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Dr. Mark, Medicine Man

Friday, 19 March 2010

Dr. Mark Hamilton

Whether or not your doctor's appointment has been planned months in advance, or an emergency, we have some tips to make sure that when you go to visit the GP, consultant or A&E, you don't leave having more questions that when you went it, and that the doctor gets the full picture of what is wrong with you.

Tip 1:-

Write your questions down

Tip 2:-

Make sure you understand the answer

Tip 3:-

Get the doctor to write answers

Tip 4:-

Emphasise how these symptoms affect your quality of life

Tip 5:- Information


"Scabies is a very contagious skin condition that is caused by a mite. The mite cannot live more than three days without a human host, but it can survive up to a month when living on a human. The mite also lays eggs in human skin, which hatch and grow into adult mites. This means that symptoms of the condition can last for months or even years.

If the person has never been exposed to scabies before, he or she may not show symptoms until four to six weeks after the initial infestation. (which is why she is worried) Individuals who have been exposed in the past usually show symptoms within a few days.

NOTE:- Scabies affects everyone regardless of age, gender, race, social class, or personal-hygiene habits."