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Health of the Nation

Friday, 5 March 2010

Health of the Nation: Wednesday at 8.30pm on RTE ONE.

"Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Byrne travel around the country to look at a range of medical problems and help the nation face up to improving their health. Episode one looks at Ireland's biggest killer - heart disease.

Enlisting the help of Dublin-based GP Dr Nina Byrnes, Mark travels around Ireland with a mobile surgery giving a snapshot of the different types of concerns and ailments that are affecting the health of the nation.

Filmed in Sligo, Cork, Limerick, Naas, Waterford, Dundalk, Galway and Longford the doctors meet people who need advice about a huge range of medical conditions; including fungal infections, bad backs, irritating coughs and aches and pains of all sorts. They're in a different town every week and in each programme they focus on a particular health issue that has local relevance but is of universal concern.

In the first programme, filmed in Sligo, patients visiting the mobile clinic include a fatigued child, a woman with a cholesterol problem and a man with a mysterious rash. The programme also focuses on Ireland's biggest killer - heart disease. Mark organises a public walk to highlight the importance of a healthy heart and the Sligo County Darts Team are challenged to improve their lifestyles". RTE PRESS

Health of the Nation airs next Wednesday at 8.30pm on RTE ONE.