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Dr. Mark, Medicine Man

Friday, 12 March 2010

Does chocolate give you acne, does alcohol stop the effects of antibiotics, and are men with big feet really that well endowed? Dr. Mark finally tells us the truth!

There are hundreds of health myths out there and although our common sense would say that they are old wives tales, we have them in the back of our minds and some people swear by them. We're taking some of the most common misconceptions and finding out why they shouldn't be taken seriously.

Dr. Mark, Medicine Man

Medical Myths

1. Giving kids sweets will make them hyperactive.
Although there has been studies done in juvenile detention centres that suggest children are better behaved when they eat well, this is over a long period of time and there has been research done to prove that sugar is not the cause of hyper kids, even though parents swear by it!

2. Chocolate and fried foods cause acne
This is a common theory however there is no link to prove it. Healthy foods are good for overall skin appearance, but greasy/sugary foods don't cause spots. Acne happens mainly due to hormonal changes, and the bacteria within the pores cause inflammation.

3. You shouldn't take alcohol when you are on antibiotics
People think that alcohol will cancel out the effect of the antibiotic. This is mainly due to labels that would accompany all antibiotics many years ago which warned not to take alcohol with the medication, but it had never been proven. Alcohol has no affect on antibiotics, however this is relevant only for the MAJORITY of antibiotics, so if you are directly advised by the doctor/pharmacist, or if it's on the label.