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Gardening - Grow your Own Fruit and Veg!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Eugene Higgins - Gardening Guru

The new Spud Bag

You don't need a lot of space for this option. This can be used on a veranda, deck, patio and what's more there is no need to dig a hole in the garden. It is a large bag that you put the potato seeds and compost into, and can leave anywhere outside. The pototoes grow at the bottom with some foliage growing at the top.

There are two potato varieties to choose from:

1. Sharps Express.€5.95 2.5kg bag

2. Organic Lady Balfour €5.95 2.5kg bag and compost.

3. Cold Frame - €26.95 from Botanico €26.95 plus cloche(cover)
This frame gives a head start to whatever you put in it, as ,while not heated it protects from the worst of the cold nights.

4. Mini Greenhouse €34.95
Great value, will be very popular this year

Suitable veg to plant this time of year:-

€3 -3.50 each
Due to 'bloom' in 8 -12 weeks

5. Fruit Plants:- (will be summer fruits)
Rhubarb €5.95
Blackcurrant €6.95
Tayberry €6.95
Blueberry €7.95

6. Vegetable Plants
Onion, Red Onion €3 per kilo
Shallots €3.50 per ½ kilo

Plants today are from

754 Howth Road,
Dublin 5

Tully's nurseries

For more info you can go to:-