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Lorraine Kelly

Friday, 26 February 2010

Lorraine is exclusively joining TAS to talk about life after turning 50 last November, LK Today on GMTV, her upcoming book called 'Lorraine Kelly on Looking Great -My Guide for Real Women', plus why she is training, yet again, for the London marathon.

Lorraine Kelly

. Is a household name in Ireland and the UK for her relaxed presenting style on GMTV.
. Lorraine has her own column in The Sun, The Scotland Post and Best Magazine.
. She turned 50 in November. Gerard Butler, Tom Jones, Paul O'Grady all sent birthday wishes and JLS sang Happy Birthday to her on the sofa. Infact Paul O'Grady was the surprise presenter on her show that day - she had no idea what was happening.
. She is married to camera man Steve Smith and has a 15 year old daughter Rosie, plus Rocky the border terrier.
. She lives in Dundee. She does GMTV live on Monday and Tuesday, then tapes the Wednesday and Thursday show then heads back to Dundee to her husband and Rosie. From Dundee she writes her column for The Sun, The Scotland Post and Best Magazine.
. Lorraine's parents had her when they were 18 years old. Her Dad (John Kelly) has traced his family roots to Draperstown in N.Ireland. He is planning a visit soon.
. Lorraine turned down a place at university studying English and Russian for a place at East Kilbride News.
. She joined the BBC in 1983 as a researcher. She moved to TV-AM as an onscreen reporter.
. In 1990 she became a main presenter of Good Morning Britain.
. In l99l she was awarded the TRIC Diamond Jubilee Award for New Talent of the Year.
. She helped launch GMTV in 1993.
. In 1994 she presented Nine O'Clock Live, which was later renamed Lorraine Live and then LK Today and finally GMTV with Lorraine.
. In 2003 and 2004 Lorraine presented Liquid Eurovision and became the national spokeswoman for the United Kingdom.
. In 2006 and 2008 she filmed Secrets Revealed - DNA Stories in 2006.
. Lorraine has written two books in the 'Fun to Learn' series for pre-school children and 'Lorraine Kelly's Baby and Toddler Eating Plan'.
. In 2008 she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Dundee. She said that her father was very very proud of her.
. In 2008 she brought out her autobiography 'Lorraine Kelly - Between You and Me' which she wrote herself. She decided to put pen to paper after seeing another release a book about her life even though she never met or spoke to the author. Lorraine's book went to No 1 in the Sunday Times best seller list!
. In 2009 she was made Honorary Colonel of the Black Watch battalion's Army Cadet Force (ACF).
. 2010 saw 'Lorraine Kelly's Big Fat Challenge' where Lorraine and a team of experts put 'Britain's fattest family', the Chawner's, through their paces in order to lose weight and transform their lives. Emma Chawner became a household name when she auditioned for the X Factor. The six part series has just ended.
. In 2010, in conjunction with the Missing People charity, Sky and STV produced a new documentary series hosted by Kelly, about missing mothers.
. She is a massive Dundee United fan and goes with the family to as many games as possible.
. Lorraine has a huge gay following.
. She has said that the Dunblane massacre was one of the hardest stories she covered in her career.
. She ran in the London Marathon in 2005 and is in training to run it again this year. In 2005 she also ran the New York Marathon. She has raised over £300,000 for Breast Cancer and has done several MoonWalks.
. "Lorraine has released three videos: 'Bringing Up Baby' (1994), a 60-minute video for first-time mothers which stars herself and her baby daughter Rosie; and three fitness videos, 'Figure It Out' (1998), 'Figure Happy' (1999) and 'Walk Off The Pounds With Lorraine Kelly' (2004)". REF: GMTV
. In March she is releasing her new book: 'Lorraine Kelly on Looking Great - My Guide for Real Women'.
"I'm happiest at a size 12," says Lorraine. "At a size ten I don't look well and at size 14 I feel a bit uncomfortable. At 5ft 4in, I think that a 12 is my 'right size'.
"The key to eating well is to have a varied diet that focuses on foods that positively fuel your body, while limiting those that lack nutrients or do your body harm.
"However, the odd bacon sandwich is not going to give you cancer and you aren't a bad mother if you have a glass of wine now and again.
"It's important to eat a range of foods and eat those that you enjoy so that it becomes a healthy habit for life."
. Loves pilates and walking her dog and prefers running outdoors.
. She is a shoe fanatic - although Rosie is now the same shoe size as her and is nabbing her Jimmy Choos!
. Has said that Harrison Ford was a terrible guest and Will Smith is one of her favourites.
. She says that if she is talking to a guest about Coronation Street that is because something has gone wrong in the studio - like the next link.

You turned 50 this year- congratulations - how did you celebrate? Were you looking forward to it or was it just another year to you?

I was on that day - when I came in they put me in a room and wouldn't tell me what was going on - I had no scripts - nothing - they said just come on and say hello and I have never been so nervous in all my life. The doors open and in walks Paul O'Grady - he was hosting the show which was fantastic and I had no idea it was him. I thought they must have somebody but I didn't think it was him as O'Grady doesn't like to get out of bed. It was such a brilliant show and JLS came and sang Happy Birthday and they also played such lovely happy birthday messages from celebrities to me on the show.

We then had a big celebration on the discovery ship as I'm very interested in Antarctica - it was the ship that took Shackleton to the South Pole. Well to the South and then he walked the rest. That was such an amazing evening. My husband had commissioned a painting of my daughter by a local artist. It was such a lovely evening.

I was delighted to celebrate it - I wasn't dreading it at all. Everyone says life begins at 40 so I am only ten years old now. I do feel like that sometimes. It really is just a number. There's no point in me lying about my age as everyone knows it now.

You are a very busy lady do find it hard balancing your work life and bringing up your daughter Rosie?

She is my priority so I come done to London on Sunday evening and we do a live show on Monday and Tuesday and then we record two extra shows on the Tuesday. I head back on Tuesday night. Rosie also comes down to London a good bit too so it kind of works. When I am away on the Monday night that's when Rosie has her Dad to herself and they go off to the movies or do whatever they like. I think that's great for them as well.

Everyone wants to know what celebrity did you not like interviewing?

The worst ones are the ones with the massive entourage - Mariah Carey, J Lo, Shakira - the people themselves are ok but the people with them can be dreadful.

Any favourites?

George Clooney is adorable.

Anyone that you still would love to interview?

My hero is David Bowie - I bought his first record in 1970 - I think I would be a complete wreck if I got to interview him, I would love to interview Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton

When you started in this business did you have a big plan of where you wanted to be or did you just go with the flow?

I never had a career plan I just wanted to be s journalist and fell into presenting after my reports on Lockerbie.

You've never strayed far from your Scottish roots - what is it you love most about Scotland?

I love the Scottish sense of humour and warmth

Why have you decided to release a book about Health? Who is the book aimed at? What's your view on botox and cosmetic surgery?

I have learned so much over the years from experts and I wanted to pass it on! Botox is mad ! Injecting poison into your face so you can show no emotion

Are you still in touch with The Chawners (Lorraine Kelly's Big Fat Losers)
I am still in touch with Chawners and there will be second series. They have
Lost 12 stone.

You have been married to Steve for over 20 years - what's the secret to a happy marriage?

You need to work at marriage. Go on dates and make each other laugh

Tell me about your new food show?

New food show. Celebrity Pressure Cooker 3 celebs cook meal set by chef and he or she chooses winner.

Who is the most famous celebrity in your phone?

Most famous celeb. Philip Schofield Eamonn holmes and Ben shepherd.