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Handy Household Hints!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Dearbhla Lennon - Our Domestic Goddess!

Handy Hints for Laundry:-

1. Smelly washing machines:

Could be a blocked filter, which may need an expert (or at least a very handy man) to fix. But it might just be a case of dirty clothes leaving residue and building up a stale smell.

The first thing you should do is to clean the washing machine's lint catcher. This should be emptied with every load, similar to the one in your tumble dryer. If not removed, the damp lint could rot and cause mould to build up, creating an unpleasant smell.

The tight rubber seal on the door of the machine causes moisture to be trapped in between washes so an idea is to leave the door open as much as possible.

Add 3 cups distilled white vinegar to an empty wash to clean out any germs or build up of bacteria.

To keep the fusty, damp smell from coming back, add 1 cup vinegar to a load of towels and wash on hot (every now and again, not on every wash).

2. Inexpensive Dryer Sheets

"Mix 1 cup of liquid fabric softener together with 1 cup of water. Store in a wide mouth jar. Using and old cloth, dip it in the mixture, then wring it out over the jar so that any excess liquid is returned to the container. Throw the face cloth in the dryer with the damp clothes. It works like a charm!"

REF: -,365

3. Get the gum off!

WD40 of all things has been known to work wonders in dissolving the gums stickiness, making it easy to remove from your clothes. Simply rub a small amount on the offending gum, working it in before scraping it off with the blunt side of a knife.

4. De-scum your iron!

There are a multitude of solutions available online for cleaning the plate of your iron. Why even bother? I hear you ask- but have you ever scorched the iron only for scorch marks to transfer on to crisp, white shirts? Or unintentionally transferred 'iron on transfers' off one t-shirt and messily on to another?

Some think that this is the end of your iron and that these hard to shift marks are there for life. There is hope for your old iron however.

. You can remove rough and sticky spots from the iron by sprinkling a little salt on a piece of paper or cloth and running the hot iron over it, but don't do this on irons with teflon soleplates. Be careful what you use on these to clean them as they have a more sensitive surface.

. Use a cloth dipped in baking soda to clean the soleplate of a slightly warm iron. Scrub starch buildup or other soil. Rinse well, taking care to clear the vents.

. Heat equal parts vinegar and salt in a small pan. Rub solution on the cooled iron surface to remove dark or burned stains. Cleans up a treat.
We've tested a number of solutions and found that the best is:-

5. White Vinegar to Remove Body Odour Smells from Clothes!

"To remove BO smells from T-shirts and jumpers or shirts - just pour some onto the underarms before washing. This will not stain the clothes nor will the smell of vinegar remain. Make sure it soaks in for a while. Sometimes I have to soak the clothes in a bucket with water and a stronger concentration of vinegar overnight - this was mainly in the beginning before I started using it regularly.

Now I either soak the underarms in vinegar before washing or add a half cup to the wash, maybe as a rinse aid. There is no vinegar smell remaining after washing and no stain. In fact it may enhance the colour. This has saved a fortune in replacing clothes especially favourite items."

With thanks to one of our viewers, Mr. Knight for this great tip:-

Babygrows & other Whites

Milton sterilising fluid /bleach has been known to work wonders on whites if left to soak for a period prior to their regular wash. Whether it's stains from little baby nappy leaks, or tomato sauce on white vests, Milton (in necessary concentration) works a treat. General rule of thumb is one measure /tablet of sterilising fluid left to soak for an hour or two, then wash as normal.

6. Red Wine be gone!

According to :-

"Well, it's a homemade solution from none other than "Patty S." who heard from "Nancy O." Patty S. randomly posted it on a wine, gardening, and arts web site about four years ago, and the site got rave reviews on the simple household staple mix.

To whip up the super solvent, all you have to do is stir up nearly equal parts of plain old hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dishwashing soap (or Patti recommends using a soap that's suitable for the fabric; i.e., carpet cleaner for carpets, Woolite for wools, dish soap for washables, etc.). Then apply it to the red wine stain.

Nancy O. via Patty S.'s simple recipe for red wine stain removal:

. A little suitable soap
. A little hydrogen peroxide
. You must use BOTH ingredients
. Spray, pour, or dab the mixture on the stain

One warning: Since peroxide is a bleaching agent, the remedy could potentially bleach some colored fabrics. Always test a small patch before trying this recipe!"