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Mother's Day Magic!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gisele Scanlon - author of "The Goddess Guide" and "The Goddess Experience"

"Gisèle Scanlon author of the phenomenally successful "The Goddess Guide" book series is an enigma. The Irish born writer and illustrator, looks every bit the pretty Victorian fairy but to those who know her, she is also a welcome breath of fresh air. She's passionate about work and is as happy in her studio in East London drawing, painting and drinking copious cups of tea as she is in travelling the globe to coolhunt.

After leaving a successful career in journalism, (she has covered among other things the international catwalk season for the past six years) she went on to set up the cult breakout Goddess Guide book brand. Within the short space of two years, she has collected a fan base of media admirers and millions of readers both in Europe and the US with her first book The Goddess Guide. Her authenticity is furthered by her unique interview technique (Renee Zellweger, John Galliano, etc.) and so captivating is her trademark "Goddess" show that her audience indulge her every word.

Her first book The Goddess Guide, quietly became a cult phenomenon garnering her glowing reviews in both the British and US media. She was chosen for the Richard and Judy Christmas book party alongside, Gordon Ramsay, Ricky Gervais and Jamie Oliver and went on to present a travel coolhunting slot for the Richard & Judy show. As memorable for her clever banter as she is for her encyclopaedic knowledge of fashion, beauty, travel, art and food she has recently been signed by Alexa Chung and Lauren Laverne's tv agency in London who are helping her to develop her own brand of tv. You can catch her on the go at drinking many cups of tea."

REF:- "The Goddess Experience" Press Release 2010

Granny's recipes:-

Gisele suggests a beautiful way of handing down Granny's recipes from one generation to the next in the form of a beautifully crafted photo-book.

"Take some time with your granny, photograph her as she makes some of her family -famous recipes. Get some nice shots of granny mixing ingredients, putting trays in the oven, demonstrating her little tricks etc) Ask Granny to put down on paper the recipes she's had in her head for years.

Then, either in Granny's handwriting or typed in a nice script, place the recipes together with the photos in a scrapbook/photo album"

Wrap it in a beautiful bow and deliver to your mum on Mother's day- guaranteed success!

This idea that went into creating the actual pages in The Goddess Experience, the scone recipe in the book is her Mums, passed down from generation to generation.

Gift suggestion 2:-

Create a loving link with cuttings from the garden.

Rather than a gift just for your mum, take some cuttings and present them to all the girls in the family. Ask each of them to plant the cuttings and that way you have definite excuses to call each other on a weekly basis to check on the health of each other's plants.


Buy a normal bird box or boxes (in any hardware store), they come in different sizes for different breeds of birds (holes are different sizes for different breeds). Decorate it/them up and present them with a note to Mum that she will be surrounded with birdsong and birds having little baby birds this spring and that every time she hears birdsong she can think of you.

Like the plants it links your lives together (the progress of the nesting birds) and more importantly it puts everybody in touch with the outside world of nature.

Gift Suggestion 3:-

Skype from afar!

With many of our mums still fearing technology more than the devil himself, Mother's day is a nice time for us to share with them the joy of internet communications. Whether your family is in the USA, Australia or in a remote part of the world, you can connect with them on Mother's day with a special wave from grandchildren or loved ones from afar.

How about you bring out the fancy china, make (or even buy) some buns and have high tea with your mum with her missing family joining in via the WWW.

Visual:- High tea with buns on a cake-stand. Laptop with webcam feed to Judy's office - 'relatives' will be waving away!

Gift Suggestion 4:-

Time Banking

The latest craze to hit the U.S of A is the concept of Time banking.
Put very simply, this is spending an hour of your time doing something for someone in your community. This hour then goes into a time bank and you then have a Time credit to spend on having someone do something for you.

This would be a novel gift idea for Dads to give mums or for a large family to do for each other for Mother's Day.

It's easy to see how there could be many abuses of this system though with people clocking up serious overdrafts, so what you could do is offer to be the manager for the bank.

So whether you need a babysitter for an hour or maybe you could teach violin for an hour, you can register your services with the time bank and the co-ordinator takes it from there.

Timebank Ireland is already up and running with a timebank set up in Dublin 2. Check out for suggestions on how to set up a time bank and how to make it work for your family/community.

Gift suggestion 5:-

Walk with me

Another gift suggestion is walking shoes. To go on walks with your Mum is one of the most amazing things and is a treat at family get togethers- Easter, Christmas etc.but how do you help your Mum remember that you're there when you physically can't be.

"When my Mum ties her laces to go on a walk she says she thinks of me because when I got her, her walking shoes ages ago, I drew a little map of her favourite route and gave it to her in the box along with them.

For most Mums the map you'd make should include landmarks of the little things that you did together as you were growing up say.blackberries we used to pick together on the right.remember when you used to collect me from school? This makes the walk more special for your Mum when she's doing it alone without you and the landmark little map that she has read will remind her that you took notice of all the little things you did together and you will never be far from her mind and you're grateful for her being very special and your Mum."