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Start Again in 2010 - Mum's - Cravings

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

This is the beginning of week 6. One of the things that people battle with on a daily bases are cravings, be it for food, drink, smoking whatever we need to learn to control our cravings. Today Mum Caitriona will be given a master class with EFT Practitioner Michelle Hughes to help control her cravings. The EFT technique is something people can do at home when they feel a craving coming on.

EFT Practitioner Michelle Hughes - is based just outside Galway working with clients using a variety of therapies, combining energy therapy and massage. However EFT has become a much larger part of her practice (up to 70%). She discovered it (EFT) 5 years ago and it worked well but to realize the full potential of EFT she travelled to the States to complete the practitioner's intensive course with Lindsay Kenny EFT Master and Zoe Walton Adv EFT practitioner.

Mum:- Caitriona Byrne

What is EFT?
EFT, the emotional tapping technique, is an easy to learn self help technique that relieves stress and physical pain. The method requires that the person taps gently on a series of their accupcture points while vocalizing their issue in a structured way. Combining the tapping on acupuncture points with verbalizing the problem restores the balance in the energy system, relieves pain and stress symptoms and allows tee body and mind to resume its natural healing.

How does EFT work to help cravings?
Tapping directly as the cravings arise reduces their intensity and often removes them completely; this can last till the next episode and in some cases long term. Tapping on a craving in the instant lowers it in minutes and puts the person back in a position of choice. You can also tap in advance of an event you know will trigger cravings.

What do you do when you feel a craving coming on?
It is imperative to tap as soon as you feel your urge to eat. The longer you leave it the harder it is to start tapping, and if on the intensity scale you are up at a 10 well the likelihood is that you may not want to tap, but just to eat whatever you crave anyway,

What kind of things should you say while tapping?
Ask yourself what you love about your craving. Is it the smell, the feel, the taste, the sound of opening the wrapping or the crunch when biting it?

How does it make you feel? Happy, full, excited, sad, disgusted, angry, fed up? Once you have honestly answered these simple questions, that gives you all the language you need.

For Example: When the craving is coming, people get confused, feel helpless and powerless and don't know what to say or tap, so hopefully below might help:

You can do this in two ways which ever suits you:

1. Put chocolate bar or your specific craving in front of you, or
2. Imagine yourself in the future where you eat to much............. maybe at night time, in the car, or when you are bored, feeling lonely or fed up. Picture the scene and feel the craving in your body. Start tapping on it. Before you start tapping figure out the craving and give it a number a level of intensity from 1 to 10, 10 being highest.

Is it easy to do at home? Not only at home but anywhere and any time you have cravings or anticipate your overeating. Any stressful situation which may cause you to eat more, late at night, feeling bored, sad or lonely. Any situation that is a trigger for cravings, like passing that sweet counter or bakery. Anytime. Anyplace

How often should you do tap? The craving sequence may only take 2 or 3 minutes, however if you want to get to the core issues of why you eat, what feelings are being suppressed, what are the emotional drivers, this will take longer.

Additional / Misc' Info:

Food Issues:

Set Up - before you tap

(State your problem and accept yourself) - "Even though I have this craving I accept who I am and how I feel" (or love and accept myself x 3 times)

Tapping on Karate Chop or Sore Spot

10 ? 7 Vent/give out about all parts of the problem (physical and emotional)
(Do a couple of rounds) Tapping round on points e.g.
- This craving - Feel cross/frustrated
- I can't get rid of it - Lost my enthusiasm
- Feel let down - This weight that brings me down
- Feel helpless - This battle
- Feel lonely - This craving

When the intensity of feeling has dropped to 7 or less tap on what you want or choose

Set Up - before you tap

(State your problem and accept yourself) "Even though I have this craving I accept who I am and how I feel" (or love and accept myself x 3 times)

6 ? 1 Choose a different energy (physical and emotional)

Tapping on Karate Chop or Sore Spot

- This remaining craving - I'm ready to change
- I want to let it go - I let go this.
- I want to have lots of energy - This craving. .I let it go lightly
- I ask my body to let go of this old. - I choose joy
- I let go of old patterns - I can change old habits

If you get angry or upset and you go back up to an intensity of 7 +, do some venting and giving out while tapping till it comes back down

For further information go to or you can contact Michelle at

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