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Vet's Clinic with Liam Moriarty

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Vet - Liam Moriarty

Top Tips for Dogs

. Feed a good quality premium dry dog food. You can feed an average size dog the very best quality food for about €1 per day!

. Make sure plenty of fresh water is available all the time

. Digestive health problems are common in dogs - good food helps!

. Obesity and dental health problems can be avoided by proper feeding.

. The feeding guide on the pack is just that - a guide - every animal has different needs.

. Can you give your dog treats - yes of course but avoid making him finicky.

. Different foods are needed for different life stages (puppy foods and senior foods)

. Special foods may be required for dogs with disease.

Top Tips for Cats

. Keep water bowl in separate area from food - cats do not like to eat and drink in the same spot.

. A large bowl is best for water - and fill it to the top - this will encourage more drinking.

. I recommend a mixture of wet and dry food

. Neutered cats need about 30% less food - there are neutered cat foods available.

. Quality of food is very important with cats.

. Cats are carnivores - they need some meat.

. Dog food is not suitable for cats.

Top Tips for Rabbits

. 90% of the health problems we see in rabbits related to poor diet and obesity

. Rabbits eat hay and grass in the wild - therefore this is best food for them

. Avoid too much carrots

. Do not feed rabbits mixed dry food - they will only eat the bits they like - this means they are not getting a balanced diet!

What not to feed your Dog:

Cat food - Too high in fats and protein
Chocolate - Can affect a dog's nervous system or heart
Grapes and raisins - has the potential to damage a dog's kidneys
Milk - Your dog may not have the ability to break down lactose, can cause diarrhea
Mushrooms - Can contain toxins
Onions and garlic - Has the potential to cause anemia
Raw eggs - May lead to problems with a dog's hair or skin
Raw fish - can lead to vitamin deficiencies if fed in large quantities

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