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Daffodil Day

Monday, 22 March 2010

Daffodil Day is the Irish Cancer Society's biggest funding campaign and this year is no exception. We will be hearing the facts and figures about cancer in Ireland, and how far we have come in the last few years.

Daffodil Day is the 26th March.

. Gerry Ryan - Radio and Television Broadcaster

. Dr. Deirdre Murray - Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day is the Irish Cancer Society largest fund raising occasion. It's not too late to sign up and volunteer, or you can help fund the campaign by buying a daffodil on March 26th.

This year you can also bring your own personal messages of support to cancer patients by logging on to or ring the cancer society helpline on 1800 200 700.

Gerry Ryan

Gerry Ryan is one of Ireland's most popular broadcasters. His radio show recently celebrated over 21 years on the air. The Gerry Ryan Show broadcasts from 9am to noon.

Dr. Deirdre Murray - Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Pie Chart - Ireland
This is the percentages of cancers that are most common in Ireland. Breast Cancer, Lung cancer, and prostate cancer are the highest. This is to do with more women smoking, even though we have been given all the evidence of the health risks. It also has to do with Breast cancer being a cancer that rises with affluency and also there are more men going for screenings of prostate cancers, so there is greater diagnosis.

Oesophagael Cancer 2.30
Stomach Cancer 3.36
Pancreatic Cancer 2.63
Lung Cancer 11.90
Melanoma 3.45
Breast Cancer 14.02
Cervical Cancer 1.44
Corpus uteri (gynealogical cancer) 1.79
Ovarian Cancer 2.27
Prostate Cancer 12.93
Kidney Cancer 2.24
Bladder Cancer 3.34
Multiple myeloma Cancer 1.38
Head and neck Cancer 2.00
Colorectal Cancer 13.79
Lymphoma Cancer 4.00
Leukaemia Cancer 2.81
Brain and CNS Cancer 2.05
Other cancers 12.32
All Invasive Cancers 100.00

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