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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Liam Mc Kenna

Liam McKenna began his career at 9 years old when he won the Irish version of Popstars, and became a member of the band Six. After 2 years with the band he moved to Los Angeles and starred in a pilot tv series, and had a small role in the Tom Cruise movie 'Collateral'.

In 2005 he moved back to Ireland and began presenting on the daily entertainment show TTV. In 2006 he became the presenter of 2 shows on the Sky Digital channel Bubble Hits. Also since 2006 he has assisted Louis Walsh with his acts on The X Factor.

I met Florence from Florence and the machine, and she was lovely. She was sitting at the table beside us, and she said the best gig she ever played was in Ireland at Electric Picnic last year.


My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Tonight, 9.00pm, C4

Liam's Comments:

I think this documentary will be fascinating as it's a world that most of us know very little about. In researching this programme I found out a lot of very interesting things about the gypsy and traveler communities. This Cutting Edge documentary provides insight into an often misunderstood community. It focuses on four gypsy and traveller weddings as a way of exploring their fiercely moral culture.

With the full consent of their families, girls from gypsy and traveller communities are often engaged at 14 and married within a few years. Their weddings are extravagant affairs, with each bride and family competing to stage a bigger and better event than any seen before. This is why you can always recognise a gypsy wedding if the bride is dressed as a snowball with a huge train. Some dresses weigh more than the brides themselves, and often leave them physically scarred as they attempt to squeeze into their Cinderella coaches.

Churches and venues often do not welcome them, and sometimes cancel at the last minute when they realise who they've booked. In order to keep their identity secret, bride, groom and guests often don't know the location until the day of the wedding itself. The brides have been encouraged since childhood to fantasize about their fairytale weddings. Sex before marriage is also forbidden, and divorce is frowned upon.

Perhaps from watching this documentary we might learn more about the travelling communities.


Eastenders, Friday, 8.00pm, BBC ONE / RTE ONE

Liam's Comments:

I'm not going to pretend that I watch any soaps, in fact I think they're all pretty rubbish. But I know how many people love them so I think this is worth a mention as it seems like everywhere I turn people are talking about who killed Archie. To celebrate 25 years of bad acting, Eastenders has decided to do a live episode. Ricky and Bianca get married and finally we'll find out who killed Archie. I'll probably watch this simply because it has the potential to go so horribly wrong, and it could be quite funny.


The 7th Annual Irish Film and Television Awards, Saturday, 9.35pm, RTE ONE

Liam's Comments:

Awards season is definitely in full swing right now. This week I was at the Brit awards, and tomorrow night is the Meteor awards, and then Saturday night is of course the IFTA's.


The Mentalist, Sunday, 9.30pm, RTE ONE

Liam's Comments:

The Mentalist returns for a second season on RTE1 and if it's anything to go by I expect this one to be huge as its doing so well in America at the moment.

It follows Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. He has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his amazing skills of observation. Jane also makes frequent use of his mentalist abilities and his semi-celebrity past as a psychic medium using paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. He abandoned his pretense out of remorse when his attention-seeking behavior attracted the attention of a serial killer who killed his wife and daughter.

In this episode a woman who apparently stole a million dollars from her employer is found suffocated. Jane feels he's ready to leave the CBI since the Red John case has been given to Sam Bosco, but Jane decides to stick around for "one more case"