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Culinary 6 Nations - Week Three - Ireland V England

Friday, 26 February 2010

We are celebrating the Rugby 6 Nations tournament by having a culinary 6 Nations tournament most Fridays on the show over the next 2 months. For each big match we will have a chef of the opposing teams nationality in to have a cook off against our regular chefs. This Saturday is the England V Ireland match so we have English chef Simon Rimmer to step up to the challenge against Derry Clarke.

Derry Clarke Head chef at L'Ecrivain

Derry Clarke, has been Chef/Patron of l'Ecrivain for over 20 years. He started his career in The Man Friday in Kinsale under Peter Barry in 1972 and moved to Dublin in 1977. He then spent four years in le Coq Hardi and a further eight years in the Bon Appetit before opening his own restaurant in July 1989 with his wife Sallyanne.
Derry and l'Ecrivain have been awarded many accolades over the past twenty years, including a Michelin Star which was awarded in 2003.

Derry completed his time as Commissioner General at EuroToques, but remains actively involved with Eurotoque, and is also a member of the Restaurants Association of Ireland since 1989.

Derry promotes the use of Organic Food & Non Genetically Modified Foods.
Derry's food ethos is simple. He uses the finest of fresh local produce; he believes that a good dish can only be produced when each & every ingredient used for the dish is of the highest of quality. This is why he spends so much time sourcing his ingredients. He likes using smaller organic and artisan producers, and is very keen on the promotion of indigenous products. Derry believes in keeping food simple. He will not use more than four flavours on the one dish.
Derry and Sallyanne are constantly up-grading and changing everything at l'Ecrivain Restaurant to ensure they are offering the very best of Food, Wines and Service at all times.

Simon Rimmer - Chef, Presenter & Author

Simon Rimmer is a popular TV personality. He is a recognised and experienced television and radio broadcaster with his own unique and warm style of presenting. Simon has captured the public's interest during his weekly presenter/chef role on BBC2's Something for the Weekend. 2009 and 2010 sees Simon in two new series, Food Fighters for BBC 1 and Simon Rimmer's Dinners for Good Food which will TX in Oct 2009. In 2008 Simon presented programmes including Breaking into Tesco- Five, Recipe for Success- BBC 2, Grubs Up- ITV and Local Food Heroes- UKTV.

Simon began his career on Granada Breeze, hosting shows such as Livetime and Battle of the Chefs. His down to earth personality and an approach that makes food fun, led him to appear on This Morning, Granada Tonight and other day time shows including The Afternoon Show and Gloria's Open House on Channel 5. In 2007 Simon's presenting roles included This Little Farmer Went to Market and To Buy or Not to Buy both aired on BBC1. He also appeared on Great British Menu, BBC2.

To add to his talents, Simon has written and published 4 books The Accidental Vegetarian - Cassell Illustrated, Rebel Cook- Cassell Illustrated and Lazy Brunch- Quadrille. His fourth book The Seasoned Vegetarian- Mitchell Beazley was published in February 2009. He also regularly contributes to food magazines including Delicious, Olive, and BBC Good Food Magazine.

Simon is frequently booked for endorsement, advertising, marketing campaigns and corporate events. Recent projects include extensive PR campaigns for Cauldron and the Potato Council, host for The Grocer Awards 2008 and healthy recipe demonstrations for the British Cardiovascular Society. He also performs numerous regional cookery demonstrations including BBC Good Food Show.

Aside from his hectic filming schedule Simon is chef patron of two award winning restaurants in Manchester, Greens and Earle. An ability to mix his natural flair for business with his passion for food keeps Simon connected to the energy of the UK restaurant scene and changing trends and demands of the UK consumer.

Simon is married, has two children and lives in Manchester.

Something for the Weekend

Airs every Sunday on BBC 2 at 10am - 11.30am
It regularly averages 1.5 million viewers
The show has been commissioned until March 2011 but based on it's popularity there is no reason why this will not continue. Simon is seen as a mainstay of the show.
SFTW is made by Princess Productions

Food Fighters

Simon is in a more journalistic role here. The show will air on BBC 1 daytime.
BBC Bumpf.
The Food Fighters, presented by Simon Rimmer, follows Government and food agencies set up to monitor Britain's food chain, to make certain that the food we eat is safe.

From Environmental Health inspectors, who clamp down on dodgy takeaways and revolting restaurants, to the Trading Standards officers, who track down the source of contaminated foodstuffs and try to find out who has bought them, The Food Fighters focuses on the all key agencies which are there to protect our food.

Simon reveals some of the ingredients that make up Britain's food and offers surprising insights into what we are putting into our mouths with some stomach-churning results.

The Food Fighters also unearths the facts and figures behind sell-by dates and labelling in a bid to help consumers get behind the jargon.

The Food Fighters is a 10 x 45-minute series being made by True North for BBC One Daytime. Executive produced by Tracy Forsyth for the BBC, and Jess Fowle and Andrew Sheldon for True North, the series will transmit in winter 2009/10.

Simon Rimmer's Dinners

Airs from 9 October, 9pm on Good Food (new name for UKTV Food).
Cumulative audience figures reach into the millions once they've repeated it a lot. Which they do.
Simon solves food and menu problems for house sharers.

Derry's Dish

Seared Dublin Bay Prawns with Clonakilty Black Pudding, Cauliflower & root Vegetable Dressing

. 20 Dublin Bay Prawn Tails, Shelled & Devained
. 4 Slices Clonakilty Black Pudding
. 150g Cauliflower Florets
. 2 Shallots, Peeled & Finely Diced
. 100g Peeled & Diced Carrot
. 50ml Cider Vinegar
. 50ml Rape Seed Oil
. 1 tbsp Parsley
. 25ml Cider
. 50g Baby Capers
. 50g Sea Asparagus

1. Brown black pudding on pan or grill, keep warm.
2. In a warm large frying pan melt butter and 25ml rapeseed oil, sauté prawns on both sides 2-3 minutes.
3. Season with salt and pepper and remove.
4. Blanch cauliflower, diced carrot and sea asparagus in boiling water for 1 minute, refresh with cold water.
5. Mix the wet ingredients in a bowl; cider vinegar, rapeseed oil and cider, add in remaining ingredients; cauliflower, carrots, shallots, sea asparagus, apple, parsley and baby capers. Season to taste.
6. Place black pudding in centre of plate. Place 5 prawns around each pudding.
7. Drizzle with dressing.
8. You could serve apple sauce/cauliflower purée with this dish.

Simon's Dish

Posh Scouse

Serves 8

. 900g neck of lamb, on the bone
. 1 sliced onion
. tbs tom puree
. 1ltr lamb stock
. 3 roughly sliced carrots
. 450g spuds, peeled and cut into big chunks
. 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
. 1 tbsp oil to fry

. 8 x 150g lamb loin cannons, fully trimmed
. oil and butter to fry
. chopped rosemary

1. Heat the oil in a pan, then brown the meat, remove
2. Fry the onion and carrot for 2 mins
3. Add tom puree, cook 6 mins
4. Put the meat back in and add the liquid, cover and cook for 2 and half hours until very tender.
5. When the scouse is cooked, rub oil onto the fillets, season well and seal all over in a hot pan, add a little butter, then cook for about 6 mins per piece at 200c. Allow to rest and toss in rosemary
6. To serve spoon ome of the delicious scouse on to a plate/bowl, carve a lamb fillet and sit on top