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Start Again in 2010 - Mum's - Vivienne

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The week of the 11th of Jan we started our "Start Again in 2010". We have chosen two groups of people to focus on. We have taken 3 Mum's who are hoping to shift some of their baby weight and we are taking 3 smokers who have tried everything to stop and really want to. We will follow them for 10 weeks and join them on their journey as they try to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. With the help of a panel of experts we hope to make this happen for them.

Expert - John O'Connell, Health and Fitness Coach

When you first went out to Vivienne you said that "you were shocked that someone who wants to be slimmer, healthier etc had so much junk and temptation around them" how have things changed since your first visit in her kitchen?

Her kitchen has transformed. I wasn't surprised at all because she has gotten amazing results. She has done everything required to get healthy and slimmer. She is surrounded by nutritious foods that will keep her energetic and losing weight.

What changes have you noticed about Vivienne herself?

I see someone who is totally focused on her and her families' health, and I'm seeing less and less of her too.

For anyone that is trying to improve their health and fitness what simple things nutritionally can they do to help them achieve their goal?

Cut out ALL processed foods, they are engineered to make us want to eat more and make us fat. They also are so refined that they contain little nutrition and so will sap our energy and deteriorate our health.

What other things can you do to get all the family involved when you are trying to improve your lifestyle?

First of all, cut out the junk! Not for ever but rather than having it in the house all the time, just at weekends or on a Sunday. Keep it as a treat rather than something that is always there.

Educate them on health remember that just because the kids want something doesn't mean they have to get it. Get and stay active, play games with the children, go swimming, go for walks etc.

Mum - Vivienne Goodwin

After John's first visit what initial changes did you start to make?

Well, I cut out a lot of the processed foods and changed to natural foods and basically became more aware of food choices.

How did the family react to the changes?

My hubby was delighted with the foods, he really liked all the salads and vegetables and we had got into a rut of eating a lot of convenient foods, stodgy stuff so it was nice to feel healthier. The kids were a bit more difficult, but they are coming round.

What things do you miss the most about the changes in your diet?

I don't really miss things because they made me unhealthy and feel bad about myself, but I do crave the odd time for pasta, or nice bread or coffee but I am learning to mange those cravings. It's hard at times. The cheat meal helps because I can have a chocolate fix.

Was there anything that John introduced to you that you were pleasantly surprised by?

As I said the cheat meal once a week that's great. I also really like avocados and nuts on the programme.

You mentioned that you are not using as much processed foods anymore, what different has this made to your diet and that of your family?

I realise its much healthier, it makes you check labels in the shop more. It can be a little bit more expensive initially but once you have a stock of things it's not so bad. It's definitely much better for the kids and educates them for the future.

What things do you think will stick with you now forever?

I feel this is a whole lifestyle change so the programme is definitely becoming a habit. The results make me want to continue with it and I feel so much better.

I think being more aware of what I am eating has made me enjoy and appreciate good food and of course I will always stick with the cheat meal, I used to just eat chocolate without thinking twice. Now seen as I only get the cheat once a week I make sure I savour it also the benefits of the exercise are so worth doing it. I will continue with that.

***The training programmes and nutrition being outlined by John O'Connell for the 3 Mums in Start Again in 2010 is specifically tailored for the individuals taking part. In no way is this a generic programme and you should always consult with your GP before following any of the advice outlined on the show or via the website, facebook etc.