, things like keys would go missing. they would end upstairs without any of us going upstairs. small tings like that would start happening. Also, I could feel a cold presence in the house as well.

Sometimes I would be upstairs working in the house and I would often leave the door slightly opened for Laura's grandfather to come in. I would be upstairs working and I would hear something downstairs. I would then go down thinking it was Laura's grandfather, but he wasn't there, but I could hear something when I was upstairs and it sounded like someone had entered the house.

When did things move on from this to get more serious?

Well, a number of weeks ago, I was walking in one of the rooms of the house, a glass flew from the cupboard it went across my face and then it smashed against the wall.

As well as that, our son (Kyle), who is 5, was thrown out of his bed. One night myself and Laura were downstairs watching the television, and we heard a bang up in Kyle's room . we went up to see what happened and Kyle told us that he was thrown out of his bed by the man with the 'eyes'.. We didn't know what he was talking about, but he said it was the man with the eyes that threw him out of the bed.

The cupboard also opened up and plates and things like that started flying out of the cupboard and started smashing, like someone was in the cupboard and was throwing them out of the cupboard.

What action did you take then?

After the cups and plates started smashing, we just became very frightened and we left the house - this was bout 4 weeks ago. We then moved into Laura's mother's house..
Did any thing happen when you friends were in the house? Yes, one time a table levitated and then it banged on the floor again.. My friends could also feel a cold presence in the house.

Richie, both you and Laura will not now go back into the house, you're both still living with Laura's mum?

No, we will not go back to the house, even though the council would like us to.. I just wouldn't like to be looking over my shoulder to be honest.. What if, for example, one of the cupboards doors was left open accidently and I thought that it was done by one of the 'spirits', the I would think that it was happening again

Paul O Hallorane:

Paul, you have been doing 'house clearance' for over 20 years, how did you become involved in this particular house?

A radio station in Cork got in contact with me and told me about the situation and then I became involved. I went down to the house last Thursday morning and I was in the house from 11 in the morning up until 3:30 in the afternoon carrying out a clearance in the house.

What did you find in the house?

Well, the first thing that is interesting, is that I had a dream the night before I came down to cork about a little child, and this child ended up being one of the spirits in the house..

What did you do to start the clearance, and what is it like walking into a house that is haunted?

Walking into a house like this is like walking into a black hole. I had to first set up an alter, and bit of space for myself so that I would be able to carry out the 'clearance'. I don't really look at it from the point of view that there is evil spirits in the house. I look at it from the point of view that energy needs to be released.

Did any thing happen in the house when you were there?

Just a few small things, the chandelier started to shake and a few pictures started to move as well.. which is kind of expected.

Could you see spirits in the house and what were they?

I could see things like warring factions (soldiers) There was a battle on the land and it was the energy from this battle that was staying there.. I could also see people from the famine.They looked like there were downtrodden and they looked like the life was beaten out of them. I also saw someone that looked like a person who came from the 16th century, he was wearing a mask, and a cloak - he looked like that character from Zorro.. That is how I can describe him, (this was the individual that Kyle was talking about - the man with the eyes).

I could also see the spirits of young children, and I was told later that there was two graveyards beside the house, and these were children from the unmarked graves. when the spirits of the children were in the room, Laura's mother was there as well and when this was taking place, she started to cry.maybe she could feel the presence of the children.

Paul, in your work, what has been the most 'freaky' thing that you have encountered?

One time, I was doing a clearance in a house in Dublin and I could see what looked like a number of Dracula's in the house...that was scary!

Did they communicate with you?

Yes, when I removed them from the house, they said that you have won this battle now, but they said that they will see me again.

Are the spirits now gone from the house?

Yes, the house is now clear, people might think that then whole story is 'mad' but all this really took place.

Paul, How did you become a shaman?

I started in 1979 when I had a near death experience, I was a soldier in the Lebanon.. One time we were under attack and I could see my life flash in from of me. it was just like a film, that is best how I can describe it. the I started training in Reiki and when I was doing my second level of training in Reiki, I could see spirits.

Then I was doing my training in Divining (some people look to use this to look for water etc). It all started from there, when I could se the spirits, I then was able to work as a Shaman.