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Lacey Turner

Friday, 19 March 2010

What has been your favourite storyline?

My favourite storyline has been the bipolar storyline. I don't think people realise how it has affected so many people's lives and it was lovely to do a storyline that could help people.

I knew a little bit about bipolar as my mothers character Jean suffered from it in the past but not much to be honest. I did lots of research and met people who suffered from it and the funny thing was the more people I spoke to the more people that came out and said they suffered from it. I didn't realise how common it was.

It was so tiring doing those scenes as I was either really really hyper or really low and sad. When I was hyper I would have loads of endorphins when I finished but if I was sad I would go home quite low.

How do you shake off those storylines when you go home?

I try to have a nice bath and listen to music to change my mood.

I heard you were sick before the Live episode .

I had a throat infection and I completely lost my voice on the Thursday so I wasn't allowed to speak for the whole day and the whole of the Friday - I didn't speak till about 5 to eight. At about 7.30pm my boss took me into his room and just said 'It's you' and I thought 'oh no you're joking'.

I wasn't nervous cause I was so worried about my voice as I hadn't spoken for two days and I had this horrible feeling that I would open my mouth and nothing was going to come out. I wasn't even allowed to whisper or anything. I sort of had forgotten that it was live as we had rehearsed so much that I felt ok about it being Live. I had completely forgotten that Stacey was the one who killed Archie until we got half way through the live and I thought 'Oh god it's me and I got to say something - I got to do my ending'.

We rehearsed 9 different endings.

Who is your mentor from the soap?

When I first started - I have been there 6 years - Michelle Ryan (Zoe Slater) was my mentor and she left shortly after that so since then I haven't had a mentor. It's weird as you only work really with the ones in your family - Layla Morse, Derek Martin, Gillian and Charlie Clements. I work with them quite a lot and we all get on really well. Charlie is so so lovely.

Tell me 3 things we didn't know about you Lacey?

I love making things - I made a chandelier and I paint. I am quite creative and I find it therapeutic.

I travelled for the first time last year to Thailand and I loved that. I am now looking for my next gap when I can travel again.

I love dogs - I have a chocolate Labrador called Dexter - he is like a bear.

What genre do you like to paint?

I love modern art - so whatever comes out really.

What would be your dream role?

Acting was just a hobby and it was never anything I wanted to do for a living. I would love to do something completely different like a period drama. I would love to do an English film. I don't have a dream role.

Michelle Ryan - Zoe Slater - went to the US to do Bionic Woman - would you have any career ambitions to go to LA?

I don't know really. I take each day as it comes. If you end up there you end up there. I am a home person though.

Who is your favourite soap star?

I loved Kat Slater and I love Dot. I also love Bianca's character.

Are you ever worried you'll be type casted?

I don't get worried about being type casted. I am happy to stay for as long as I am enjoying it.

What reaction do you get on the street? What do they say?

They always say 'When are you and Bradley getting back together' - everyone loves Stacey and Bradley. With the whole Max storyline Grandma's were coming up to me and saying 'You should have a smack'.

People obviously confuse you with your character Stacey.

I think it's hard for people as you are in their living room four times a week and when they see you they think they know you. When I talk to people they always say 'you are nothing like your character'.
She is very feisty I wish I was like that I don't have the guts.

You must be asked crazy things in interviews - what is your favourite question?

I don't know really - I forget them all once they are done.

I believe you are not a big fan of Stacey's wardrobe - what item do you hate the most?

I hate the pink puffa jacket and I have hidden it so many times and it keeps reappearing. She also has a fluffy jacket which is awful.

Are men terrified to approach you when you are out?

I think people just find her character intimidating so I really don't know why they don't approach me.