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Patrick Bergin

Friday, 19 February 2010

You are heading to the Meteors tomorrow -are you presenting an award?
I am giving the Humanitarian Award. I don't know to who yet.

What music do you like listening to?
I love folk, blues, country, Damien Rice.

You are a musician yourself - what do you play?
I am on youtube at the moment with a song that I recorded in New Zealand called sitting at the bottom of the world. I play harp, and guitar.

You recently became an internet sensation starring in Paddy's revenge - what made you want to feature in the video?
It's sensational. Was that fun to shoot? I am not going into those details. It was great fun to shoot. I have a music studio in England so the guys behind the video are often using the place to record so we decided to shoot one with me in it.

Everyone knows you from the huge hit 'Sleeping with the Enemy' alongside Julia Roberts - what was it like to work on such a big budget movie?
It was a bit scary. I was apprehensive. There was so many people going for the role and I managed to nick it. When someone is really bad in American movies they tend to make them foreign.

I did a good bit of research as the most part of the movie was about domestic violence and I did a lot of reading about how women even though their husbands may have been put in jail still fear that he will be coming through the window at night. It's a terrifying thing. I wrote a couple of the scenes - I wrote the few final lines of the movie 'I can't live without you and I won't let you live without me'. That was my country music coming through.

Joe Ruben who directed it was very influenced by Hitchcock - for example in the book the character cuts off her hair and leaves a strand in the bathroom he changed it to the wedding ring. Everyone was like that is too obvious it won't flush away but he said you have to do an obvious thing as you want the audience to go 'don't do that'.

What was Julia Roberts like to work with? Have you kept in touch?
She was a delight, she was on a role. She had southern qualities and she had great manners. She had that thing that is almost Irish and she had a great sense of humour. She was young and she could also be a tough cookie.

It was an emotional movie - when we started the movie we had two weeks rehearsal and myself and Julia got on really well but once the shooting started and the hatred had to come and it was a bit odd. We kind of kept our distance.
We have bumped into each other over the years.

You starred alongside Patrick Swayze - what was it like to work with him?
I played a Russian president in a thing called ICON. It wasn't long before he got ill. He was a charming man and his wife was so lovely. They were both such lovely people.

You also worked with the beautiful Uma Thurman on Robin Hood - was that a fun movie to work on? What was Uma like? Do you keep in touch with her?
Uma, Maid Marion - I work with the best. I have kissed them all. She was married to Gary Oldman at the time. A lot of people try to flatter me and say our version of Robin Hood was better but I disagree the other one was great. Uma was lovely - I asked her to run away with me but she said 'it couldn't possibly be worth it as Gary would kill us both'.

You are presenting an award at the IFTA's - is that a chance for you to catch up with your other actor friends?
They haven't told me what my award is yet - it's great to pay tribute to the local talent.

You own a castle in Tipperary - the upkeep must be unreal?
I will be heading down to the castle tomorrow to deal with the plummer. I have just had the heritage society telling me it's one of the most important significant sites.

Where are you based in Ireland? LA? Brighton?
I go where the work is - it's Worthing , here or LA.

What's next for you?
There are a couple in the pipeline. I have made a little movie called a Kiss and a Promise.