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Victoria Smurfit

Thursday, 18 February 2010

. Number of nominees: 159
. Number of voting members: 790
. Number of People working on the IFTA's 600+
. Industry Lifetime Contribution Award: John Boorman
. Suggested Length of Acceptance Speech: 45 seconds

Victoria will be presenting the IFTA awards at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin on Saturday the 20th of February. The awards ceremony will be broadcast on RTE ONE at 9.35pm.

Victoria Smurfit

How did you feel when you were asked to present the IFTA's?
I was really honoured to do something as big as this. The best of the best of the industry will be there that night and to head that up is such an honour.

And you are the first female presenter as well?
I know it's fantastic. I had a few people traditionally say who are you presenting with and I have been like 'no no - it's just me doing it'. Also it's not just me up there we are going to have Matt Dillion, Jon Voight, Juliet Binoche, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson - I am not up there on my own thank god.

You mentioned all those hugely successful Hollywood stars - anyone in particular you are dying to meet?
I know a lot of them but I'm excited about Matt Dillon because without making him sound old he is someone I watched till I was tiny. He was the cool member of the Brat pack. I was a huge fan of his 80's movies. He always choose the cool sexy stuff.

Jon Voight is also another exciting attendee - he is supposed to be a lovely man - and I think I'm going to be slightly intimidated.

Is there anyone on that huge celeb list that you would like to work with?
As far as I'm concerned I am about to work with all of them.

Will you be nervous - or is that just a given?
I can guarantee you nothing else in this world that I will be very very nervous. You don't do these things unless you get nervous. Hopefully people will forgive me if I slip up and if they don't well tough.

What everyone wants to know is what will you be wearing on the night?
I will be wearing a red Amanda Wakely dress and I am wearing a blue Marchesa dress from Costume. I will wear the blue dress for the pre show and the red Amanda Wakely dress for the live show.

There are going to be a room full of beautiful women - anyone stand out for their style stakes for you?
Orla Brady always looks fabulous. I think she has a wonderful sense of understated glamour and I think you put a sack on her and she would still look gorgeous.

I always want to know what Fiona Looney is wearing. Amy (Huberman) you could put a potato sack on her and she would look great - if I could persuade all those women to wear sacks I would be delighted. Alison Doody is going to be in something drop dead gorgeous.

When you went last year - did anyone stand out?
I was pregnant last year so I didn't go but the year I went it was Bo Derek and she was drop dead gorgeous.

Was that the year your husband picked your dress?
Yes, it was. I have already looked to Doug for approval this year. I took a picture on the iPhone and sent it to him for approval and he gave the nod.

This year John Boorman is being given a lifetime achievement award - what do you think of that?
The directors in the room are just to die for. Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan, Alan Parker and on top of that you have John Boorman which is outrageous. I just hope I don't hand them my CV in the middle of the show.

Will you be doing a bit of networking?
I will be too busy sweating I think. Listen if they want to be sensible enough to hire me then that is their business.

Will you be yourself on the night or will you embody a different persona?
I don't know I will tell you after it.

You are great friends with Jimmy Nesbitt- will you be calling him or Ryan (Tubridy) for advice?
No I should call them - that's good advice - I'll call Jimmy later and ask him where the pit bulls are.

Any movies in the categories that stood out for you?
There has been just so many - so hard to choose. I loved Zonad, Eclipse, I was fascinated by Eamon and The Secret of Kells. They are all such completely different genres. They are all up for a bloody good reason.

On the international front anyone stand out for you?
Marion Cotillard is amazing and Meryl can do no wrong - she is incredible. Anna Kendrick was great as she was really able to hold her own next to such a seasoned pro as George Clooney. Meryl probably has enough awards but I'd say it's hard not to give her everything you probably offer to give her the contents of your handbag if you met her.

What's next acting wise for you?
I am in meetings but I never tell anyone what it is for till I am sitting on the set having a bacon sandwich.

I heard about the awful incident that happen in Cape Town - how are yourself and family doing?
We are all grand - we are fine. It was one of the life affirming moments and everyone was fine. I just thank god that the kids weren't in the car as it was a quarter to midnight and they were tucked up in bed. It made me so grateful and aware at how lucky we were. I was having those flashbacks of my kids being left orphaned but everything is fine.

Guests Confirmed for the IFTA' s Awards Ceremony:

. Matt Dillon
. Josh Hartnett
. Juliet Binoche
. John Boorman
. Charley Boorman
. Colin Farrell
. Soirse Ronan
. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
. Aidan Quinn
. Neil Jordan
. Aidan Quinn

Best Film:

Eamon - Seamus Byrne (Zanita Films)
The Eclipse - Robert Walpole, Rebecca O'Flanagan (Treasure Entertainment)
Ondine - Neil Jordan, James Flynn (Octagon Films)
The Secret of Kells - Paul Young (Cartoon Saloon)
Zonad - Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, John McDonnell (Element Pictures)

Director (Film):

John Carney, Kieran Carney - Zonad (Element Pictures)
Neil Jordan - Ondine (Octagon Films)
Conor McPherson - The Eclipse (Treasure Entertainment)
Jim Sheridan - Brothers (Lionsgate)

Script (Film):

John Carney, Kieran Carney - Zonad (Element Pictures)
Margaret Corkery - Eamon (Zanita Films)
Neil Jordan - Ondine (Octagon Films)
Billy Roche, Conor McPherson - The Eclipse (Treasure Entertainment)

Actor in a Lead Role - Film:

Colin Farrell - Ondine (Octagon Films)
Darren Healy - Savage (SP Films)
Ciarán Hinds - The Eclipse (Treasure Entertainment)
Stephen Rea - Nothing Personal (Fastnet Films)

Actress in a Lead Role - Film:

Janice Byrne - Zonad (Element Pictures)
Amy Kirwan - Eamon (Zanita Films)
Saoirse Ronan - The Lovely Bones (Paramount)
Jade Yourell - Happy Ever Afters (Newgrange Pictures)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Film:

Simon Delaney - Happy Ever Afters (Newgrange Pictures)
Michael Fassbender - Fish Tank (Artificial Eye)
Michael Gambon - Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince (Warner Bros)
Aidan Quinn - The Eclipse (Treasure Entertainment)

Actress in a Supporting Role - Film:

Anne Marie Duff - Nowhere Boy
Dervla Kirwan - Ondine (Octagon Films)
Nora Jane Noone - Savage (SP Films)
Ger Ryan - Happy Ever Afters (Newgrange Pictures)

Feature Documentary:

The Bass Player: A Song for Dad - Niall McKay (Media Factory)
Colony - Morgan Bushe, Macdara Kelleher (Fastnet Films)
His & Hers - Andrew Freedman (Venom Film)
The Yellow Bittern - The Life & Times of Liam Clancy - Alan Gilsenan (Crossing the Line Films)

International Categories:

International Film:

The Hurt Locker
Let the Right One In

Pantene Best International Actress Award - People's Choice:

Marion Cotillard - Nine
Penélope Cruz - Broken Embraces
Anna Kendrick - Up In The Air
Meryl Streep - It's Complicated

International Actor:

Sam Rockwell - Moon
Vincent Cassell - Mesrine: Killer Instinct
Robert Downey Jr. - Sherlock Holmes
Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones

*Nominees have been selected by the Irish Film & Television Academy Members, Winner will be decided via a public vote.

Television Drama Categories:

Single Drama / Drama Serial:

Belonging to Laura - Martina Niland, David Collins (Accomplice Television)
Best: His Mother's Son - Colin Barr (BBC NI)
Father & Son - Michael Casey (Green Park Films)
Five Minutes of Heaven - Eoin O'Callaghan (Big Fish Films)
Rásaí na Gaillimhe - (Great Western Films)

Drama Series / Soap:

The Clinic - Mary Callery (Parallel Films)
Fair City - Brigie De Courcy (RTÉ)
Pure Mule - The Last Weekend - David Collins & Peter Norris (Accomplice Television)
Ros na Rún - (Eo Teilifís / Tyrone Productions)
The Tudors - Morgan O'Sullivan (World 2000 Entertainment)

Director Television:

Ciaran Donnelly - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Thaddeus O'Sullivan - Churchill: Into the Storm (Scott Free Films / Rainmark Films)
Robert Quinn - Rásaí na Gaillimhe (Great Western Films)
Declan Recks - Pure Mule - The Last Weekend (Accomplice Television)

Script Television:

Frank Deasy - Father & Son (Green Park Films)
Frank McGuinness - A Short Stay in Switzerland (BBC)
Eugene O'Brien - Pure Mule - The Last Weekend (Accomplice Television)
James Phelan - Rásaí na Gaillimhe (Great Western Films)

Actor in a Lead Role - Television:

Gabriel Byrne - In Treatment (TV3)
Brendan Gleeson - Churchill: Into the Storm (Scott Free Films, Rainmark Films)
Liam Neeson - Five Minutes of Heaven (Big Fish Films)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)

Actress in a Lead Role - Television:

Ruth Bradley - Rásaí na Gaillimhe (Great Western Films)
Elaine Cassidy - Harpers Island (Junction Films)
Michelle Fairley - Best: His Mother's Son (BBC NI)
Charlene McKenna - Pure Mule - The Last Weekend (Accomplice Television)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Television:

Declan Conlon - Fair City (RTÉ)
Diarmuid Noyes - Pure Mule - The Last Weekend (Accomplice Television)
Stephen Rea - Father & Son (Octagon Films)
Owen Roe - Val Falvey, T.D. (Grand Pictures)

Actress in a Supporting Role - Television:

Sarah Bolger - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Dawn Bradfield - Pure Mule - The Last Weekend (Accomplice Television)
Amy Huberman - The Clinic (Parallel Film Productions for RTÉ)
Tatianna Uliankina - Belonging to Laura (Accomplice Television)

Craft/ Technical Categories:

Costume Design:

Joan Bergin - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Consolata Boyle - Chéri (Pathé)
Alison Byrne - Cracks (Optimum Releasing)
Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh - Ondine (Octagon Films)

Director of Photography:

Tom Comerford - Savage (SP Films)
Suzie Lavelle - One Hundred Mornings (Blinder Films)
Ivan McCullough - The Eclipse (Treasure Entertainment)
Ruairí O'Brien - Five Minutes of Heaven (Big Fish Films)


Mairead McIvor - Savage (SP Films)
Emer Reynolds - The Eclipse (Treasure Entertainment)
Isobel Stephenson - Pure Mule - The Last Weekend (Accomplice Television)
Ken Wardrop - His & Hers (Venom Film)

Make Up & Hair (Sponsored by MAC):

Five Minutes of Heaven - Pamela Smyth (Big Fish Films)
The Take - Lorraine Glynn, Morna Ferguson (Company Pictures)
The Tudors - Sharon Doyle, Dee Corcoran (World 2000 Entertainment)
Zonad - Eileen Buggy, Barbara Conway (Element Pictures)

Original Score:

Brian Byrne - Zonad (Element Pictures)
Neil Hannon - Wide Open Spaces (Grand Pictures)
The Henry Girls - A Shine Of Rainbows (Sepia Films)
Stephen McKeon - Savage (SP Films)

Production Design:

Tom Conroy - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Susie Cullen - The Take (Company Pictures)
Ashleigh Jeffers - Occupation (Kudos Film and Television)
Anna Rackard - Ondine (Octagon Films)


The Eclipse - Ronan Hill, Jon Stevenson, John Fitzgerald (Treasure Entertainment)
Five Minutes of Heaven - Ronan Hill, Jon Stevenson, John Fitzgerald (Big Fish Films)
Ondine - Brendan Deasy, Tom Johnson, Sarah Gaines (Octagon Films)
Savage - Patrick Hanlon, John Fitzgerald, Fiadhnait McCann (SP Films)

Television Categories:

Children's / Youth Programme:

Aisling's Diary - Triona Campbell (CR Entertainment)
Ballybraddan - Gerard O'Rourke (Monster Animation)
On The Block - Tory Island - Hilary O'Donovan (Macalla Teo)
Seacht - Louise McCreesh & Colin O'Donnell (Stirling Film and Television)

Current Affairs:

The Frontline - David Nally (RTÉ)
Paul Williams Investigates: The Battle for the Gasfield - Paul Williams (Praxis Pictures)
Prime Time Investigates: Travellers - On the Edge - David Doran (RTÉ)
Spotlight: Stem Cell Tourists - Darragh Macintyre (BBC NI)

Documentary Series:

Blood of the Irish - Brian Hayes (Crossing the Line Films)
Bóthar go dtí an White House - Dathai Keane (Abú Media)
I See A Darkness - Alan Gilsenan (Yellow Asylum Films)
Teorainn (Border) - Fiona Keane (DoubleBand Films)

Single Documentary:

Abuse of Trust: Sins of the Fathers - Jerome Hughes
The Forgotten Irish - Ronan O Muirthile (Animo TV)
The House - Tanya Doyle (Marmalade Films)
Seamus Heaney: Out Of The Marvellous - Charlie McCarthy (Icebox Films)

Entertainment Programme:

The All Ireland Talent Show - Noeleen Golding (Tyrone Productions)
The Apprentice - (Screentime ShinAwil)
The Savage Eye - (Blinder Films)
Xposé - The Stephen Gately Tribute - Debbie O'Donnell (TV3)

News Programme:

BBC Newsline - Angelina Fusco (BBC NI)
City Channel News - Jennifer O'Leary (City Channel)
TV3 News at 5.30 - Conor Tiernan (TV3)

Factual Programme:

Celebrity Bainisteoir - Darren Smith (Kite Entertainment)
Killers - O'Reilly - Sarah Share (Coco Television)
Nightly News with Vincent Browne - Tom Fabozzi (TV3)
Welcome to my World - Trisha Canning (Loosehorse)


GAA Beo - (Nemeton TV)
Grand Slam Journey - Dave Berry (RTÉ)
Pride of The Parish - Cormac Hargaden (Loosehorse)
Shay Elliot - Cycle of Betrayal - Martin Dwan (Zampano Productions)


Special Irish Language Award:

CSÍ - Kevin Cummins (RTÉ)
Rásaí na Gaillimhe - (Great Western Films)
Ros na Rún - (Eo Teilifís / Tyrone Productions)
Seacht - Louise McCreesh & Colin O'Donnell (Stirling Film and Television)


Hasan Everywhere - Andrew Kavanagh (Kavaleer Productions)
The Polish Language - Alice Lyons
The Secret of Kells - Tomm Moore (Cartoon Saloon)
Trolley Boy - Teemu Auersalo (Still Films)

Short Film:

If I Should Fall Behind - Morgan Bushe (Fastnet Films)
Moore Street Masala - David O'Sullivan (Fish Films)
Runners - Rob Burke, Ronan Burke - (Black Sheep Productions)
Sunshower - Liam Gavin (Samson Films)