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Consumer - Tina Tackles! - Broken Computer

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

All year we've been getting so many emails, calls, facebook messages and texts with questions for Tina about all things consumer. Until now Tina has answered them to the best of her ability and allowed the viewer to try to remedy their issue with Tina's advice.

Now we are taking it a step further. Every Tuesday Tina will be taking on one viewer's consumer query. The viewer's will be chosen on the basis that they have tried everything except the small claims court and still haven't received a satisfactory conclusion to their consumer dilemma.

Tina will step in on behalf of the viewer and make contact with the company/business to try to resolve the dispute.

If you have a consumer query for Tina that you haven't been able to resolve then please contact us:

You can send your letters to:

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Send an email to

Tina Leonard, our consumer expert

Part one - Update with Suzanne Dunne and her dispute with a dry cleaners.

Our viewer's will remember Suzanne who left her dress into a dry cleaners in Galway and never got it back. The owner claimed the dress which was worth €585 had been stolen along with nine other customers items of clothing. He refused to pay Suzanne €400 in compensation as his claim with his insurance company hadn't come through yet. He said he would pay up as soon as he got his money.

Tina had advised Suzanne that she was entitled to her money straight away and that she did not have to wait for the insurance money to come through but when Tina intervened the owner of the dry cleaner refused to give Suzanne her money until the insurance money came through.

With Tina's help Suzanne made an application to the small claims court. A sheriff went to the Dry Cleaners and the owner agreed to pay Suzanne the €400 on February 15th. As we reported to viewers on Tuesday 16th February, he had not turned up to pay the €400. So the case was due to be heard in Loughrea District Court on April 21st.

Update today

Suzanne contacted us on Friday 19th February to tell us that the owner had presented himself to the court and had paid the €400. Suzanne is delighted as she can now put this whole thing to bed thanks to Tina and The Afternoon Show and concentrate on the upcoming arrival of her little bundle of joy. She is due in a few weeks.

Part Two - Ann has a dispute with Dunnes over a laptop that failed to work after 1 and a half years

The problem

Ann Colleran bought a Fujitsu Siemens lap top in Dunnes in Mountree, Athlone on 16th June 2008 for €399. It worked fine until the end of January this year when the hard drive failed. She brought it back to the store and spoke to the manager, Mark, there. She says that he was very helpful but advised that as her one year guarantee had expired she would have to pay for repair. Ann says that Mark also called head office where this was confirmed. Ann has the original receipt (and even the packaging).

Ann's rights - Tina will tell us her rights
Regardless of there being an in-date guarantee/warranty or not, the seller has the obligation to remedy a faulty product under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980. Therefore, the customer is entitled to a repair, at no cost to her, at this point.

Response from Dunnes

"We won't be making any comment in respect of the below matter.

Should the customer wish to contact us directly, our address is 46-50 South Great Georges St, Dublin 2."

Response from Ann:

Tina will be advising Ann to write to the address Dunnes provided, and then to get back in touch with us and let us know how she got on. If Ann does not have any satisfaction we will be advising Ann to make a small claims application (Tina will help her) and then she will hopefully get her money back.

Part Three - Bridie's car was hit in a supermarket car park and the person who did the damage drove off without leaving their details

Bridie parked her car in a disabled parking spot in a large supermarket as she has a disabled ticket in her car. Somebody backed into her car and drove away without leaving details. She spoke to someone in the supermarket who told her they were not responsible for the damage to her car. Bridie wants to know is this the case even though it happened in their car park?

Tina's response:
Yes, the information Bridie received is correct. Once outside the premises, even in the car park provided, Bridie is responsible for her car.

One thing Bridie can do is to ask the supermarket to view the CCTV footage in case they can find the reg number of the car that went into hers. This would allow her to trace the owner of that vehicle and to claim on their insurance.

Tina Leonard