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Garden Valentine Gifts

Friday, 12 February 2010

Eugene is here to show you how to say 'I love you' with some gifts from the earth that last longer than a bunch of roses!

Eugene shows us how to create the perfect Valentine gift without an extravagant price tag.

We're all a bit broke at the moment but the prospect of showing up empty handed to your beloved's door can send a cold chill up your spine. Eugene is here to show us how you can present a thoughtful gift that is an alternative to an expensive bunch of flowers.

A bunch of roses can cost anything from 30 - 100 euro!

Eugene Higgins - Gardening Guru

Gift 1:- Eugene's Challenge
Eugene will scour the country to see if its possible to create a fabulous valentine's day gift from, or for, your garden for under ten euro! It might not be expensive but it's definitely the thought that counts!

Valentine's gift under a tenner:-
This is an example of what you can find in your garden that will add to an expensive bouquet of flowers.

The flowers are from LIDL and cost €10

Gift will include:
. Plants used in the arrangement:- €10
. Foliage to make up flower bouquet:-
. Heather (normally €5.95) Signifies admiration and beauty
. Rosemary (normally €7.95)Signifies Loyalty
. Pieres (normally €7.95)
. Laurel (€7.95) Signifies success and reward
. Euonymus (€5.95)
. Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb' - (9.95)
. Flowers - Supermarket bouquet under €10
All items from except for the supermarket bouquet from LIDL

Gift 2:- Blackbank nurseries
. Vase:- €5.95
. Primula:- €7
Total:- €12.95

Gift 3:- Blackbank nurseries
. Bucket:- €8
. Christmas Rose €5
. Moss:- €3.50
Total 16.50

Gift 4:-
. Basket & Ribbon
. heather 1.5 litre € 4.50 .
. primrose € 1.99
. cyclamen€2.5
. Cupressus conifer gold crest €3,50
. Euonymous liner €2.50
. Carex evergold €2.50
. Ivy variegated €3
Total: €19.99

Additional / Misc' Info:

. Irish Plants make Ideal Gifts
. These Baskets and Container are available in Local Garden Centres Round the country.
. Available by mail order on
. Pricing varys with size of basket mostly RRP E19.99 or RRP E24.99
. All Plants available in Local Garden Centre, Spring Flowering Heathers , Primula, Grasses