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Top Hints and Tips for Spring Cleaning!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bang and the dirt is gone!! There are hundreds of weird and wonderful hints and tips to help you get the Spring cleaning under way this year! Here on The Afternoon Show, we have tried and tested some of the quirkiest to see if we can avoid using chemicals and still get that sparkling clean finish!

Dearbhla Lennon - Our Domestic Goddess

Cleaning Hints and Tips for the Kitchen:

1. Microwave Magic to Remove that Filth!

Food splatters all over the inside of your microwave and cooks itself on after time. To easily remove this mess, place a sponge soaked in water in the microwave. Cook on high heat for 2 minutes, then allow it to sit without opening the microwave door, for 5 minutes. The filth is now ready to be wiped right off - no scrubbing - and your sponge is right there ready to be used again! Quick, convenient and effective!

2. Burnt-on Food!

Burnt pots and pans can get a new lease of life! Yes, it's true! We've all seen how Cola can shine up an old coin to make it look brand spanking new but can it really do the same when it comes to burnt on food in your pots? Yes is the answer! Simply remove burnt-on food from a saucepan by boiling a cup of cola for a minute or two. Et voila a new lease of life for your pot!

3. Stubborn Stains!

Stains in Plastic Storage Containers: Tupperware is a stain magnet but there is a way to recapture that white and clean finish that you started off with! Use a baking soda paste (baking soda and water) and rub into the stain. You can then rinse with vinegar (optional) and wash normally. Another method is to place container outside on a nice sunny day and the sun actually bleaches the stain out! To avoid stains in the first place, spray container with cooking spray before putting things in it that stain i.e. spaghetti sauce.

4. Scuff Off!! Scuffmarks on Lino Floors!

If you have a vinyl floor, you'll know that it can collect a lot of black scuffmarks and makes the floor look dirty and aged!! They might seem stubborn if you try to scrub at them, but they're actually simple to remove if you use a plain old pencil eraser!

5. Oil Up your fridge!!

Stainless steel is a sleek modern and clean finish to brighten up any kitchen, but smudge marks and paw prints show up easily and can really take away from a clean kitchen. A great little tip is to polish the stainless steel with baby oil using a clean cloth in a clockwise circular motion!

6. No Need for Elbow Grease!

Save hours of scrubbing!! If your roasting pan is covered with burnt-on food, sprinkle on some biological washing powder, add some boiling water and simmer on the hob for 10 minutes. All that mess will lift off really easily. This can be used to clean around the hob too!

7. Clingfilm Catastrophe's!

Don't you just hate it when you waste half a roll of cling film because it just won't come off properly! Well a great little tip is to leave your cling film in the freezer. This helps it to separate easily time and time again!

8. Waste Not Want Not!

Having difficulty finishing off that bottle of wine? Then, pour the remainders into an ice cube tray, and save it for use in a future recipe! Just pop the desired number of cubes into a pan, and heat; there's no need to thaw them out before you use them. You wouldn't let the last cube of chocolate go to waste! So why let the last drops of wine go by its sell-by date!

9. No More Stale Smells!

Tip:- Kill those stale lingering odours by making your own pot pouri! Did you cook something overwhelmingly smelly last night and the odour still lingers? Never fear, get rid of it rite away! It couldn't be easier nor sweeter smelling! Simply place Orange peels onto a tray and place on a low heat in the oven for about 10 minutes. Your kitchen will be smelling as fresh as Spring!

10. Mopping up Broken Glass with Bread!

Tip:- A quick and easy way to remove all those little finiky bits of broken glass is to gently press slices of bread over the shards of glass to lift it! Be careful not to press down too hard! The bread acts as a natural cloth!

11. Tip:- Stop food from drying out! Cover food in the microwave with a coffee filter to stop it drying out. REF:-