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Simon Delaney

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Simon Delaney is here to talk about his role in Stones in his Pockets and about his upcoming show Fame and his recent IFTA nomination.

Stones in His Pockets

"Stones In His Pockets stars Simon Delaney (well known for his many appearances on TV including the very popular series Bachelor's Walk) and Conor Delaney (Quinnis in the hit show I, Keano). Directed by David Bownes, designed by Jack Kirwan and produced by Lane Productions (who also produced I,Keano, Alone it Stands, and The Shawshank Redemption).

Simon Delaney has recently been nominated for an IFTA for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his part in 'Happy Ever Afters' (Newgrange Pictures) He also appears forthcoming film Zonad (Element Pictures), which has been nominated for 6 IFTA's. The film is due for release on March 19th. He appears on the Fame TV show as an adjudicator and has just finished in Val Falvey and Badly Drawn Roy ( <> )

The play is set in a rural town in County Kerry that has been over-run by a Hollywood film crew. The story revolves around the two central characters, Charlie Conlon and Jake Quinn, who are working as extras in the film. The cast of two perform all 15 characters (men and women), often switching gender and voice with swift dexterity and the absolute bare minimum of costume changes.

Stones in his Pockets - Tour Dates

. Mon 08 Mar 10 - Olympia Theatre, Dublin
. Tue 09 Mar 10- Olympia Theatre, Dublin
. Wed 10 Mar 10 - Olympia Theatre, Dublin
. Thu 11 Mar 10 - Olympia Theatre, Dublin
. Fri 12 Mar 10 - Olympia Theatre, Dublin

"The Search for the Stars of Fame The Musical is Launched
RTÉ Television and Screentime ShinAwiL (Popstars, You're A Star, The Apprentice & Dragons' Den) today (Friday 22 January), launched Ireland's biggest ever musical-theatre search to find the male and female stars of Fame The Musical. The search for the male and female lead will feature in a 10-week TV series on RTÉ One television in April, with the winners embarking on a nationwide tour of the West End production, Fame The Musical.

Leading the search will be stage producer Robert C Kelly, actor and director Simon Delaney and actress and singer Erica Gimpel, who starred as "Coco Hernandez" in the original "Fame" TV series. Auditions will take place in Dublin, Cork and the heart of the West End in London where budding Irish performers can showcase their talent.
The judges are looking for singers with a strong dance and acting ability to step forward and wow them. After auditions and an intense workshop phase where performers will be put through their paces, the judges will select who will go through to the live TV shows and battle it out over eight weeks, on the Helix stage, live in front of the nation. Only two will be crowned the winners and take their pride of place in the nationwide tour of Fame The Musical". RTE PRESS

Simon Delaney

. His cousin is the acclaimed stage actor, Niall Buggy.
. He started to study accountancy at the College of Commerce in Rathmines but knew it wasn't for him and left before graduation.
. Simon tried his hand at many jobs including as a salesman.
. One day fate stepped in when his cousin's girlfriend phoned him and asked if he could fill in for an absent actor on a short film. He decided to take a week off work and has never looked back. He was 27 at the time.
. One of his first jobs was on the US TV production of 'David Copperfield'. His first scene was with Sally Field and he was getting paid really good money. But after that film he was out of work for six months.
. He is married to Lisa and has two children.
. He is famous for his appearance on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. This was pre-Bachelors Walk and he was up to 32,000 - the question was what does Feng shui mean - he had guessed peace and harmony. He said that if he won the money he would propose to his girlfriend.
. Simon touched the heart strings of the nation and jewelers offered to give him an engagement ring.
. In 2000 Simon had been offered two parts one in Bachelors Walk and one in 'The Cassidys'. Simon chose 'Bachelors Walk' and turned out to be a good choice.
. He has also worked on 'Pulling Moves' on the BBC.
. After the first series of 'Bachelors Walk' Simon worked as a postman.
. He has had a small part in 'Eastenders' as Piers.
. He presented an RTE TV show called 'Chain Reaction' and 'Sex & Sensibility'.
. Simon still directs several musicals a year for the Full Circle Theatre Company.

Tell me about your character in Stones in his pockets?
Myself and Conor play 15 characters between us. It is set in a small village in Co. Kerry and a big Hollywood movie comes to town. I play the director, the caterer, the security guards etc. It is on for three weeks and it's on in the Olympia in Dublin for a week in March.
I made my West end debut with it in 2004. It is my fourth time coming back to it and I absolutely love it. We did a 13 week tour last year and it sold out, so there is a huge appetite for it.

You're first major role was playing Michael in Bachelors Walk, did you find it hard to not be type casted as Michael?
If people keep wanting to cast me as a happy comedy guy then I'm happy to play it. I don't care about being type casted I just care if I'm working. I will play anything. I am available for birthdays and Bar mitzvahs. People do recognise me most for that part but I don't mind at all.

You have also been nominated for an IFTA (Best Supporting Actor) for playing Dessie in Happy Ever Afters - how did you feel when you found out? Is this your first IFTA?
This is my fourth time being nominated. I am up against Michael Fassbender, Michael Gambon and Aidan Quinn so I say I have as much chance as becoming the next pope than winning if I'm honest. It is great to be in the mix and it's lovely to be recognised by your peers. I am thrilled for Ger and Jade who are also nominated for Happy Ever Afters.

Tell me about Zonad which is out on March 17th?
It was written by John and Kieran Carney who were the writers of Bachelors Walk. It is up for 6 IFTA nominations. It is about an alcoholic who is dressed up at a fancy dress party in rehab and he breaks out of it and he goes to a small village in the West of Ireland and they think he is an alien as a comet passed over the village that night. It is a weird movie but it's a great movie and we are delighted with the nominations.

You love musicals and performed and directed many - where did this passion come from? School, College?
I was in my local community society in 1993 in Raheny and that's where it all started. That really is my passion. I am now working on Fame - where we are looking for two new leads to star in the production in the Grand Canal Theatre in August. I have been asked to do so many reality TV shows and I always turn them down but this one I thought was perfect as I love musical theatre. To be part of the process where we help pick 2 people to star in a show that will be watched by over 2,500 people is exciting.
We (Simon, Erica and Robert Kelly) narrow it down to 12 people and then the public will vote off a different person each week on RTE.

What FAME Character would you be?

You are a very busy man - do you find it hard to be away filming from your wife and your kids?
My kids are 1 and a half and three and a half so it can be hard as they are still babies but to be honest I have to go where the work is. I also have a really understanding wife.

Any other projects on the go?
I will be working on a BBC show called 'Roy' for six months so I am busy which is great.