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Culinary 6 Nations - Week Four - Ireland V Wales

Friday, 12 March 2010

We are celebrating the Rugby 6 Nations tournament by having a culinary 6 Nations tournament most Fridays on the show over the next 2 months. For each big match we will have a chef of the opposing team's nationality in to have a cook off against our regular chefs. This Saturday is the Wales V Ireland match so we have Welsh chef Dudley Newbery to step up to the challenge against Oliver Dunne.

So Far our culinary cook off has predicted the result of each match correctly!!!!!!!!, in week one we saw Derry Clarke beat Italian chef Aldo Zilli in the kitchen and then Ireland beat Italy on the pitch the next day, Week 2 we saw Jean Christophe Novelli beat chef Oliver Dunne in the kitchen and France beat Ireland the next day! Week three, Derry Clarke once again beat English chef Simon Rimmer and Ireland beat England the next day!

Oliver Dunne

Dudley Newbery

Dudley Newbery was brought up surrounded by home made food, his Mother was a good cook, his Father was in the RAF Catering corp, and his Grandmother baked three times a week, this was the reason for choosing Catering as a career. He now lives in Cardiff with wife, Nia, and children, Cadi and Rhys. Dudley was trained at Colchester Avenue Collage of food technology Cardiff, where he studied Bakery and Confectionary, and a catering course, before moving to work in various restaurants and Hotels in Cardiff.

Since 1994 Dudley Newbery has presented a variety of cooking programmes for Welsh Broadcaster S4C, BBC Wales, and ITV, and produced 12 series of his BAFTA award winning food and lifestyle show Dudley, which has seen him filming in exotic locations such as Thailand, Jamaica and Italy. The show along with the Cooking School competition and has run for 16 years simultaneously.

The reality cooking series which has Dudley and his panel of judges, who include Bryn Williams one of Wales's top chefs selecting eight of the best amateur chefs in Wales, and put them through their paces to find the winner, who gets to spend a week at Le Manoir in Oxford.

The series Chez Dudley was located in Provence, Casa Dudley was Located in the Tabarrinie Vinyard in Umbria, Casa Dudley Spain was located in a hotel in Ronda, and Tigh Dudley was located at Ballinacura house in Kinsale,

At the moment, Dudley is working on a new series, which is concentrating on local food producers and Farmers Markets, promoting good quality products and food in season, the aim is to encourage people to think before they buy Đ and support local companies, and to get people cooking.

Dudley has regularly been on the panel of judges at the great taste awards, London, the true taste awards Wales, and the World Cheese awards Ireland.
In 2006 Dudley launched a cooking competition for Children throughout Wales, this was organized in partnership with the Urdd (the largest youth movement in Europe) and the Welsh Assembly Government. This event is gaining momentum each year.

Oliver's Dish: Irish Lamb Cutlet with Colcannon and Honey Roast Carrots

. 2 Lamb racks
. 4 large carrots
. Bunch of spring onions
. Head of Kale
. 1kg new season potatoes
. 100ml Cream
. 100g Butter
. 1tbls chopped rosemary
. 100ml lamb stock/gravy
. 1tsp honey

1. Cut each lamb rack into 4 cutlets, season and cook in a hot frying pan for 3-4 minutes either side until medium.
2. Boil the potatoes in salted water, when cooked mash lightly leaving a few lumps.
3. Quickly sauté the chopped spring onions in some butter and add to the potatoes, followed by the Kale add the remaining butter and cream and keep warm until serving.
4. For the carrots, peel and cut each carrot in half length ways. In a hot frying pan add a little oil and lightly brown the carrots, drizzle over the honey then transfer to a hot oven on 200c until cooked through.
5. When cooked remove them from the oven and add 1tbls of butter to glaze the carrots.
6. To serve spoon the colcannon into the centre of each plate, rest the cutlets on the colcannon and two of the halved carrots.
7. Finish with the lamb sauce infused with the rosemary.

Dudley's Dish: Steamed Hake with laver bread and cockles

. Laver cakes
. Ingredients
. 200g of Penclawdd laverbread
. 1 shallot - finely chopped and cooked in butter
. 1 small red chilly
. 25g unsalted butter
. Zest of half an orange
. Juice of half an orange
. 2 tablespoons of medium oats
. A handful of fresh Flat Leaf parsley chopped
. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

The Cockles

. 200g of Penclawdd cockles - in their shells
. 75ml water

The Sauce

. 25g unsalted butter
. 1 Chopped Shallot
. 6 button mushrooms cut in quarters
. The remaining stock from the cockle pan
. A glass of white wine (Riesling)
. 75ml of double cream
. 2 tomato's - skinned, de-seeded and chopped into small cubes
. 8 Chervil stalks, remove the leaves and finely chopped, *if you can get chervil, use tarragon instead.

The Fish

. 4 x 200g portions of hake
. 50g of samphire (sea Asparagus)

Laver Cakes Method
1. Melt the butter in a pan, cook the shallot until soft, add to a mixing bowl Mix the ingredients together with the laver bread, 1 tablespoon of oats, chilly, the orange zest and juice and chopped parsley.
2. Put the remaining oats on a plate, Place one large spoon of the mix onto the oats, roll to cover with the oats and form patty shapes.
3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook each patty until golden brown on both sides. Keep warm.

Cooking the cockles
1. Heat the water in a small pan, add the cockles and cover with a lid, this will create steam and cook the cockles quickly, remove the cockles when they have opened and drain the cockle liquor through muslin to remove any grit and sand. Keep the liquor in a bowl.

Making the Sauce and cooking the Fish
2. Pre heat the oven to 180c
3. Melt 25g of butter in a frying pan and cook the shallots and the mushrooms until shallot is soft and transparent. Add the white wine and reduce, followed by the cockle liquor, reduce a little more.
4. Season the fish with salt and pepper and set aside. *Do not use too much salt when seasoning the fish, as the cockle liquor can be salty
5. Sit the fish on the Shallot and mushrooms, cover with a lid and bake in the oven @180c for 3 minutes, remove the pan and add the samphire then return to the oven to cook for a further 3 minutes.
6. Remove the samphire and the fish to a warm plate and cover with greaseproof paper.
7. Finally add the cream to the sauce and reduce, add the chopped tomatoes and the chopped chervil and warm through.
8. Remove the cockles from their shells and re-heat in the sauce

To Serve
1. Sit the Laverbread cake in the middle of the plate, and sit the fish on top.
2. Scatter some of the Samphire around the plate.
3. Dot the cockles sauce and tomatoes around the plate, and serve with a sprig of Chervil.

About Laver

Laver (porphyra umbilcalis) is shiny black lying flat on rocks with long flowing fronds under water. Of all seaweed laver is unique, being only one cell in thickness, It becomes very palatable when cooked. It is made into Nori in Japan and Laverbread in Wales.

The laver Dudley is using today comes from the Gower peninsula on the Swansea Coastline