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Start Again in 2010 - Mum's Finale - The Makeover!

Friday, 12 March 2010

The week of the 11th of Jan we started our "Start Again in 2010". We have chosen two groups of people to focus on. We have taken 3 Mum's who are hoping to shift some of their baby weight and we are taking 3 smokers who have tried everything to stop and really want to. We will follow them for 10 weeks and join them on their journey as they try to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. With the help of a panel of experts we hope to make this happen for them.

Today is the finale of the Mum's journey with TAS. We first met them on the 13th of Jan about 9 weeks ago. We have watched them lose weight and change their lifestyle to become fitter and healthier. Today we are treating them to a makeover just in time for Mother's day and reveal their final assessment results.

Who Is The Guest?

. John O'Connell Health and fitness Expert

. First Mum - Eireann Mannion (18) Shankill in Dublin
As of the last assessment on 9th Feb she has lost a total of 13lbs

. Second Mum - Catriona Byrne (29) Waterford
As of the last assessment on 23rd Feb she has lost a total of 13.5lbs

. Third Mum - Vivienne Goodwin (40) Tullyallen, Co. Louth
As of the last assessment on 9th Feb she has lost a total of 22.5lbs

Style Team:

Make-up Artist - Zoe Clarke
ZoŽ Clark began her career in MAC in London and has worked as a freelance make-up artist in Ireland since 1995. ZoŽ's client list boasts some of the hottest designers and celebrities including John Rocha, Louise Kennedy, Mariah Carey, Amy Winehouse and Jonathan Rhys Meyers to name but a few. ZoŽ has also been the chief make-up artist on advertising campaigns for Coca Cola, Playstation and Lexus and works in conjunction with Ireland and the UK's leading hair salons including L'Oreal, Toni and Guy and Wella.

Fashion Stylist - Roxanne Parker
Roxanne is one of Ireland's hottest young styling talents. As a journalist she currently writes, compiles and styles the 'Fashion Dilemma' column every 2nd Wednesday in the Irish Independent.

Hair - Louise Jordan - Award winning stylist, Bellissimo!!!
Joined the Bellissimo team in 2005, and has established herself as an elite stylist in Bellissimo and her credentials in competitions have only added to her esteemed reputation.

Her first accolades were achieved at the Irish Hairdressing Championships in Dublin in 2007 which included winning two 2nd places and in 2008 she went on to win two 1st places, since this her career has escalated, and was invited onto the Irish Hairdressing team as a result

She's a member of Team Ireland since 2006 and a recipient of 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze Omc International and European medals, which included venues such as Oslo, Paris and Greece, she enjoys the buzz and thrill of it all!!

In July 2009 of this year she was awarded an IHF All Star Award for her continued achievements and service to the industry, which was the highlight of her career to be amongst some the biggest names in the industry.


Caitriona: To be totally honest I found it very very hard. I had a rollercoaster of a time on the "plan". The first week or so was a novelty eating all the different foods and stuff but then as I got into it it just got harder and harder to stick to it. I found I did really good with the training if I was with someone but wouldn't be religious at sticking to the exercises if I didn't have my friend doing them with me.

The food part of the diet really got to me I just love love love eating. I hate being restricted in what I'm eating. This is why I think a plan like this couldn't be a long term thing for me. I was very miserable some days on the plan. Then other days I was real cheerful when I lost some weight!!! Being weighed on the telly puts an awful lot of pressure on you to stick to the plan.

This past eight weeks has made me realise that I I'M ACTUALLY HAPPY WITH MY BODY NOW!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!! It just takes slight changes like cutting out all the crap to be healthy.

I have been educated about all additives in foods processed foods which foods are good for you that are filling, how often I should eat etc.

And I find I'm cooking healthier meals for my husband and children now.

My Mam Alice has been a brilliant support to me throughout this 8 weeks... if it wasnt for her I couldn't have done it at all. I rang her loads of times to mind the children so I could exercise or anything and she does it at the drop of a hat for me. And always slept in my house the night before i leave to go to dublin the next morning on the 7am train.... She'd stay in my house for 2 days really!!! So I'd like to say a huge thanks to Mammy!

All in all I'm delighted to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity and am very grateful to everyone in the Afternoon show for making me very happy with myself!

Eireann - The last 8 weeks have been hard but rewarding , it has done so much for my self confidence , I'm so grateful, I feel great, its been so tough , training is so intense and the diets so hard to get used to, but its so worth it to look in the mirror and not hate myself.

Vivienne - The last 8 weeks..... It's been life changing. It was tough at the beginning but with all the marvelous help and support I have had it has become a habit. The energy I have now and the results of weight loss and increased fitness have really helped me stay focused and motivated. It can be really hard at times but it's so worth it, so viewers at home, just get started, you will be so glad you did. It's so brilliant to be fitting into smaller clothes sizes. I am not finished yet, I intend to lose a bit more and continue exercising. I also want to say a big thank you to everyone, I am so glad I called the show.

John O'Connell on how the Mum's have done:

Caitriona: Because she was the lightest of the mums she has seen the most visible progress. So you can really see the transformation. Her determination is excellent and she came with the 'I'm going to do this no matter what' attitude. We had some challenges with the training at the start but found a style that she would do consistently.

Eireann: Eireann obviously had a few more challenges than the other two such as her confidence & self belief etc. We had to work on these before we saw some real progress. As a young mother I think she has done extremely well especially as she had 2 ankle injuries during the transformation too. A big factor in getting results is your belief in yourself and once we saw Eireann develop that we saw a huge change in her physique.

Vivienne: Has been outstanding. She has followed the plan as closely as anyone I have ever worked with and the results speak for themselves. Now that she has lost the bulk of her weight she is going to start seeing the physical changes more rather than just seeing the weight on the scales drop. Her nutrition has improved immensely and her attitude towards making this a long term, life time plan should be adopted by any viewers wanting to do the same.

Here are John's top tips for changing to a fitter and healthier you:

1. Eat clean, avoid all processed food and you can get great weight loss with just that

2. Add more good foods rather than cutting out the old ones. Eat different veg, fruits, grains such as quinoa and millet, good fats like nuts, coconut oil, and nut butters

3. Eat little and often. Every 3 hours will speed your metabolism and curb hunger.

4. Sweat when you train, it doesn't have to be for hours even 20 mins of intense training a day will get you great results.

5. Beat your last training session. Improve on whatever you did the last time, more reps faster time, heavier weight etc

6. Train your muscles. This protects against osteoporosis as well as increasing your metabolisms and giving you that toned look.

7. Be active. You don't have to park as close to your destination as you can or take the lift every time. Using the stairs and walking more will add up.

8. Think differently. Your thoughts have gotten you to this point. Only new thoughts will get you further. Following what everyone else does is a recipe for disaster so step outside your comfort zone and think & do things differently.

9. Imagine what your life will be like when you have achieved your goal. Vividly do this and feel all the feelings that will come with looking that way. Imagine every part of your body looking the way it will. Imagine all the confidence and happiness that will come from achieving this. Set this goal/your destination in the front of your mind and commit to doing everything in your power to get there.

10. Get support. Tell everybody what you are doing and they will support you. The more people that know what you are doing the more chance you have to succeed. You must be accountable to more than yourself otherwise it's too easy to give up.

To contact John O'Connell Health and Fitness Coach contact him on:
Call: 086 171 5532
Or go to or

Please Note:
The training programmes and nutrition being outlined by John O'Connell for the 3 Mums in Start Again in 2010 is specifically tailored for the individuals taking part. In no way is this a generic programme and you should always consult with your GP before following any of the advice outlined on the show or via the website, facebook etc

The Outfits:

Please find below the details of our mum's gorgeous outfits which were all kindly given to them by the shops listed.


Floral Dress €54

Necklace: €18

Opaque Tights €8

Patent Blue shoes €27

All from Marks and Spencers


Denim Jacket €75 Lipsy at Arnotts

Spotty Bag €35 Lipsy at Arnotts

Lace Blue Dress €75 Lipsy at Arnotts

Belt €2 Penny's

Badges €1.50 Penny's

Zippy Strappy Shoes €225 Carl Scapa -


Coral one shoulder dress Unique Boutique at Arnotts, Henry Street

Tan and Taupe sandals €195 Carl Scarpa -