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Monday, 15 March 2010

Suzanne Byrne, RTE Guide

As part of her college course, Radio, Television and Print Media at Ballyfermot College in Dublin, she undertook work experience at Woman's Way magazine. This led to her first job once she graduated college. At Woman's Way Magazine she worked on the picture desk, organising and executing cover shoots, writing the soap section and lifestyle features for the magazine.

She spent a lot of time on sourcing fashion and interior items for photo shoots which she also styled. She was also involved in the organisation of The Mum of the Year Awards. Following on from her time at Woman's Way Magazine, she moved to Irish Tatler where she continued to write lifestyle features as well as fashion stories. The job involved sourcing and styling for fashion shoots.

In 2005 she joined the editorial team at the RTÉ Guide, her role here is very varied, but she mainly look after anything to with soaps for the magazine, be it her weekly column, daily updates for the web and main feature articles or interviews for the magazine. She's also the lifestyle editor and looks after all the food, interiors, health and any other lifestyle features. And she regularly writes TV/entertainment feature pieces.

Since joining the RTÉ Guide she has had the opportunity to visit the set of and interview the stars from many of the big American programmes including Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty etc as well as Coronation Street, Eastenders and our very own Fair City. She's also interviewed a number of people from the world of film, music and TV including George Clooney, Katherine Heigl, Dido and Jamie Foxx.

Another side to her job includes contributing to various radio and TV programmes. She appeared on The Afternoon Show several times, filling in for the soap reporter. She has also been a guest in The Ruth Scott Show, Derek Mooney Show, Dave Fanning Show and The Ryan Tubridy Show.

Fair City - Tuesday 8pm, RTE One

This Week: Jo informs Dermot that she's going to tell people that he is suffering from a stress related illness. Later Jo covers for Dermot saying that he is sick and she is not in charge of the community centre events for St. Patrick's Day. Later Charlie rebukes Dermot for abandoning the community centre.

Robert still fails to pick up on Cleo's hint about sleeping together in the same bed. Later Cleo snaps when Robert gives her a hot water bottle to keep her warm when she sleeps on her own. Dean advises Robert to talk to Cleo about her needs.

Zumo blackmails Kylie to hand over €200 from the community centers petty cash.

Dermot is shocked and annoyed when Kylie berates Tracey in front of Ben calling her a 'filthy prostitute'.

Louie approaches Carol and asks her to work in McCoy's during St. Patrick's day. He in turn persuades Christy to ask Carol to work wearing her mayoral chain.

Charlie's annoyed when the Bishops outfit he choose for the St. Patrick's Day parade turns out to be a leprechaun suit and the live snakes they ordered are constipated.

Jo catches a thieving Kylie out and she admits she can't return the petty cash straight away. In a panic Jo calls Dermot to come over and he asks Tracey to baby sit Ben. Dermot and Jo tell Kylie they'll have to fire her and she accuses Dermot of sexual harassment. A distraught Jo refuses to listen to Dermot's excuses. Later they reconcile.

A furious Dermot orders Kylie to move out of his house, telling her he doesn't believe a word she says anymore.

Esther, who owns Slim Star and is taking a stand in the community centre, refuses to move her stand or recognise Jo's authority in the community centre. A trouble seeking Charlie sides with Esther, who manages to keep her stand.

Christy bribes a reluctant Carol to work in McCoy's on Paddy's Day, saying that she would get good publicity out of it.

After Cleo refuse to allow Kylie stay she meekly approaches Dean and Tracey begging them to give her a bed for the night. They refuse saying she brought all her troubles on herself. She is forced to depend on the kindness of Zumo to look after her.

Eastenders - Monday 7:30pm, RTÉ One

This Week: Now in cahoots with Peggy, Danny tries to persuade Roxy to buy Booty, the closed down beauty salon. After a bit of sweet-talking, and a cheeky flirt with a rival bidder, Roxy seems set to put in an offer, she can afford it after all. The conspirators' glee is stifled, though, when Ian mocks Roxy for even considering such a worthless venture as the salon. Danny and Peggy are confused, and a little put out, when Roxy tells them that she is no longer planning to make a bid.

The Beales, and Jane in particular, are struggling to cope now that their secret is out in the open. Zainab provokes Jane at the book club, Carol puts Ian in his place at the launderette and Lucy ends up with the word 'skank' stuck to her back. Wanting to shoulder some responsibility, Leon approaches Lucy who hopes that he may be interested in a relationship with her. Her dreams are crushed, however, when he merely offers to accompany her to the clinic. She tells him that he is not needed because he is not the father.

The residents of Walford are suspicious when they see that Mo is planning a fun run for sport relief but although reluctant at first, they begin to sign up one-by-one.

It is the first day for Billie and Carol in their new jobs. Billie does well and impresses Ricky with his knowledge of motors. Carol, on the other hand, refuses to do Dot's induction and insists that she can handle the launderette on her own. Ignoring the warnings, she puts Ian's washing into a broken machine and he is understandably upset to find his load ripped to shreds. Dot then insists that Carol do the full induction and, unhappy at the insinuation that she might need training in how to fold socks, she quits.

Charlie, Dot, Jean and Denise suffer a disappointment when their petition falls on the deaf ears of the council. Trying to steer their thoughts away from digging up the ground, Lucas suggests that a youth project might keep the youngsters from vandalising the gardens and solve the problem at its roots. Having left to make tea, Lucas returns to the lounge to find that the three have decided, if the council refuses to dig up the gardens, they will do it themselves.

Phil and Minty discuss their taste in women and, with Shirley in earshot, Phil is holding back. After she has left and Phil has given a truthful answer, he is shocked to hear Minty tell him that his description of an ideal woman is a description of Shirley. The tempestuous lovers come together when Phil throws two women out of the Vic following a dispute with Shirley.

When Roxy's rival bidder comes into the Vic, she tells him that the salon is his; she is no longer interested in buying. To her surprise, he tells her that he was merely doing some legwork for a partner. Everyone is shocked when Ronnie walks in and announces her plans to buy Booty and turn it into a bar.

Coronation Street - Monday 7:30pm, TV3

This Week: Speculation arises when Molly starts to feel ill at work. Just after Dev puts it down to Molly having a few too many in the Rovers last night, Molly faints. Luckily Sunita is on hand to help her to the medical centre where Molly is in for a shock. When Kevin's back is turned Molly leaves an envelope on addressed to him on his car windscreen.

The search continues in Blackpool for Simon. Peter and Leanne are assured the police are doing everything they can and it would be best for the two of them to go home in case he calls. Will Simon be found?

It's the day of Joe's funeral and emotions are running high. Tina's hostility remains towards Gail as she still suspects her of being involved in Joe's death. When Gail steps up to say a few words at the funeral, Tina's composure cracks.

Carla calls Nick into Underworld to discuss their future. Gossip is brewing amongst the factory girls as they wonder what is going on.

Later show:

With Simon safely home, Peter and Leanne take him round to No.1 where he tells them all the details of his adventure. As Simon spills the beans of George's plan to take him away to Berkshire George arrives on their doorstep. Is this the final straw for Peter?

Joe's burial takes place and Gail is grief-stricken, but Tina is nowhere to be seen. Tina has left to inform the police that Gail forced her to lie about Joe's disappearance, and she is planning to leave the country tomorrow. Will this give the police the evidence they need to charge Gail with murder?

Upon receiving Molly's envelope Kevin heads to Molly's flat where he gives her some devastating news.

Ros na Rún - Tues and Thurs 8:30pm, TG4

This Week: Mack tries to find out what his options are as an unwed father. Adelaide is determined to put their baby up for adoption once their child is born and Mack is desperate to get her to reconsider. Brenda pleads with him not to row with Adelaide, as she is suffering from high blood pressure and stress will put her and the baby at risk. Can Mack persuade Adelaide that between them they can give their baby a happy home, even if they are no longer together as a couple?

Meanwhile, Peadar contemplates early retirement to make the most of the finer things in life. He dreams of shutting up the shop and the B&B to go travelling and make time for his hobbies. However, while Peadar is lost in the romantic idea of quitting the rat race, Máire is less enthusiastic about leaving their quiet, secure life in Ros na Rún! Can Peadar persuade Máire to come around to his way of thinking?

. Berni tries to convince Evan to open up
. Lee returns to the village and makes her presence known!
. Can Bríd win back Mícheál?


Peadar is full of enthusiasm about his plans for early retirement and sets about finding a manager to run the shop. Despite Máire's claims that she's on board provided they find a reliable stand in to keep their business ticking over, it seems she's not being honest with her husband! Will Máire come clean and admit her doubts to Peadar?

Elsewhere, Johnny lands himself a gig in Gaudi's and is delighted when all his female fans turn up to support him! However, Johnny fails to pre-empt that having all the women in his life in one place may be a bad idea. It's not long before Caitríona and Berni notice that they aren't the only women singing along to Johnny's romantic lyrics, thinking the song is inspired by them! What will pals Caitríona and Berni do now that love-rat Johnny has shown his true colours?

. Mack seeks advice on his legal rights to Adelaide's unborn child
. Mícheál loses his temper with Bríd
. Oisin confesses to former priest David