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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Liam Mc Kenna will be telling us the programmes we should watch this week. This is based on his opinion and we will try to have something in there for everyone.

Liam Mc Kenna

Liam McKenna began his career at 19 years old when he won the Irish version of Popstars, and became a member of the band Six. After 2 years with the band he moved to Los Angeles and starred in a pilot tv series, and had a small role in the Tom Cruise movie 'Collateral'. In 2005 he moved back to Ireland and began presenting on the daily entertainment show TTV. In 2006 he became the presenter of 2 shows on the Sky Digital channel Bubble Hits. Also since 2006 he has assisted Louis Walsh with his acts on The X Factor.


CSI Miami, Thursday, 9.00pm, RTE2

Brief Description
As Eric's life hangs in the balance, he has a flashback to 1997 when the team first formed. A truck driver finds a submerged car with a dead woman inside and Horatio is called to investigate, with help from Calleigh on her first day at the Special Investigations Unit. Crime drama, starring Adam Rodriguez.

I will be glued to this new series of CSI Miami for pure vanity reasons as I may be seen in it. Last year they were filming an episode of it at the hotel I was staying in, in LA. And on one day they asked a few of us to be extras when they were filming around the pool. We weren't told what episode it was for, or what the storyline was, as they are fiercely secretive about upcoming plots. But it was very funny seeing the actor found 'dead' in the pool, getting up and walking around covered in fake blood and cuts, when they for a break in filming.

Of all the CSI shows, Las Vegas, New York and Miami, I think this one is my favourite. In tonight's episode the team begin a frantic search for a wounded Eric through the swamps of the everglades.


Pineapple Dance Studios, Sunday, Sky ONE, 7.30pm (New Series)

Brief Description
PINEAPPLE DANCE STUDIOS: Where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous.
Pineapple Dance Studios will follow the lives of the teachers, pupils and staff at the studio as they attend auditions, rehearsals and performances. Sky1 HD will be there to witness the thrill of their dreams coming true and their pain of being rejected. Over 200 classes take place each week, covering over 30 styles of dance, taught by industry professionals who choreograph and dance with the world's leading artists, companies and West End shows.

This might seem like an odd choice but I am looking forward to this series because it will bring back memories of my time spent there. During our time in Six we lived in London and trained at Pineapple every single day for almost 6 months. Pineapple is a dance studio in the heart of londons west end which is famous for turning out some of the best dancers in the world. However having been there I can tell you its one of the most competitive places ive ever been in my life. The bitching and backstabbing is unbelievable. I don't honestly think any of the people that attend classes there are really friends, as they are all in competition with each other. They all have to attend the same auditions and are constantly facing rejection. Its not a place I would care to go back to, but thankfully when we were there we weren't in competition, we were simply there to learn to dance. However I don't think any of us ended up being among the better dancers the school has produced.

RAW, Final Episode, Sunday, 9.30pm, RTE ONE

Brief Description:
Bobby and Dylan make a horrifying discovery on the day they are supposed to open their new bar, throwing the launch into disarray. The kitchen staff refuse to forgive Geoff for attacking Pavel even though they have started behaving more cordially, and Fiona receives an unwelcome visitor. Last in the series.

I have a confession to make, I haven't been following this series at all. But on someone else's advice I began watching it last week and I'm totally hooked. Sadly tonight is the last in the current series, but I've already got my fingers crossed that RTE will make some more as it's very easy viewing. I hadn't seen the first series, so I've been online and ordered the DVD as it's that good. Sunday nights final episode sees Bobby and Dylan arrive at the new bar to put the final touches to it, only to find the owner Michael dead.


Glee, Monday, 9.00pm, E4

Brief Description
Sue is named co-director of the Glee Club and sets out to turn all the members against Will. Back home, Will confronts Terri about their baby and demands to come with her to the next doctor's appointment. And Rachel helps Quinn and Finn when it looks like news of their baby will become public around school.

Finally I get to talk about Glee. Im almost ashamed of myself for liking this show so much. It's pure unadulterated cheesy tv. But if you take it for what its worth, you will really enjoy it. The show won Best Television series at the golden globes and has an armful of other awards already. Its set in a fictional school, where the most unlikely members of the schools Glee club (we would probably call them a school choir) are preparing to compete in the regional finals. This episode sees Sue (played by Jane Lynch who is one of the funniest characters ive seen on tv in years) being made co-director of the Glee club, but she only wants the job so she can make Will's life hell, and ruin their chances of winning the competition. And the other Glee members find out about Finn supposedly being the father of Quinns baby, but poor Finn is so stupid as he thinks he got her pregnant by kissing her whilst in the Jacuzzi. The show may seem like its aimed at kids, but its really not as a lot of the comedy comes from sexual innuendo and their relationships. It also deals with some hard hitting issues like teen pregnancy and being gay.